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Hey Team,

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Hey Yoli! Thanks for sending me that V-E-R-Y NICE check today! And to all of you folks "watching in the wings" that were fence sitting about joining us ... well ... this once again proves that Yoli IS the "real deal". Products were shipped & commissions were paid! SO, It's time to STOP LOOKING and GET STARTED NOW while it's still early! You WILL kick yourself if you let Yoli pass you by! ;-) - Bob Gatchell

Hey Team,

I didn’t get official approve to send a company e-mail but I thought it would be great for everyone to know that we have officially…


ProPay Cards are funded, Checks are sent a mailed, Direct Deposited have been initiated (and should be seen in accounts today or Monday), and returned Direct Deposits have had checks printed and sent out as well.  People have started to get money, and people are happy.

We are fit as a fiddle, and honestly I need to thank all of you for your support in helping make this be the smoothest first run in the industry.  I cannot express how rare it is for a start-up company to pay the first week they are shipping product, and pay on time and accurately!  Thanks to all of you as a member of the Team.  The Call Center was integral in answering the phone and responding to commission issues with allowed us to get some good ground.  Rex’s work with the leaders was monumental in helping them hit their desired rank and doing it with style.  Dave was critical in making sure that products were even there to ship and that those shipments too place.  All of the founders helped in making this historic commission week happen.

Thank you all for making my job so easy! J


Ryan Daley

Vice President, Commissions

Yoli, Inc.

I got my shipment today, Yoli is awesome!! I had 3 caps 2day I feel great!... - Bryan

YOLI ROCKS! My package arrived today! This really is a WOW product! I base that on the difference of BLASTING in a plain bottle of spring water to BLASTING in our YOLI bottles with the spring water already provided. So clean, sleek, easy, professional and EVERYTHING I had imagined from day 1 !! Thank you FOUNDERS!! You have already taken the hardest steps for me...thank you! YOLI ROCKS!!

-  Mollie S Johnson

I'm quite relieved that this isn't a product that people have to "see results" in order to continue.  The fact that it's a healthy alternative to other beverages, like what has already been mentioned, is the real value.  For me personally, the fact that it has no sugar and my kids "beg" me for it is the kicker!  How wonderful it is to be able to give my kids something they like and something that is good for them! :)Cindy

It's all starting out really great. Yoli delivers!  Don't know how they did it, but my first check is much more than what I was expecting! - Sade Powers

I had a trade fair today and sold over $200 in sales. I had customers purchase 6-12 each blast caps @ a time. Since this is the Flu season customers wanted to add VITAMIN C + and loved the technology...I am so, so excited. I just sold my franchise staffing company and retired. 2 months ago.. I am so glad I did. I just love Yoli…. I have to say this was one of my best in retail sales day and had some good leads at a trade fair. 

- Dusti Elfving

Michael Vasser

Robert Myers

Grant Anderson

AJ Dream Life, Inc.

J Angel Garcia

Fit Jems, LLC

Adolfo Diaz, Jr.

Thomas Carr

Joshua Olson

Melissa Smith

Tony Kent

Sterling Brothers

Rubyann Hong

Emmeline Aquino

Heidi Cox

Dereck Arreguin

Patricia Samaha

Robert North

Team Balance NW Inc.


Synergy Nature

Duston Grove

Erlinda Amadio

Paul Lemon

Len Clements

The Wellness Center, Inc.

Group LLC, L & W

Spears, Robert

Peterson, Melrie

Williams, Barbara

Romero, Rachel

Pop Top Inc.

Ventures, AJ Net

Have A Blast Now Inc.

Medina, Christopher E


Coldfuzion Blendz LLC

Rebecca Kelly

PromoCal Productions Inc.

Leese, Gary L.

Tradewind Enterprises

Dale Denton & Adam Russell

Collins, Sheldon


Telelink, Inc.

Optimum Plus Health Services

Stieglitz, Janice

Massive Lifestyle, Inc.

Hong, Eugene

Laxa, Arnel G.

Singer Development LLC

Britton, J Brad


Team Vitality Worldwide LLC

Cybermax Marketing LLC

Ennis, Kingsley

Assure Success


1. NEW PRODUCTS: Be amongst the first to sample Yoli’s new FUN sports performance drink.

2. MEET THE FOUNDERS: Management matters. You’ll be able to hear their story and vision for this great company.

3. RECOGNITION: of all Yoli Distributors. Celebrate and cheer on your fellow Distributors on their journey to greatness.

4. TRAINING: Receive specialized training from Yoli’s top Distributor Leaders on how to fine-tune your skills to more effectively explode your Yoli business.

5. CELEBRATE: with Yoli at its official launch event in one of the most exhilarating cities in the world.

6. REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCTS: Yoli Blast Caps® contain all the good and none of the bad ingredients found in other products. See how Yoli is taking the beverage industry by storm.

7. KICK THE TIRES: Come see what Yoli is all about and how you can make money and have fun in the process.

8. CONNECT: with your fellow Yoli Distributors. Meet you teammates and share successful business-building strategies and more.

9. INSPIRATION: Leave convention with a whole new perspective on your can achieve your dreams with Yoli.

10. FUN: Party with the Yoli Founders and your fellow Distributors at the premiere Blast Off Celebration.

Exposure: Key to Success

“Our wealth is rewarded directly in proportion to the number of people with whom we are willing to share.”

- Paul ZanePilzer

Massive Exposure = Massive Results

Share Yoli with others.

Let the system and tools do the telling

Let the system do the sorting

You do the follow up with your team

Promote the next event


System drips on them until ready to join,

or not. It really doesn’t matter.

Law of Large Numbers

“If you share a good idea long enough, eventually it will fall on good ears.”

- Jim Rohn

2 Parts to Prospecting



Prospecting Tips

- Be the messenger not the message

- Tuning Fork Analogy

- Have to be bad inviter before you can get good

- Use a “brain-freeze” technique

- There is strength in numbers

- For every artificial peak there is a real valley.

- You can’t look good and get better at the same time.

"In order for you to profit from your mistakes, you have to get out and make some."

~ Anonymous

Keys to Approaching People

Anticipation vs Apprehension (movie ex.)

Ask them if they’d like more information

Use the Warm Market Wizard. Call first.

If they don’t open the email within 24 hours

call them AND send them a personal email

Only 20% open it on average.

* Saying too much can make the difference between having your prospect ask for the next step and having them run for the hills!

Keys to Approaching People

Can’t say the wrong thing to the right person

Be seriously excited, create urgency

Really listen to what they have to say

It’s all about their timing and not yours

Possible Script

Hi _______, it’s _____. Is now a good time to chat? How are you? Listen intently. So I’m calling because I have something that I just came across that I just had to share with you.

What is it?

I’ve come across a new product and company called Yoli.

Have you heard of them yet?

They’ve got an incredibly healthy new product that was just introduced to the marketplace weeks ago and it’s going absolutely bananas..

Do you drink liquid beverages throughout the day?

OK, great. The reason I’m calling you is because not only do I want what’s best for your health but Yoli will actually send you out free product by referring just a small handful of customers.

Message Boards

Here's a suggestion for you :)  I think there are so many of us, a vast majority on here who have been in other businesses, some of us more than we'd like to admit, however it does not matter.  If you believe wholeheartedly in this product, the fantastic company and our founders, that will become apparent when you talk with others....

Keep it simple, it's just a matter of saying:  " I know that I've shown you other businesses I've done in the past and some of them didn't work out, blah blah blah, but this time I have found something big....  All I want you to do is take a look at this website.  I just don't want you to come to me later and be mad at me for not showing this too you sooner!  Fair enough?"

Let the tools do the work.  Just get this information to as many people as you can!  Some Will, Some Won't, So What.....Someone's Waiting!!! :)


Life is often hectic, if not sometimes downright crazy. My promise to myself was that I would make time to share the opportunity with at least ONE person per day and would not let my head hit the pillow until I did.

It can be as easy as leaving a voicemail for a friend saying, "I have a message for you but I don't want to leave it on your voicemail. Please call me."

When they call back, simply say, "Thanks for returning my call. I don't have a lot of time so I'll get right to the point. I saw something I wanted to share with you right away. Let me give you a website address so you can check it out. Do you have a pen?" Great. Watch the video and call me afterwords. Thanks. Bye."

All the best,

Mike Peterson

I make sure everyone on my team knows their job is to share, not sell. I ask people, "Are you interested in hearing about a money-maker?" If they say yes, I give them my GoYoli website address, which is __________, and tell them to watch the whole video on the WOW WEBINAR tab. If they watch it and get excited, then they are in. If they watch it and don't get it right away, then I congratulate them for taking the time to make an educated decision and thank them for being so honest with me. Then I change the subject by saying something like, "So what else is new in your life?"

I find it is more important to accept an honest "no" than it is to be able to convince someone to be a begrudging "yes".

All the best,

Mike Peterson


What if i gave you $2500 a week to bring in 1 person/ week? (secret)

- 20-30 exposures per week

- Creates a ton of follow up appointments

- Duplicate this throughout your organization

- 1 Blast party can equal 25 exposures+





30-minute Business Overview

Invite as many prospects as you can

Register @ YoliWebinar.com 

Trackable Webinars

Warm Market Wizard

Webinar Archives

Social Networking


1.Launched social networking profile

2.Launched PhoneBurner add-on option

3.Added Yoli .ppt download on main training tab

4.Added yoli price list and yoli order form on training tab

5.Added yoli retail ordering link under home tab

6.Added new wmw message to go to Robby’s webinar

7.Added go/webinar, etc to certain webinars

8.Added audio archive page w/Len Clements downloadable (mp3) audio

9.Added under Marketing:

a.Health & Wealth related articles

b.Downloadable Yoli images

c.Resource articles page

10.Cleaned up opportunity site a bit (you had me take away those 3 pages)

Lookie here guys, from posting Coreys pic on my wall look at these 2 great wellness peeps here locally and what they had to say re Yoli, one owns a Wellness Center the other is a connected actress who teaches classes at FIT the best club in HTown!!!

Jared Maidenberg Let the FUN Begin...Finally we have launched Yoli Drinks and they are shipping Now! A picture is worth a 1000 words (or at least 997 last I checked, right Art Jonak ) check out few pics from my buddy (and Yoli co-founder) Corey Citron here, pretty cool!

Yoli's 1st Shipments Ready to Ship Out Tomorrow!

After one year of preparation, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Arguably the largest, most well executed prelaunch our profession has ever seen. Thank you to all of our wonderful Distributors and staff who made this all possible. "Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

By:Corey Citron


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Sheri Davidson

Hi Jared! I checked out their website. Great stuff! I love it! It's nice to see this happening and I'm excited to try this awesome healthy beverage!!! As well as telling my peeps about it! Have a great day!

Wed at 11:38am · Delete

Jared Maidenberg

Cool Sheri, which site did ya see? It is pretty cool what Yoli is doing, i love the product concept, it's very cool and I can feel good about recommending it to friends, clients, kids I coach (and their parents too), everyone. I drink mainly water, but now we can Blast a Yoli blast Cap into water and enhance it with all kinds of goodies (and none ... Read Moreof the nasties) wait til the Yoli FUN Sports blast comes out in Jan 2010, Wow! We are putting together a TEAM here in Houston to get the word out, let's talk, get ya to experience a Yoli Truth Blast and strategize how to best assimilate this into your wellness practice aye! Let me know when is good to chat my friend, cheers!

2 hours ago · Delete

Jennifer Doctorovich

Actually, I'd like to learn more about the product too. I use Biotics and some Perque but am always looking for new products as well as opportunities. If you do a seminar or informational gig, let me know.

about an hour ago · Delete

Sheri Davidson

Hi Jared! Poolside is a fabulous way to work! Makes me think about starting a poolside clinic. I saw the Yoli.com site. Watched all the videos. As well, I only drink water. However, Its nice to have a choice sometimes. Wanting that choices, I picked up a drink at the convenience store after my run. Bad idea... I took one drink and trashed it... Read More. It tasted so bad and will not mention what was in it. I know better! With that said, I'm also very excited hear about the sports blast. Most definitely, lets chat about the Yoli choice. My schedule is really flexible. Let me know and I will make it happen.

38 minutes ago · Delete

Jared Maidenberg

@Jennifer we will Blast a Yoli TRUTH Health Blast this coming week and talk more about it for sure, a great product and oppty for trainers to bring this to their clients who are drinking all those crappy drinks (Vitamin Water, SOBE Life water, Gatorade, energy drinks, etc) and we are putting together our TEAM here in Houston now, love to synergize ... Read Morewith ya!

@Sheri Indeed the Vitamin D helps in so many ways! :) I know and can relate, it's amazing what is in all these so called 'Healthy' sport beverages people are drinking, full of CRAP, Yoli is exposing the TRUTH and I think offering a great solution and we can be a part of getting the word out, and have an oppty to do well, while doing good here! What day next week good for you to meet up and talk and blast a Yoli Truth!? ;)

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The Fortune is in the Follow Up

  • Listen. Take notes on hot buttons for later on.

  • Use Your Upline Success Team (3-ways)

  • Read How to Win Friends and Influence People

  • If you want to make a $1 million/ year make 1,000,000 friends

  • Be the person they turn to when they’re ready.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things!”

- Benjamin Franklin


- It’s not who you sponsor it’s who they lead you to

- Plant the seeds today

- Some will grow deep roots- Some will blow away in the wind

* Help new people score ASAP


- AOMA (All out massive action)

- Get MAD (Make a Decision)

- Commit to Decision no matter what- Take ownership of who and where you are to put you in control

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