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“Living Your Faith” Grace Retreat 2011 November 4-5 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Living Your Faith” Grace Retreat 2011 November 4-5. On Nov. 4-5, 211 Grace Church parishioners came together to explore what it means “live our faith”. Retreat Purpose : Explore what it means to “live our faith” Come apart from daily life and be refreshed spiritually

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“Living Your Faith” Grace Retreat 2011 November 4-5

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Living Your FaithGrace Retreat 2011November 4-5

On Nov. 4-5, 211 Grace Church parishioners came together to explore what it means live our faith

Retreat Purpose:

  • Explore what it means to live our faith

  • Come apart from daily life and be refreshed spiritually

  • Enjoy being with friends from Grace and get to know them better

  • Learn from each other

  • Learn what a group of Christians do away from church

We first sought to define what faith meant to us

What is Faith Brainstorm

Ten Lepers

Centurions Servant

Paralytic Man

Storm at Sea

  • Passage: Jesus cures 10 lepers, and only one returns to thank him, Jesus says your faith has made you well

  • Faith is... Spiritual wholeness through gratitude

  • Passage: Jesus heals the servant of a Roman centurion

  • Faith is... blind trust/ healing in abstentia

  • Passage: Jesus heals a paralytic man when four companions carry him through the roof

  • Faith is... a transfer of command

  • Passage: The disciples fear a storm and wake Jesus, he calms the waters and rebukes their lack of faith

  • Faith is... the trust to rebuke the chaos in ourselves that allows God to do his work

And also explored faiths role in scripture

Parables of Faith: What do we mean by faith?

Canaanite Woman

Walking on the Sea

Feeding the 5,000

Two Blind Men

  • Passage: Jesus heals a Caanite woman after she reminds him even dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their masters table

  • Faith is... seeing a friend in an enemy

  • Passage: Peter attempts to walk to Jesus on water, he loses faith and sinks

  • Faith... Makes something impossible, possible, If you believe you can fly, wins will arrive

  • Passage: Jesus uses five loaves and two fish to fead the multitude

  • Faith is.. like following Jesus command even though it seems irrational / receiving a surprise when in doubt

  • Passage: Two blind men call out to the Son of David, Jesus touches their eyes to heal them, and they disobey his command to keep quiet

  • Faith is... a gift that one can easily take for granted

Parables of Faith (cont.)


Deep with God, quiet, seeking Gods presence

Community Builders:

Help people find community and nurture the life of the parish

Anonymous Saint:

Go about business with a sense of call; operating out of faith

Secular saints:

Aware of injustice and feel peoples needs; want to change things

Then explored how we choose to live our faith each day

Quadrilateral of Evangelism How do we choose to live our faith?


  • (Rel./Sec.) Do we prefer to seek God in heaven or by bringing Gods kingdom to earth?

  • (Ind./Soc.) Do we prefer to seek out God through a personal relationship or our community?

  • How do we choose to live today? How do we think we should?

  • What can we learn from each other?





Source: Loren B. Mead, 1994, Alban Institute

We ended the day reflecting on how we can step out in their faith tomorrow

  • How did Abraham, Moses, and Jesus provide examples on how to live?

  • What do we need to help sustain us and give us courage?

  • What can we do, today and tomorrow, to grow in our faith?

On Nov. 4-5, 211 Grace Church parishioners came together to explore what it means live our faith and spend time together as a community

But what did we really do?

  • We explored living our faith together

  • We talked a lot! We ate even more!

  • We prayed for each other in circles. We almost got it right.

  • We got to know each other better, and learned from each other

  • And we had fun!

  • Until next year

    For thousands of years we have gathered in circle around fires, around bodies, around altars because we cant do this alone.- Wayne Muller

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