A case of overcoming the difficulties by collective participation
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A Case of Overcoming the Difficulties by Collective Participation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Case of Overcoming the Difficulties by Collective Participation. The Process of solution to the Scheme on How Communitywide Service and Shared Resource from the Senior High School and Vocational School Can be Open to the Citizens. Chiu-Chin Huang ( 黃久晉 )

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A Case of Overcoming the Difficulties by Collective Participation

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A case of overcoming the difficulties by collective participation

A Case of Overcoming the Difficulties by Collective Participation

The Process of solution to the Scheme on How Communitywide Service and Shared Resource from the Senior High School and Vocational School Can be Open to the Citizens

Chiu-Chin Huang (黃久晉)

Teacher Librarian, Feng-Hsin Senior High School

I preface

I. Preface

  • The Central Office in the Ministry of Education demands that the senior high school and vocation school library authority should make the communitywide service since August 30, 2004.

  • Minister Du (杜正勝)in Ministry of Education stressed on the library exhibition on September 16, 2004 that the reward of the library investment is very high and beyond estimation.

I preface1

I. Preface

  • Those who undertake the plan cannot avoid feeling nervous because in general the number of the school librarians is insufficient.

    • Most public complete middle schools have only one staff to manage the library. Some schools even don’t have any library personnel organization.

    • Most schools have about 2~3 people.

I preface2

I. Preface

  • The related problems involved are so complicated that all the school authorities have to be prudent.

    (1) To offer the community service involves the campus security.

    (2) It is not easy to get back the books out on loan because those who borrowed books from the library may move or leave the community

    (3) The library only can be open to the community on duty time because of the problems of manpower and funds.

Ii research question

II. Research Question

  • The Central Office in the Ministry of Education depending on library law invites scholars, professors and the high school librarians to form School Library Program Consultative Team(SLPCT) on 30,Sep.,2004.

Ii research question1

II. Research Question

  • School Library Program Consultative Team (SLPCT), based on the principle of democracy and resource sharing, helps promote the library business.

Ii research question2

II. Research Question

  • In order to better understand how the school library service can be open to the community, Feng-Hsin senior high school(one member of SLPCT ) is engaged in a survey on the issue.

Ii research question3

II. Research Question

Iii strategy establishment

III. Strategy establishment

  • According to the cooperative attitude and the discussion, I draw up a tentative plan, the library service open to community and resources sharing plan, which may give an impetus to the community service.

Iii strategy establishment1

III. Strategy establishment

The plan for the library’s being open to community and sharing resources

1. Aim: to strengthen the combination of school resources and community resources, to develop the library service in various respects, to lead all the people to bring about study atmosphere and to build a lifelong learning environment

2. Basis: the Central Office in the Ministry of Education

Iii strategy establishment2

III. Strategy establishment

3. Service items: (Please consider various schools’ actual conditions to select a implementation)

(1) to read the books, newspaper, or magazines inside the library

(2) books out on loan under such conditions as holding the post of the volunteer, having credentials, deposit, or the teaching and administrative staff guarantees

(3) reference consultation and xerography service

(4) to hold seminar, community lectures and to form a study club for the parents or the community

(5) to exchange the good books with the community libraries

(6) electronic resources service

(7) to offer the service to subscribe the electronic newspaper

(8) to post bills of activities of arts and literature in the community

(9) the others besides the above

Iii strategy establishment3

III. Strategy establishment

4. Service time: to be regulated by each school authority

5. Service object: senior high school and vocation school in the community, students’ parents, culturally influential people, society of superior achievement and community populace

6. Service method: direct service in the library, telephone consultation and website use

7. The service unit and personnel

(1) Books circulation: the present libraries and community volunteers

(2) Campus location maintenance: General Maintenance Office, Student Affairs Section

8. Book collection development: to develop the community characteristic and fill the community’s needs

9. The plan concerning campus security and library use are set up as part of school’s regulation.

10. The plan passes after the library board and is implemented when the principal agrees.

Iv solving efficiency

IV. Solving efficiency

  • There are 407 schools filling up the form as a questionnaire including 255 senior high schools, 137 vocational schools and 15 special education schools. Among them are 310 schools open to the community and 97 schools closed to the community.

Iv solving efficiency1

IV. Solving efficiency

Table 1 to show whether the schools in the questionnaire have been open to community

Iv solving efficiency2



open to the comunity

have been closed to the community

IV. Solving efficiency

Chart 1 the proportion chart of community service offered by various schools in the questionnaire

Iv solving efficiency3

IV. Solving efficiency

Table 2 statistics table about community service items

Iv solving efficiency4

IV. Solving efficiency

  • The reasons why 97 of the schools filling out the form are not open to the community are as follows.

    1. Manpower establishment insufficiency

    2. Campus security consideration

    3. Book collection insufficiency

    4. Remote school position

    5. Library reconstruction

    6. Under construction after disaster

V self response

V. Self response

  • In two- month long time, I complete the investigation and put it into practice rapidly owing to the Internet of science and technology. I am convinced that as soon as everyone can solve the problems by using technology well and learning cooperation, the difficulties are sure to be easily overcome. As a result, let’s organize a study society group altogether and then Taiwan will become a cultural and cultivated society with a more glorious future.

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