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Polar ice biome
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Polar Ice Biome. By Jon Joshlin and Alex Bogert. Location of Polar Ice Biome. Polar Ice Biome.

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Polar Ice Biome

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Polar ice biome

Polar Ice Biome

By Jon Joshlin and Alex Bogert

Location of polar ice biome

Location of Polar Ice Biome

Polar ice biome1

Polar Ice Biome

  • This biome refers to the large polar ice cap found in the frigid zone environments of the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica. The Polar Ice biome is a marine biome that is rich in nutrients from the land around them, and contain ice.  This makes the perfect environment for plankton, and plankton fuel the surrounding ecosystem.

Climate comparison

Climate Comparison



  • Basically, it's below freezing here year round.

  • Summer daytime temperature: + 5 C

  • Summer nighttime temperature:  -30 C



Plant species

Plant Species

  • It's ICE, folks!  There are no higher plants; in some areas algae may grow in the snow and give it a pinkish color.

  • With no exposed soil, it's hard for plants to take root, so there really isn't much of a base for a biological community on land (with the exception of those algae in the snow and perhaps a few insects that feed on them). 

Animal species

Animal Species

  • Few animals live in the Polar Ice Biome because they have to adapted to extreme conditions to live here.

  • Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus leucas)

Animal species1

Animal Species

  • Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)

Animal species2

Animal Species

  • Penguins

Animal species3

Animal Species

  • Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina)



Animal species arctic fox

Animal SpeciesArctic Fox

Animal species arctic hare

Animal SpeciesArctic Hare

Animal species arctic wolf

Animal SpeciesArctic Wolf

Polar bear

Polar Bear

Animal species4

Animal Species

  • Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)





  • There aren't a lot of people running out to build houses on the polar ice biome.  Development is not a major problem, nor is there much pressure from human populations (although pollution problems near human settlements can be severe; it is a great technical challenge to effect efficient sewage treatment in a cold environment, for instance).



  • The biggest threat, however, is from oil and gas developmentand the resulting global warming.

Oil drilling

Oil Drilling

Global warming

Global Warming

Global warming1

Global Warming

Global warming2

Global Warming



Polar ice biome2

Polar Ice Biome

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