Physical polymer
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Physical Polymer. B.Pourabbas Faculty of Polymer Eng. Sahand University of Tech. What We Study?. Physical Aspects of the Chain Properties: Such as: Thermal Behavior: Melting, Tg , Other transitions and so on. What We Study?. Solubility

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Physical Polymer

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Physical polymer

Physical Polymer


Faculty of Polymer Eng.

Sahand University of Tech.

What we study

What We Study?

  • Physical Aspects of the Chain Properties:

  • Such as:

    • Thermal Behavior:

      • Melting,

      • Tg,

      • Other transitions and so on.

What we study1

What We Study?

  • Solubility

    • The solvent-polymer interactions

    • The effect of conditions: temperature and pressure Chain structure and so on

What we study2

What We Study?

  • Surface and interface properties

    • Surface dynamics

    • Surface energies

What we study3

What We Study?

  • Mechanical Properties

    • Rubber Elasticity

    • Rubber-glass transitions

    • Yielding

    • Viscoelasticity

What we study4

What We Study?

  • The basic concepts and features which the physical properties themselves depends on.

  • Chain Structure

    • Liner

    • Branched

    • Cross-linked

    • Co-polymer

    • Chain Configuration

    • Chemistry

    • Crystalinity

What we study5

What We Study?

  • The size of the chains

    • Statistically defined molecular weights

    • Width of polydispersity

What we study6

What We Study?

  • The methods for measurement of the properties:

  • Chemical Methods:

    • Elemental Analysis

    • Functional Group Analysis

    • Selective Degradation

What we study7

What We Study?

  • Physical Methods:

    • NMR

    • IR & Raman

    • UV-visible

    • XPS

    • XRD

Where from we study

Where From We Study?

  • Introduction to PHYSICAL POLYMER SCIENCE; By: Sperling (pdf file is available)

Where from we study1

Where From We Study?

2. Introduction to Polymer Physics

Where from we study2

Where From We Study?

3. Polymer Physics

Where from we study3

Where From We Study?

4. Polymer Physics

Physical polymer

All the presentation files will be in your reach.

Your class activities

Your Class Activities

  • Being in the class

  • Homeworks

  • Questions planed

  • Projects and presentations

  • Mid-Term exams (Several)

  • Final Exam



Let s get started

Let’s Get Started

Chain configuration

Chain Configuration

  • Polymer chains have three basic properties

    • The Molecular Weight,

    • The conformation of the chain in the space,

    • The configuration of the chain (microstructures),

Examples of configurations and conformations

Examples of Configurations and Conformations

  • Head to tail and head to head configuration

  • Trans-Gauche Conformation

Chemical methods of determining microstructures

Chemical Methods of Determining Microstructures

Physical methods of determining polymer chain microstructure

Physical Methods of Determining Polymer Chain Microstructure

Stereo chemistry of repeating units

Chiral Center




Stereo Chemistry of Repeating Units

  • Chiral Centers

  • Tacticity in Polymers

  • Optical Isomerism

  • Geometric Isomerism

  • Substitutional Isomerism

Meso and racemic

Meso And Racemic

Common types of copolymers

Common Types of Copolymers

  • Unspecified Copolymers

  • Statistical Copolymers

  • Random Copolymers

  • Alternating Copolymers

  • Periodic Copolymers

Multi component polymers

Multi Component Polymers

  • Block Copolymers

  • Graft Copolymers

  • AB-Cross-Linked Copolymers

  • Interpenetrating Polymer Networks

Energy and conformational states in polymers

Energy and Conformational States in Polymers

Example microstructure of polystyrene

Example: Microstructure of Polystyrene



  • Fractal! What is fractal nature. Why polymer chains are fractal in dimension?

End of chapter 1

End of Chapter 1

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