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Future of Flash. what will replace it ? By: Pao K. Lor. Table of Contents. What is flash History Type of flash Roles Pros Cons What replace flash Future of flash Flash code: .NET S ummary. Flash. What is Flash ? A tool Application. History of Flash.

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Future of flash

Future of Flash

what will replace it?

By: Pao K. Lor

Table of contents
Table of Contents

  • What is flash

  • History

  • Type of flash

  • Roles

  • Pros

  • Cons

  • What replace flash

  • Future of flash

  • Flash code: .NET

  • Summary


  • What is Flash?

    • A tool

    • Application

History of flash
History of Flash

  • Flash has been in existence since 1996

    • because if this, Flash has a strong base of developers and users.

  • low-level programming model in Flash 4.0

  • Flash is Client-side technology

  • In the past:

    • Flash labeled as a technology only useful for creating animations and banner ads

  • current version, Flash 11

  • earlier versions run on

    • PlayStation 3 (Flash 9)

    • PSP (Flash 6)

Shockwave flash
ShockWave Flash

  • .SWF file

    • MacroMedia Flash Files are saved in .fla format

    • .fla file are compiled into .SWF file format (Adobe, ActionScript)

    • .SWF file is not editable and can be executed using Flash Player.

Client side technology1
Client-side technology

  • Creates a reactive user interfaces

  • Performs validation

  • Loads images dynamically

Client side technology2
Client-side technology

  • Limitation to web servers

    • DataBases

    • Filesystems


  • Flash MX

    • Allows flash to communicate with the server-side technology

  • ASP.NET Flash

    • Flash tag-team with ASP.NET

  • Banner ads

    • Animated graphic

Flash for asp net
Flash for ASP.NET

  • Flash and ASP.NET tag-team combination

    • Passing data between client-side Flash movie and server-side ASP.NET code

    • Flash movie has access to the data in .swf file

    • Combination of ASP.NET and SQL

Methods of communicating
Methods of Communicating

  • Communicating between Flash and ASP.NET

    • FlashVars: one-way comunication

    • LoadVars: exchange data between the client and server

    • XML Object: similar to LoadVars but formatted in XML document structure

    • Web services uses SOAP. (example- google search)

      • Simple Object Access Protocol

      • Server side logic accessed over standard network protocol(HTML, XML, SMTP, etc...)

    • .NET Flash Remoting: most powerful option ($)

Flash remoting
Flash Remoting


  • Roles it plays online

    • According to Adobe

      • 3 million developer use Flash platform

      • 85% of top websites use Flash player

      • 75% of web video is viewed using Flash Player

      • 98% of enterprises rely on Flash Player

      • 98% of internet connected PCs have Flash Player

      • 70% of web gaming use Flash player

Pros of flash
Pros of Flash

  • Flash can be read by screen readers

  • users all-round the World Wide Web used it

  • A lot of application that support flash required Flash player to play them

  • Security for the Flash file is more secure

  • New version provided better and more features

Cons of flash
Cons of Flash

  • used a relatively high CPU usage of Flash Video playback

  • When the ActionScript 2.0 is upgrade to version 3.0 the older website will not benefit from it

  • not available on Apple’s iOS devices:

    • iPhone

    • iPod touch

    • iPad

  • complicate converting from web application to hand held console device

What will replace flash
What will replace Flash

  • HTML5

    • support a more variety of application from web

    • Easier to adapt to handheld devices

  • Developers agreed that HTML5 is most suitable for web application

What is html5
What is HTML5

  • Fifth revision of the HTML standard

  • play audio and video within the web page

  • working draft started in January 2011

  • Is implemented to a large degree with the new browser in 2011

Future of flash1
Future of Flash

  • Flash online gaming application

  • web application that required flash

  • animation program for low-cost 2D television

  • commercial animation

Should you learn flash
Should You Learn Flash?

  • it is widely supported and has lots of features that anyone can use

  • Flash is compatible with almost any browser

  • Find in games like Y8, Newgrounds, and Kongregate.

  • HTML5 is still far from achieving what Flash can do:

    • Games

    • Videos

    • Applications

    • Flexibility

    • audience.

Flash is losing adobe is not
Flash is losing, Adobe is not

  • Adobe has released its own Flash to HTML5 conversion tool

    • Wallaby: a free AIR application

  • Adobe’s AIR platform

    • Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

    • Allows developers to use Flash and other tools to develop standalone web apps for mobile devices

      • (Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax)

2012 flash
2012 flash

  • 2012 flash 11.2 released

    • new silent auto-update feature

    • about 200 million people have opted into receiving the silent background updates

    • update those users to a new version of the flash player in less than 24 hours

Future flash
Future Flash

  • Flash for gaming future abilitie:

    • actionscriptworkers multi-threading

    • support for advanced profiling using MONOCLE

      • New CPU/GPU/Memory profiling

      • Find bottlenecks in your apps faster then before

    • change form CPU rendering to GPU for 3d gaming

Setup for programming
Setup for programming

  • Download:

    • ASPNetFlash.NET3.dll file into the Bin folder

      (ASP.NET Flash www.aspnetflash.com)

  • Register:

    • <%@ Register Assembly="ASPNetFlash.NET3" Namespace="ASPNetFlash" TagPrefix="ASPNetFlash" %>

  • Net code
    .Net Code

    <ASPNetFlash:Flash ID="Flash1" runat="server" MovieURL="~/cube.swf">

    • <FlashVariables>

    • <ASPNetFlash:FlashVariable Name="FlashVarName“> FlashVarValue

    • </ASPNetFlash:FlashVariable>

    • </FlashVariables>

    • <HTMLAlternativeTemplate>

    • <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButtonGetFlashPlayer" runat="server" PostBackUrl="http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer" ImageUrl="~/images/get_flash_player.gif" />

    • </HTMLAlternativeTemplate>



    Summary of flash
    Summary of Flash

    • Flash play a major role in the great dynamic change in web page

    • A “base” that developers will refer to

    • still one of the most use applications:

      • to play video

      • music

      • advertisement banner

    • So what will flash be in the future?

      • Online game application is a start

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