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2014 Point in Time Count Training

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2014 Point in Time Count Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2014 Point in Time Count Training. Why Am I Here?. Video Goes Here. http :// What Did I Get Myself Into?. Policy # 1. Seriously, What Did I Get Myself Into?. Policy # 2 No One is Alone in This Effort. Reasons Not To Stress.

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Presentation Transcript

Why Am I Here?

Video Goes Here


Seriously, What Did I Get Myself Into?

Policy # 2No One is Alone in This Effort


Reasons Not To Stress

You Are Not Allowed-No Stress Policy

We Will All Work Together We Are A NetworkWe Will Share Best Practices and ResourcesWe Are Going to be Well PreparedWe Are Helping the HomelessThe PIT Count is Essential to Solving the Issue



• Name and County• Employer and Position• Count Experience or Experience with Homelessness

Everyone Counts


Why We Count

• Large Factor in Determining the Amount of Federal Funding Available for Homeless Programs in our State.• Used as a Measure in Determining the Effectiveness in the Impact of Existing Services. Are We Meeting the Current Needs? Are We Funded Accordingly?

Everyone Counts


Why We Count

• Improve Services and Identify Gaps• Use Data to Justify New Services/Programs

• Identify Trends and Learn More About Root Causes of Homelessness• Count Analyze Adjust Progress

Everyone Counts


Key Subpopulations

• Count Data Examines Homelessness and…-Chronic Disabling Conditions

-Serious and Persistent Mental Illness

-Substance Abuse-HIV/AIDS

-Severe Mental Illness

-Veterans Status


-Domestic Violence-Length of Homelessness

Everyone Counts


Accurate Data A Must

• Correlations and Trends from Year to Year• Learn More About Root Causes• Collaboration = MACH

Everyone Counts


MACH’s Future Initiatives

• Increase Participation From Agencies• Upcoming Monthly Newsletter…Agency Profiles, ClientsSuccess Stories, Promote Awareness and Educate About Homelessness

• Connect. Advocate. Empower. REBRAND…

Everyone Counts



•Rollout New Collaborative Identity• Unique Opportunity to Demonstrate Collaboration in Action

• PIT Should Educate Public About Homelessness Raise Awareness for MACH

Everyone Counts


MACH’s Turf



Everyone Counts


The PIT is a Snapshot

• Identify all Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness on 1.24.13• Focus is on Accurate Data and Planning ↓

• Put Ourselves in the Best Position Possible to Capture the most Accurate Information

Everyone Counts


Training Goals

• Learnor Review the PIT Basics• Understand the Survey Instrument• Work Together to Plan for Everyone

• Everyone Leaves Prepared, Comfortable, Happy, and Ready to Implement Plan

Everyone Counts


Who We Count

Sheltered Homeless •Emergency shelters, rescue missions, and seasonal shelters

•Domestic violence shelters (confidential) •Hotel or motel paid for by public or private funds in lieu of a shelter bed •Imminent risk – 14 days

Everyone Counts


Who We Count

Unsheltered Homeless •Place not meant for human habitation (car, under bridge, tents, streets, abandoned building, public restrooms, garages, etc.) •Hotel or motel paid for by public or private funds in lieu of a shelter bed

Everyone Counts


Doubled Up???

• Living with Friends, Family, Motel Paid Without Assistance• Although at Risk, HUD Does Not Consider This Population Homeless•Would Like More Information on This Population-Still Complete Survey-Research

Everyone Counts


How We Count

• Data Dumps from HMIS – Participating Shelters• Completing 2014 PIT Count Forms for Through Person to Person Interaction•Involve Local Providers – Service Count • Use Creative and Innovative Ways to Find New Data Sources - Brainstorm and Reach Out to Untapped Resources for Help - Ideas Forthcoming

Everyone Counts


2013 PIT Strategies

•All – Contact Shelters that do not Participate in HMIS Before the Count. Inform, Educate, Gain Access

•Metro Areas - Street Teams (AM and PM) Dispatched on January 24th and Subsequent Days (6) to Count Unsheltered Homeless. Pre-Scouted Known Locations. Block by Block Canvassing

•All -Implement Service Counts. DSS, Soup Kitchens, Housing Authorities, etc. County Coordinators Identify Service-Based Organizations Where Unsheltered Homeless are Likely to Seek Assistance. Inform, Educate, Gain Access

Everyone Counts


2013 PIT Count

State Total: 6035

•Emergency Shelter: 1535 •Transitional Housing: 1384 •Unsheltered: 3116


From 2011

Everyone Counts


2013 PIT Count

MACH Total: 2070

•Emergency Shelter: 609•Transitional Housing: 463•Unsheltered: 998


From 2011

Everyone Counts


MACH #s by County

Aiken: 15Allendale: 3Bamberg: 4Barnwell: 0Calhoun: 5Chester: 20Fairfield: 18

Kershaw: 54Lancaster: 9Lexington: 121Newberry: 13Orangeburg: 63Richland: 1518York: 187

Everyone Counts


2013 Fun Facts

• First PIT that Richland County Utilized Police Department • Big Numbers in the State: Richland: 1518Greenville: 896Horry: 839• See entire report on

Everyone Counts


2013 Fun Facts

• MACH Represented 34% of the State totals.

• Richland County-74 % of MACH.• Apparently, There are no Homeless People in Barnwell County.

Everyone Counts


2014 Focal Points

• Better Data Quality – 100% Completed Surveys

• Developing Increased Community Support

• Collaborative Planning

• Better Implementation of Rural Count Strategy

• Better Understanding of HUD Homeless

Everyone Counts


New In 2014

• McKinney-Vento Collaboration

• Veteran/ VA Stand Down Collaboration

• Better Relationships = More Data• New Videos and Support Materials

Everyone Counts


Doing It

Short Video

Everyone Counts


Initiating the Interaction

• Initiating the Conversation Very Important

• Introduce Yourself and Be Respectful

• Speak Clearly• Explain the PIT and Why You are Counting

Everyone Counts


Initiating the Interaction

Explain the PIT and Why You are Counting“Hi, I’m Tom, a volunteer with the PIT Count. Have you heard of that before?”

• “Every year area service providers and volunteers try to get an accurate figure on how many people do/did not have a place to stay tonight/January 24th. Is it OK to explain a few things and then ask you some questions?” •

Everyone Counts


Get That Consent

Short Video

Everyone Counts


While Interviewing

• Practice and Feel Comfortable before the Count

• Repeat Yourself if Needed

• Don’t Judge – yourself or others – not healthy• Try to Avoid Don’t Know / Refused

Everyone Counts


After the Interaction

• Thank the Person

• Offer Incentive Packs or Provide Information

• Put the Form in a Safe Place – SS# • Keep Looking and Return all Forms to County Coordinator(s) w/in 24 hours

Everyone Counts


Incentive Packs

• Working with Other UWM Staff to Secure Donations for Incentive Packs for All Counties in MACH • Typically Hygiene Items • Hats, Socks, Gloves – less accessible

Everyone Counts


Helping Someone

• Continuum Coordinator will Provide All County Coordinators with Resources for Help• Recommend that Volunteers Do Not Carry Money with them, or Give Money Away• Putting Someone in Need in Front of a Knowledgeable Provider is More Valuable

Everyone Counts


Helping Someone

Everyone Counts


The Instrument

Screen-O-Matic Video

Everyone Counts


HUD Homeless

• Need to Clearly Understand this Definition So You Know Who to Count-Call Your County Coordinator, Your Continum Coordinator, or Another Volunteer If You Have Questions• Need to Clearly Understand this Definition to Answer Questions 6 and 7 on Form• Chronically Homeless: Determining this with a Person May Take Having a Conversation and Asking Additional Questions

Everyone Counts


Sheltered Count

• Locate

• Contact• Plan• Implement

Everyone Counts


Sheltered Count

• Emergency Shelters and Transitional Housing

• Domestic Violence Shelters

• Residential Programs for Runaway/Homeless Youth

• Motels or Apartment Vouchers Paid for by a Public or Private Agency Because the Individual or Family is Homeless

Everyone Counts


Sheltered Count

Do Not Collect Information On:

•Formerly Homeless People – May Still Be in the Culture

• Children or youth who are temporarily residing in institutions (emergency foster care, treatment facilities)

• Adults living in mental health, chemical dependency or criminal justice facilities• Precariously Housed vs. Imminent Risk (14 Days)•Individuals or Families that are Doubled Up

Everyone Counts


Sheltered Count

You May Have Some Questions???

Everyone Counts


Sheltered Count

• How do I Know if a Shelter is on HMIS?• Do People Have to Participate?• How Do I Gain Access to These Shelters? – We Have a Plan –

Everyone Counts


Unsheltered Count

• Know Your Volunteer Crew Members (Volunteer Recruitment Strategy Forthcoming…No Stressing Allowed)• Not For Everybody…Great For Some… • Volunteer Form Will Decide For You – (Forthcoming as Well)

Everyone Counts


Unsheltered Count

• Literally Homeless - Staying in a Place not Meant for Human Habitation such as Cars, Parks, Sidewalks, Abandoned Buildings, Street Benches, Woods CemeteriesStructures Lacking the Ability to Cook Food, No Water, No Heat, and No Restroom, etc. On the Night of January 24th.

Everyone Counts


Unsheltered Methods

• Before the Count, Identify Places Where the Homeless are Likely to Receive Services, Eat, and Live• Pre-Scout Technique=Ensure that the Location is Active and You Know the Environment in the Day• Active?  Homeless Still Actively Use Locations

Everyone Counts


Unsheltered Methods

• Use Current or Formerly Homeless for Help in Identifying the Locations• Call Providers/Agencies to Inform them about the Count and ask Permission to Conduct PIT• Call Police Department and ask for Their Assistance in Identifying Locations • Talk with Shelter Staff or Outreach Workers

Everyone Counts


Unsheltered Methods

• Look for the Path• Speak with Gas Station Employees• Ask Your Friends and Volunteers to Look • Free Public Places • Rely on Experts, but Always be Looking

Everyone Counts


Unsheltered Locales

• Under Bridges – not for everyone• Parking Garages

• Parks• Cemeteries• Downtown Metro Areas Near Homeless Services or Meal Locations• Wooded Areas Behind Gas Stations / Stores• Near Churches • “Street Sweeps”

Everyone Counts


Service Based Count

• Identify Agencies to Participate in a Service Based Count During Count Dates•Conduct Brief Trainings with Providers and have the Providers Assist you by Completing Forms for you at Their Agencies – Training Counts • Use Service Guide Count Guide to Keep Records of Agency Contacts, #s, Training Dates, etc.

Everyone Counts


DV Shelters

• Data Dump by Request • Still Need to Note When Documenting if you are Completing the Survey as Part of Unsheltered Count• Otherwise County Coordinators are not Responsible

Everyone Counts


Volunteer Recruitment

• Identify Service Groups in Your Area – Bang for Buck and Easy Training Efforts / Reliable• State Feature Call to Action / Incentives • Use the Local Media – Press Release – Script• Reach Out to Churches, Student Groups, PROVIDERS in Your County (see Provider List)

Everyone Counts


Event Marketing

• Ask a Local Church to Conduct a Meal or Event• Send Teams of Volunteers to the Event• A Hot Breakfast is Easy for a Church and will Attract the Homeless • Make Flyers or Use Flyer Template to Advertise – Inform Your Coalition Coordinator for Possible Advertising / Marketing for the Event

Everyone Counts


Count Safety

• Volunteers should be Trained, Waivers Signed Before the Count• Everyone to Stay with Their Team• Use Your Volunteer Roster • Make Sure Everyone Knows the Schedule and the Emergency Plan

Everyone Counts


Emergency Procedures

• Focus on Prevention - Do not Take Chances – Be Smart, Be Careful, Prevent Accidents Before They Happen• All Volunteers Have Volunteer Roster w/ Them-Contact Info of Team, CC, and Coalition Coordinator• Emergency – 911 Non Emergency Line – 803-252-2911

Everyone Counts


Count Gear

• Flashlight• Pens• Clipboards• Volunteer Roster• Charged Cell Phone• Clip Boards and Count Forms•

Everyone Counts


County Planning

• Time to Develop Your Plan• Take About 20 Minutes with the Materials

• Reconvene and We Can Talk About Plans as a Group

Everyone Counts



• Use Outreach Workers / Homeless or Formerly Homeless• Have Volunteer(s) Fluent in Spanish • Reach out to Providers Early • Know Your Form and Train Well – DATA• Secure Volunteers Early• Use the Materials Provided

Everyone Counts


Q&A With Count Pros

• Use Outreach Workers / Homeless or Formerly Homeless• Have Volunteer(s) Fluent in Spanish • Reach out to Providers Early • Know Your Form and Train Well – DATA• Secure Volunteers Early• Use the Materials Provided

Everyone Counts


Next Steps / What Now?

• Finalize Your Count Plan• Recruit Volunteers – Already Know How Many • Stay in Touch – Follow ups From Me and Conference Calls• Volunteer Trainings• Execute• Call Me with Questions, or Ask Now…

Everyone Counts