Ethics panel discussion debate summative
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Ethics Panel Discussion/Debate – Summative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethics Panel Discussion/Debate – Summative. Critical Thinking Skill: Moral Judgment Learning Goal: I can use ethical guidelines to develop a position on a social issue of importance. This is an individual summative.

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Ethics panel discussion debate summative

Ethics Panel Discussion/Debate – Summative

Critical Thinking Skill: Moral Judgment

Learning Goal: I can use ethical guidelines to develop a position on a social issue of importance

  • This is an individual summative.

  • You must be prepared to discuss your article with your group on the assigned date.

  • Your completed questions must be word-processed and submitted the following day after the group discussion.

  • You are encouraged to take notes during the group discussion.

  • DO NOT WRITE ON OR DAMAGE THE ARTICLE – you will have to replace it.

    • Articles can be found on-line, links are at the end of this PPT

Moral dilemma
Moral Dilemma:

  • Should researchers be allowed to run unethical experiments if they benefit our understanding of human behaviour and health?

  • Is it morally right to use the information gained by unethical experiments in our society?

Preparation for the ethics panel discussion and debate
Preparation for the Ethics Panel Discussion and Debate:

  • Read the assigned article based on a social science experiment that has been criticized for being unethical.

  • Answer the following questions based on your reading. Use the subtitles provided. These will be word processed and handed in as part of your completed summative.

K u background questions
(K/U) Background Questions:

  • What do you think was their research question? – (Main point of their experiment)

  • Who were the test subjects? Who was conducting the experiment?

  • What were the methods they used in the experiment?

  • What were the issues/criticisms by outside sources?

  • Explain which specific sections of the Psychology and Sociology Code of Ethics were violated.

T i moral judgment
(T/I) Moral Judgment:

  • What were the negative consequences of the experiment?

  • What were the benefits of the experiment to society? (i.e. understanding of a specific human behaviour, medical advancements, behaviour modification techniques…). Be specific.

  • What is your personal opinion of the moral dilemma related to your assigned experiment? (Answer the 2 questions in the box)

App current day connection
(APP) Current Day Connection:

  • (Complete outside research to answer the following question – source all work, use any proper format you choose - APA format preferably):

    • Find a recent article/issue that can be connected to the experiment. This can be follow up to the original experiment, or it can be an article that applies information/theories that came from the experiment.

Comm discussion questions and post discussion debate reflection
(COMM) Discussion Questions and Post Discussion/Debate Reflection:

  • Provide 2 discussion questions you can present to the group to stimulate debate and conversation.

  • What were the main points of discussion in your small group? Provide 3 highlights.

  • How has your perspective changed regarding the moral dilemma after having the discussion/debate with your group? Provide at least 2 pieces of insight.


  • Preparation Work Due (in Rough):

    • ____________________________________________

  • Group Discussions/Debates:

    • ____________________________________________

  • Good Copy Due:

    • ____________________________________________

Find your article online
Find your Article Online

  • Aversion Experiment (2 articles):



  • Spitz - Hospitalism:


  • MK Ultra:


  • Harlow’s Monkey Experiments:


  • Willowbrook School Hepatitis Study:


  • Watson – Little Albert (2 Articles):



  • Monster Study:


  • Nazi Human Experiments: