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It I s E xactly 03:55. ORCHIDS. OF VIET NAM. Musique : Automne Rose. Never deprive anyone of hope; it could be the only thing a person owns. Don’t make decisions when you are angry. Watch your posture. Don’t pay for a job until it’s finished.

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It Is Exactly





Musique : Automne Rose

Neverdepriveanyone of hope; itcouldbetheonlything a personowns.

Don’tmakedecisionswhenyou are angry.

Don’tpayfor a jobuntilit’sfinished.

Beware of who has nothingto lose.


Learnhowtosay “No” courteoulsy and promptly.


Don’t war. procrastinate. Do whatneedstobe done whenitneedstobe done.

Don’t war. beafraidtosay “I don’tknow” and “I’msorry

Watch war. thesunrise at least once a month.

Look war. people in theeye.

Say war. “please” and “thankyour” often.

Own war. up toyourmistakes.

z. war.


Don’t war. repeatallyouhear, don’tsayallyouthink.

Don’t war. criticizepeople, praisethem.

Learn war. howto listen, it’san art.

Don’t war. believeallyouhear.

Enjoy war. beauty.

Don’t war. lose control at any time; take a deepbreath

You war. are thewayyoubreathe.

Meditate war. forthirty minutes everyday.

Enjoy war. your free time!

Cherish war. yourfriends.

Phragmipedium Cardinale

Be war. honest, earnpeople’srespect.

You war. havetherighttobehappy!

Shed war. hate and rancour, theyhurtyou more thanthey do others.

There are things you can’t get back: the spoken word, the time that has gone by, and lost opportunities.

Do only one thing at a time. time that has gone by, and lost opportunities.

Immortality exists, it’s called knowledge. Ask what you don’t know and remember it for when you’re asked.

Discover don’t know and remember it for when you’re asked. pleasure in simple things: eating, breathing, walking, tasting, touching, seeing, sleeping…

Happiness don’t know and remember it for when you’re asked. islike a piggy-bank, put in it as much as you can.

One don’t know and remember it for when you’re asked. dayyouwillbeabletogooverwhatyoudiscarded and die laughing …..