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Evolution of the Middle Eastern and North African subsea cable capacity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Evolution of the Middle Eastern and North African subsea cable capacity. E-age 2013 Tunis, Tunisia December 12-13 th 2013 Yves Poppe Director Bus. Dev. & Strategy. Regional connectivity of Arab NREN’s is essential to future growth

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Evolution of the Middle Eastern and North African subsea cable capacity

E-age 2013

Tunis, Tunisia

December 12-13th 2013

Yves Poppe

Director Bus. Dev. & Strategy

Interconnecting arab states national r e networks

Regionalconnectivity of ArabNREN’sis essential to future growth

An optimal and mostcost efficient topologyrests on two or threeregional hubs congruent with the location of the most/best populatedcable landing stations and facilities .

Fujairah, Alexandria and Jeddah are the main hub locations to consider.

InterconnectingArab States National R&E Networks


New Submarine cables entering service 2011-2014

Recent wave of build-out in Mediterranean and Middle-East is over. Optimal network topologies have to be planned accordingly.

Source: Telegeography

Incremental lit capacity per region
Incremental lit capacity per region

Gradual transition from 10 to 100Gbps technology could multiply the amount of lit capacity to maybe five times the 2012 levels at the end of the 2013-2018 period without many major new cable builds.

Cablestatus as of december 2013

  • SMW-4, operationalsince 2005, had 3.59TBps lit at the end of 2012; upgrades have increasedpotentialcapacity to 6.48Tbps

  • IMEWE in service sincedecember 2010 had 3.66Tbps lit capacityat the end of 2012 and potentialcapacity of 9.6Tbps.

  • TGN-EA Mumbai – Marseille in service since end 2011. 480gbps lit capacity, 8Tbps potentialcapacity.

  • TGN-Gulf in service sincefebruary 2012; lit capacity of 760gbps, potentialcapacity of 2.56Tbps

  • GBI in service sincefebruary 2012; 1Tbps lit capacity, potentialcapacity of 5 Tbps.

  • FLAG FALCON operationalsince 2006 now has 520 gbps lit capacity and 6Tbps potentialcapacity.

  • EIG : Egypt part completed in january 2012, 700gbps lit capacity, 2.88Tbps potentialcapacity

  • MENA: RFS wassheduled for Q4 2012 but stillwaiting for completion of Egyptcrossing. Initial lit capacity 160gbps, potentialcapacity of 4.8Tbps

  • RCN and JADI: stilldelayed due to Syriaconflict.

  • EPEG: RFS december 2012. 540gbps lit capacity, 3.2Tbps potentialcapacity

Cablestatus as of december 2013

  • Loukkos: Morocco-Spain, RFS april 2012. Lit capacity of 80gbps, potentialcapacity of 1.28Tbps.

  • Jonah: Israel-Italy: RFS January 2012. Potentialcapacity 12.8Tbps. Lit capacity not announced

  • Silphium: Libya-Greece: RFS january 2013. 70gbps lit capacity, 1.2Tbps potentialcapacity.

  • Planned for 2014 and 2015

    • Didon: Tunisia – Italy: announced in May 2013 by Orange Tunisie and Tunisia. Anticipated RFS may 2014. Has 32Tbps potentialcapacity.

    • Alasia: Syria – Cyprus. Planned RFS Q1 2014. Potentialcapacity of 25.6 Tbps. Will connect to Alexandroscable

    • Europa: Lebanon- Cyprus, Planned RFS Q2 2015. Will connect to Alexandros and IMEWE. Potentialcapacity of 25.6Tbps.

    • Algeria – Spain : Algerie Telecom. RFS early 2014? Capacity?

  • To watch in the comingyears: RCN, Seamewe-5, AAE-1, BBG, MEETS

Newest mediterranean cables
Newest Mediterranean cables








Maps: Telegeography






Maps: Telegeography





Maps: Telegeography

Telecommunications arteries converging on fujairah
Telecommunicationsarteriesconverging on Fujairah






And the etisalat fujairah smarthub
…….and the Etisalat Fujairah Smarthub

Smarthub News, November 2013 issue

Taj gloriad lambda r e network
Taj-Gloriad lambda R&E network

Ana 100 at the terena conference in june 2013
ANA-100 at the Terena conference in june 2013

The time has come to makeArab States NREN connectivity a reality