Introduction to social media for business andrew greenyer director raise the roof marketing
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Introduction to Social Media for Business Andrew Greenyer Director, Raise the Roof Marketing PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Social Media for Business Andrew Greenyer Director, Raise the Roof Marketing. 1. What is Social Media about?. Latest Facts and Figures. 92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the Internet ( with 59% who do so on a typical day)

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Introduction to Social Media for Business Andrew Greenyer Director, Raise the Roof Marketing

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Introduction to Social Media for BusinessAndrew GreenyerDirector, Raise the Roof Marketing


What is Social Media about?

Latest Facts and Figures

  • 92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the Internet (with 59% who do so on a typical day)

  • Website - 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results

  • 65% of daily internet users read a blog

  • More than 850 million active users on Facebook

  • 100 million monthly active users on Twitter with over 250 million daily tweets

  • LinkedIn – there are over 135 million professionals on LinkedIn

  • Social Media Planning

    • Support your vision, objectives and relationships through online engagement.

    • Social media should be seen as an extension of what you are already doing well.

    • Helps to build and amplify your voice.

    The Approach

    • Define your business goals and objectives.

      (Align social media with business objectives)

    • Determine how you will measure success.

      (Establish key metrics)

    • Content Strategy and Engagement Plan (quarterly).

    • Identifying tactics and campaigns (monthly).

    Company’s Needs HIERARCHY

    Our focus will be for your social media strategy tomeet these needs.

    Internet Marketing Process


    Content Marketing

    • Awareness

      • 30% - 40%

    • Evaluation

      • 30% - 40%

    • Purchase/Decision

      • 20% - 40%

    Blogis Central Command




    Cross Promoting Example


    Calls to Action


    Calls to Action

    How would you define Social Media?

    Social media

    ..use of internet tools for the sharing of experiences and information with human beings


    Turning Strangers into Friends

    Friends into Customers

    Customers into Advocates

    New working environment












    Technologies or Channels



    Your Social Media Objectives

    • What do you hope to accomplish?

    • Are there any new products launches?

    • What is the most important page on your website and why?

    • What’s keeping your competitors awake at night?

    • What social media platform is most important to you and why?

    Discovery phase

    • What keeps your ideal customer awake at night?

    • What are the motives of your customer ?

      • Keeping up with the Joneses?

      • To make money?

      • To avoid risk?

      • Comfort/pleasure?

  • What does your customer want from social media?

    • Knowledge about your product/service/industry?

    • Getting help/advice?

    • Recognition?

  • What are the top blogs/trade shows/trade magazines for your industry that your customers are likely to read?

  • Your Social Media Marketing Plan will help you achieve your corporate objectives


    What is your company vision?

    How will your company grow?

    New Markets / New Products / Sell More to Existing Customers

    Growth Areas:

    Write down 3-5 key objectives for your organisation

    Corporate Objectives:

    Write down 3-5 key objectives for your organisation

    Social Media Objectives:

    Possible Objectives

    • Increase brand awareness and purchase intent

    • Create buzz about the brand where the target audiences are spending their time

    • Develop opportunities for the target audience to engage with the brand

    • Improve customer service

    • Promote events and campaigns

    • Leverage customer insight to proactively respond to changes and opportunities in the marketplace

    • Drive traffic

    • Boost brand loyalty and advocacy

    • Get instant feedback about services & products

    Key Messages:

    These should be tied to the unique selling proposition.


    ___ Super casual - laid back and casual.___ Conversational - like we are talking with good friends.___ Business casual - as though we were speaking with a client at a network event

    ___ Technical - precise with little or no jargon.___ Formal - as if we were writing a letter to a client.

    General information that is beneficial to target audience

    Commentaries/editorials Instructional media Industry updates

    Branding & Awareness

    Increase impressions Grow online mentions Grow social media visits Improve search engine rankings Increase blog traffic

    Buying criteria is discovered and created by the prospect

    Product demos FAQs Comparisons

    Engagement & Evaluation

    Increase likes Grow followers Increase video views Increase search engine traffic

    Prospecting & Purchasing

    Increase info requests Increase options Increase phone calls Increase sales

    Unique selling proposition leads to a buying customer

    Case studies Testimonials Success stories Offers & promotions

    Introduction to Social Media for Business Andrew


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