Seedfolks by paul fleischam
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SEEDFOLKS by Paul Fleischam PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEEDFOLKS by Paul Fleischam. Cleveland Housing Projects. KIM Vietnam . Ana Romania. Critical Thinking Chapter Questions: Ana. What evidence revealed that Kim and Ana lived in a poor neighborhood?

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SEEDFOLKS by Paul Fleischam

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SEEDFOLKSbyPaul Fleischam

Cleveland Housing Projects



Critical Thinking Chapter Questions: Ana

  • What evidence revealed that Kim and Ana lived in a poor neighborhood?

  • What has happened to Ana’s neighborhood since she was a child? Why did Ana stay in her old neighborhood?

  • What does a lima bean represent versus a pair of binoculars?


Studying Figurative Language:Wendell

  • How does the garden itself become a metaphor for what happens among its member? 1 paragraph Explain your answer with text evidence

  • Explain what the phone symbolize in Wendell’s life and why.

  • Create a summary: S.W.B.S.T. (paragraph form)


Understanding Connotation:Gonzalo

  • “The older you are, the younger you get when you move to the United States.” Explain his point of view and support your answer-1 paragraph

  • Describe how discrimination has occurred in the novel thus far and why.

  • Elaborate why “TV” is so important to Gonzalo. Support your answer with text evidence.

  • How did Gonzalo’s mother demonstrate that she understood Tio Juan’s needs?

  • What caused Tio Juan to change from a “baby back to a man”?


Practicing Cause and Effect: Leona

  • What caused her granny to not trust doctors?

  • What was the purpose of Granny placing “Goldenrods” at the grave site?

  • Why did Leona compare the Public Health department to snakes?

  • What was the purpose of bringing the garbage bag to the meeting and infer what happened afterwards?

  • How does Leona affect the course of the narrative and the purpose?


Making Connections: Sam

  • Why did the idea of a garden remind him of “paradise”?

  • How does the weather conditions compare to Houston’s weather, last summer?

  • Explain what is happening with the neighborhood and how does it relate to “The War of the Wall.”

  • In what ways are some of the characters working around language barriers to communicate and why?


Explaining Symbolism: Virgil

  • How is the running rat similar to Virgil’s father? Explain your answer

  • Miss Fleck, the teacher, represents…, because…

  • The lettuce:_______::The Locket: Hope.

  • List some of the problems that the gardeners encounter. How do they help each other deal with these obstacles?

Sae YoungKorea

Analyzing Occasion: Sae Young

  • How does Sae Young’s experiences influence her perspective about life and people?

  • How does the garden help her overcome her tragic experiences in America?

  • Explain how Sae Young relates to Johnny, from “The Outsiders.”

  • If the robbery situation was to happen now, how would the situation be similar or different?

  • Explain the significance of the funnel.


Supporting Point of View: Curtis

  • Support how the statement, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone” relates to Curtis’s situation.

  • How does tomatoes represent “deeds.”

  • Predict what will happen to Lateesha’s attitude after witnessing the sign. (support your answer)

  • After reading, how can you describe Curtis, as a person?

NoraGreat Britain

Identifying Purpose: Nora

  • What does Mr. Myles demonstrate by working in the garden?

  • Present how Nora’s statement, “a mind altering drug we took daily” explains the purpose of the garden.

  • How are the neighbors like seeds in the garden?

  • How do Royce and the gardeners help one another and their attitudes?


Clarify the Subject: Maricela

  • Identify the main topic of this chapter and its significance to the novel.

  • How does the storm illustrate irony.

  • Imagine and explain how would Maricela’s life would be different if she did not join the special program.

  • Sam likes to spend his time “sewing up the rips in the neighborhood.” What are some of the ways he does this in the garden?


Observe the Tone: Amir

  • Justify how eggplants built courage. Explain

  • Define the statement, “dirty immigrant” and explain why was it said.

  • What did the garden help him realize about people and how did his attitude change?

  • “The garden’s greatest benefit, I feel, was not relief of the eyes, but to make the eyes see our neighbors.” What does Amir mean when he made this statement? Provide Text Evidence


Evaluate the THEME: Florence

  • Explain how Florence’s chapter reveals the importance of the book and the reason for the chapter.

  • “Be Not Solitary, Be Not Idle” teaches…

  • If you could rename the novel, what would it be and why?

  • Choose a word to describe the novel and explain your answer. 1 paragraph

  • Unity

  • Diversity

  • Healing

  • Adversity

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