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Nmed 3850
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NMED 3850. Experimental Video Production. NMED 2030. Today’s Class… Guidelines for Installations: Maquettes. NMED 2030. Guidelines for Installations Those students opting to adapt a composition for Installation need to consider the function of the maquette

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NMED 3850

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Nmed 3850

NMED 3850

Experimental Video Production

Nmed 2030

NMED 2030

Today’s Class…

Guidelines for Installations: Maquettes

Nmed 20301

NMED 2030

  • Guidelines for Installations

  • Those students opting to adapt a composition for Installation need to consider the function of the maquette

    • A maquette (French word for scale model, sometimes referred to by the Italian name plastico) is a small scale model unfinished architectural work, a sculpture or installation.

    • It is used to visualize and test shapes and ideas without incurring the cost and effort of producing a full scale product. It is the analogue of the painter's sketch or filmmakers storyboard.

    • A maquette is used to show demonstrate how the finished work will fit in the proposed site.

    • Maquettes in progress can be at least as much sought after as completed works by highly regarded artists, showing the process of developing an idea.

Nmed 20302

NMED 2030

  • Maquette is also a Project Proposal

    • When submitting video-based work to a gallery for a exhibition or when applying for funding three things are usually required:

      • A researched rationale /thesis for the project

      • Portfolio of video work to be features

      • A project plan for installation

Nmed 20303

NMED 2030

  • Maquette is also a Project Proposal

    • The maquette functions as an architectural blueprint. DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT.

      • Research the feasibility of your plan

        • I.e. Do not propose video projection of work on clouds in the sky. Keep your feet on the ground with regard to feasibility of access to location, materials and cost

        • All these details will have to be outlined in your maquette

Project proposal for master of fine arts thesis at university of santa cruz digital art new media


Visit http://danm.ucsc.edu/web/JamesKhazar/ClassPages/DANM212 as an example on how to present your installation Project Summary

Nmed 20304

NMED 2030

  • Web-based Adaptations

    • Web-based adaptations will have to be functional.

      • Projects may be saved on a CD rather than being uploaded to a URL

      • The project must be able to opened and navigated in either Explorer or Mozilla

    • Provide a researched and written rationale and guide for navigation of the work.

    • Simplicity and/or clarity is important.

    • Refresh your memory on how video can be adapted on the web by visiting http://www.zoebeloff.com/influencing/

Nmed 20305

NMED 2030

  • Whether you opt to adapt your single-channel work as an installation or a web-based work, strive to create a micro-narrative

    • Your rationale for exhibiting as an installation or as web-based work must work to give the video composition greater dimension.

      • Answer the question: What are you asking your audience to think, feel or consider by engaging with your composition in this specific context?

        • i.e. Installation required a physical engagement. Web-based work often creates a more intimate engagement with the work.

    • Create an environment in which to present your work.

Nmed 20306

NMED 2030

  • Next Week

    • I will be conducting one-on-one in-depth critiques with students to discuss their fourth composition and their final assignment

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