Polar ice biome
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Polar Ice Biome. By Jon Joshlin and Alex Bogert. Location of Polar Ice Biome. Polar Ice Biome.

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Polar ice biome

Polar Ice Biome

By Jon Joshlin and Alex Bogert

Polar ice biome1
Polar Ice Biome

  • This biome refers to the large polar ice cap found in the frigid zone environments of the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica. The Polar Ice biome is a marine biome that is rich in nutrients from the land around them, and contain ice.  This makes the perfect environment for plankton, and plankton fuel the surrounding ecosystem.


  • Basically, it's below freezing here year round.

  • Summer daytime temperature: + 5 C

  • Summer nighttime temperature:  -30 C

Plant species
Plant Species

  • It's ICE, folks!  There are no higher plants; in some areas algae may grow in the snow and give it a pinkish color.

  • With no exposed soil, it's hard for plants to take root, so there really isn't much of a base for a biological community on land (with the exception of those algae in the snow and perhaps a few insects that feed on them). 

Animal species
Animal Species

  • Few animals live in the Polar Ice Biome because they have to adapted to extreme conditions to live here.

  • Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus leucas)

Animal species1
Animal Species

  • Killer Whales (Orcinus orca)

Animal species2
Animal Species

  • Penguins

Animal species3
Animal Species

  • Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina)

Animal species arctic fox
Animal SpeciesArctic Fox

Animal species arctic hare
Animal SpeciesArctic Hare

Animal species arctic wolf
Animal SpeciesArctic Wolf

Animal species4
Animal Species

  • Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)


  • There aren't a lot of people running out to build houses on the polar ice biome.  Development is not a major problem, nor is there much pressure from human populations (although pollution problems near human settlements can be severe; it is a great technical challenge to effect efficient sewage treatment in a cold environment, for instance).


  • The biggest threat, however, is from oil and gas developmentand the resulting global warming.

Global warming2
Global Warming



Polar ice biome2
Polar Ice Biome

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