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BCMA Overview. R eally P owerful at M easuring S tuff. What is BCMA?. Bar Code Medication Administration BCMA is a separate GUI application (not part of EHR) used to administer medications. BCMA. How does BCMA work?.

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Bcma overview

BCMA Overview

Really Powerful at Measuring Stuff

What is bcma
What is BCMA?

  • Bar Code Medication Administration

  • BCMA is a separate GUI application (not part of EHR) used to administer medications

How does bcma work
How does BCMA work?

  • BCMA allows users to electronically document medications at the bedside or other points-of-care.

  • The nurse will have a medication cart equipped with a wireless laptop and a barcode scanner.


  • BCMA is used to record administration of medications

  • But it also provides functions such as:

  • Meds Due List

  • Variance Log (e.g. med errors)

  • Med Admin History

  • PRN Effectiveness tracking

  • Missed Medications

  • Request missing Med from Pharmacy

Bcma and administration schedules
BCMA and Administration Schedules

  • BCMA doesn’t handle ambiguity

  • Schedule ranges need to be removed (i.e. Q4-6H PRN needs to become Q4H PRN)

  • Standard schedules must have defined admin times, e.g.:

  • Q4H 0100-0500-0900-1300-1700-2100


  • All “versions” of a medication must be scanned into Inpatient Pharmacy as a synonym for it to be recognized by BCMA

  • BCMA can use IENs or other standard identifiers such as NDC numbers.

Ivs vs iv piggybacks
IVs vs. IV Piggybacks

  • A frequent area of confusion is configuration of IV Piggybacks so that they will function correctly in BCMA

Ivs vs iv piggybacks1
IVs vs. IV Piggybacks

  • IV Piggybacks are Unit Dose with a Route of IV and a Schedule (e.g. Q6H)

  • IVs are Large Volume and Continuous with an Infusion Rate (e.g. 75ml/hr)

When is a med due
When is a med due?

  • With standard BCMA configuration a medication is due the next scheduled administration time.

  • It is important that everyone be trained to understand this

  • This will sometimes necessitate using the ‘First Dose Now’ button to start the medication as desired by the Provider

Bcma and order verification
BCMA and Order Verification

  • Using BCMA properly, nurses should never Verify (in EHR) a Pending medication.

  • Verification should only happen after Pharmacy has completed the order

  • The med nurse should never administer a med that has not been Completed by Pharmacy and Verified by Nursing.

Admin process
Admin Process

  • The basic process of passing medication remains the same. (BCMA is not a substitute for Nursing Judgment.

  • This includes:

    • Wrist band (now with Bar Code)

    • Identity verification (i.e. ask pt’s name)

    • Right Drug

    • Right Dose

    • Right Route

    • Right Time

Questions and discussion

Questions and Discussion

Really Powerful at Measuring Stuff