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Welcome to the 3 rd Quarter Retreat

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Welcome to the 3 rd Quarter Retreat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the 3 rd Quarter Retreat. (For some of you, this is your LAST Retreat in your current program ). What I Expect From You. Be fully present Play full out Avoid the IAKT Syndrome Listen & absorb (be in receive mode) Extend respect to all members Maintain confidentiality

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welcome to the 3 rd quarter retreat

Welcome to the 3rd Quarter Retreat

(For some of you, this is your LAST Retreat in your current program )

what i expect from you
What I Expect From You
  • Be fully present
  • Play full out
  • Avoid the IAKT Syndrome
  • Listen & absorb (be in receive mode)
  • Extend respect to all members
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Take 100% ownership
what you can expect from me
What You Can Expect From Me
  • Fully present
  • In the moment coaching
  • Holding you accountable
  • Stretching you and your results
  • Fully transparent
  • Holding the space for your shift
retreat focus
Retreat Focus
  • Second Quarter Review
  • The Next 90 days
    • Your Marketing Calendar
    • Your Big Idea
    • Your Goals
  • Systems Development
    • Operations Manual
  • Business Building Training
    • Prospecting
    • Discovering the cost of the problem & Overcome Objections
  • Name
  • Business (1 sentence)
  • What You’re Expecting Over the Next 2 Days
  • What You Need Most NOW
and the winners are
And The Winners Are…
  • 4th Place Janis Harlow
  • 3rd Place Attiyah Blair
  • 2nd Place Meryl Hooker
  • 1st Place
  • Nancy Greene
live meeting objectives

Live Meeting Objectives

How are you going to make sure you get what you came here for?

when you embrace your strengths
When You Embrace Your Strengths
  • More Efficient
  • More Inspired
  • More Fulfilled
  • More Clarity & Focus
  • More Energized
your mind 3 parts
Your Mind…3 Parts
  • Cognitive
  • Affective
  • Conative
  • The experiential you…
    • IQ
    • Education
    • Knowledge
    • Experience
    • Job History
    • “I can…”
  • The Emotional You
    • Values
    • Attitudes
    • Desires
    • Motivations
    • Preferences
    • “I want/prefer…”
  • The Doing You…
    • Instincts
    • Drive
    • Natural Talent
    • Necessity
    • Mental Energy
    • “I will…”
why kolbe a
Why Kolbe A?
  • Valid & Reliable
  • Proven to be distinct from cognitive and affective measures
  • Not biased by race, gender, age
  • No need to take again (unless in transition)
  • Meets America Psychological Association Standards
  • Success correlation is over 80%
why kolbe a1
Why Kolbe A?
  • Different from IQ or personality tests, Kolbe gives clues about your natural advantages
  • Describes how people operate
  • Measures your Conative Strengths

in 4 action modes

  • Not good or bad, it just is….
4 key action modes
4 Key Action Modes
  • Fact Finder: Gathers and shares information
  • Follow Thru: arranges and designs information
  • Quick Start: deals with risk and uncertainty
  • Implementor: handles space and tangibles
kolbe ranges
Kolbe Ranges

1-3: Prevent Problems

4 – 6: Accommodate

7 – 10: initiate Solutions

12 kolbe strengths
12 Kolbe Strengths

Everyone has a Strength in each mode.

Team strength is Driven by diversity across multiple modes

you might be a fact finder if
You might be a Fact Finder If…

Time Zone: Past

Communicate: Written Word

Store Info: Priority

Favorite Words: Traditional, Practical Realistic

you might be a follow thru if
You Might Be a Follow Thru If…

Time Zone: Past, Present and Future

Communicate: Charts and Graphs

Store Info: Alphabetically

Favorite Words: Efficient, Systematic, Context

you might be a quick start if
You Might Be a Quick Start If…

Time Zone: Future

Communicate: Spoken Word

Store Info: By Color

Favorite Words: Spontaneous, Bottom-Line, Flexible, Visionary

you might be an implementor if
You might Be an ImplementorIf…

Time Zone: Present

Communicate: Props, Models, Demonstrations

Store info: By Quality

Favorite Words: Tangible, Hands-on, Endure

kolbe conflict zone
Kolbe “Conflict Zone”
  • Difference of 3: Conflict Possible
  • Difference of 5+ Conflict Very Likely
kolbe order of dominance
Kolbe Order of Dominance

Fact Finder

Quick Start

Follow Thru


kolbe challenges
Kolbe Challenges
  • Adaptive Cognitive and Affective skills can move your Kolbe A Index results 1-2 places for a short time
  • Watch for dissonance or transition
    • Procrastination
    • Low energy
    • Frustration
    • Illness
strengths finder
Strengths Finder
  • Top 5 Strengths (out of 34)
  • Excellent report with strategies and

tips to work more fully in your strengths

  • Use as a fine tuner and differentiator
  • How the world sees you
do the work

Do. The. Work.

(there are no secrets to success)

2 nd quarter review

2nd Quarter Review

Did you achieve your…

New Client goal?

Sales Goal (Product Sales)?

Revenue goal?

Strategic Partner goal?

Operations goal?

why or why not

Why or Why not?

What is your adjustment plan THIS quarter to avoid this from happening again?

are you ready for 3q14

Are you ready for 3Q14?

Where are you now, where do you want to be by September 30, 2014?

what s your 3q14 income goal

What’s your 3Q14 Income goal?

Write your 3Q14 check

your 3 month p rojection
Your 3 Month Projection
  • What’s it going to take to cash that check?
  • Does your current pipeline support your goal?
  • Do your current offerings support your goal?
  • What do you need to change?
  • What do you need to do to be able to cash that check by September 30, 2014?
your kpis
Your KPIs
  • Current Clients
  • New Clients
  • New Discovery Sessions
  • Held Discovery Sessions
  • New Speaking Gigs Booked
  • New Sales (Revenue)
  • Prospect List and Calls Made

Small Business Success Pyramid

Public Relations & Media

Promotional Videos

Advanced Branding

Sponsorship &


Advertising & Direct Mail

Social Media

Insights Marketing & Book

Blogging & Video Blogging

Advanced Marketing Materials

Until You Achieve $100, 000, Complete ONLY Activities BELOW this line

Direct Email & Phone Prospecting

Speaking & Strategic Networking

Basic Branding/ Marketing Materials

Referrals From Your Network (Exchange & Blitz)

Personal Network Prospecting

Discovery Sessions

To build your thought leadership platform and boost your revenue focus on activities that will grow your business. Above the line activities are great but you don’t have time to focus on them until you are making more money. Period.

why prospecting
Why Prospecting?
  • The Good
    • Allows you to target a specific type of client
    • Faster, Direct approach
    • Low cost
    • Greater control of your target market
  • The Bad
    • Higher rejection, lower conversion
    • Relies on sales skills
before you prospect
Before You Prospect
  • Be clear on your differentiators
  • Make sure you are Google-able
  • Add value through contribution
    • Articles, blogs, white papers
  • Do your homework
    • Identify commonalities
    • Set up Google alerts for noteworthy events
how to prospect
How to Prospect?
  • Build a powerful prospect list
    • Referrals
    • Network
    • Speaking
    • Google Niche Searches
    • People who visit your website
    • Purchase a list (
    • Online directories
    • Associations
    • Magazines – Fast Company, Best Places to Work

Do your research and due diligence (makes for better leads)

    • Look for news worthy events
      • Mergers
      • Promotions
      • Upcoming campaigns
      • New product offerings
  • Determine best time of day to call for your list
  • Be prepared to nurture
    • 8 to 12 touches BEFORE the meeting

Create a qualifying script (phone and email)

    • Be conversational
    • Learn
      • Do they have a budget
      • Authority
      • Problem you solve
    • Open ended questions
    • Think of what it will take to get the call back

Set Reasonable Prospecting Goals

    • How many people do you need in your pipeline in order to generate the number of sales you need?
    • Example: if you need 5 sales/week and you close 1:5, you need to make 250 calls a week

Anticipate objections

    • Remember WIIFM (this reduces rejection)
    • Know what they’re likely to reject to
      • Time
      • Money/Budget
      • Not a decision maker

Have a positive mindset

    • Avoid distractions
    • Play your theme song
    • Be positive
    • Be optimistic
    • Visualize Success

Make the calls

    • Call every 2-3 weeks
    • Have your power statement succinct
    • Listen for clues of buying RIGHT NOW
      • We’ve been looking for something like this
      • We definitely need to talk
      • (These are clues no script needed)

Track your results

    • What gets attended to gets done
  • Consider Pipe Drive
  • Offer something valuable as your free entry
  • 5 before 9 and 9 after 5
    • Number of calls to make each day
  • Schedule it and adhere (everything else can wait)
  • Follow prospects on twitter (another way to engage)
find local prospects
Find Local Prospects
  • Chambers
  • Networking Groups
  • Professional Organizations
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Social Marketing
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Technorati
  • Article Marketing
  • Internet Radio
  • Volunteering
  • Pro-Bono
  • Referrals
  • Sponsorships
  • Events
  • Email Marketing
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Webinars
  • Teleseminars
  • Workshops
  • Traditional Media
  • Neighborhood Community
  • Faith Community
use linked in to prospect
Use Linked In to Prospect
  • Develop connections and meet 2nd degree connections
  • Watch the newsfeed for warm connections/relationships
  • Use recommendations to get introduced
  • Mine linked in groups where your prospects belong
  • Use advanced search
  • Leverage Linked In Company Pages
using linked in
Using Linked In
  • It’s only a cold call if you haven’t done your research and due diligence
    • Leverage what social media tells you about prospects
    • Learn what your prospect’s company is doing right now
prospecting ideas that burn the box
Prospecting Ideas that Burn the Box
  • Use video to communicate with prospects
  • Ask why they didn’t choose you
    • Then use the response to perfect your skills
  • Partner with non-competing competitors
  • Consider an executive roundtable
  • Drive by Prospecting
  • Leverage Prospect Birthdays
making it count this week
Making it Count This Week
  • What is my monthly goal?
  • What does that break into weekly?
  • What do I currently have in my pipeline to achieve this?
  • What do I need to add in this week to hit my weekly goal?
  • What’s my CORE activity focus to hit my goal this week? (of the list of 5)
1 operational

1. Operational

Your Operational Manual is the OVERALL Management Tool for the day to day of your business

2 financial

2. Financial

How you manage the monies in your business

3 legal

3. Legal

Management of the legal functions in your business

4 sales

4. Sales

How you keep and manage your sales funnel

5 marketing

5. Marketing

How you get FOUND by your ideal clients early and often

6 client

6. Client

How you manage your clients from beginning to end

7 talent

7. Talent

How you build your team to expand your brand

operations manual worksheet

Operations Manual Worksheet

Use this to start building your systems…we will dissect one system at each business building retreat

a spice problem is
A SPICE Problem is…


Pervasive & Persistent





Count off 1, 2, 1, 2, etc

  • 1s get into a group to work on discovering the cost of the problem role plays
  • 2s get into groups to work on sales objections with the thumb balls
group activity
Group Activity
  • Break into groups
  • Designate a reporter
  • Share your tips with the group
group activity1
Group Activity
  • When you come up with a great response, write it down for the report out
awareness gen vs revenue gen
Awareness Gen vs Revenue Gen
  • Awareness Gen
    • Blogging
    • Social Media
    • Video
    • Advanced Marketing Materials
    • Website
    • Public Relations/Media
    • Book
    • Podcasting
  • Revenue Gen
    • Speaking
    • Strategic Networking
    • Direct Prospecting
    • Email Prospecting
    • Leveraging your network
    • Sales calls
      • Warm or cold
upcoming events
Upcoming Events
  • October 1-2, (3) 2014 – Next IFU Retreat
    • Don’t make plans for Wednesday October 1st – scheduling a group activity