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FORD LIO HO MOTOR CO. Corporate Citizenship. Presentation by Nina Ng February 2003. Corporate Citizenship. Enriching the lives of our employees, their families and the communities. Zestful Life ~. Environment Arts & Humanities Community Outreach. Worklife Balance Diversity

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Ford lio ho motor co corporate citizenship

FORD LIO HO MOTOR CO.Corporate Citizenship

Presentation by Nina Ng February 2003

Enriching the lives of our employees their families and the communities

Corporate Citizenship

Enriching the lives of our employees, their families and the communities

Zestful Life ~


Arts & Humanities

Community Outreach

Worklife Balance


Relationship Building


Corporate Contributions

16 Hour Community Service


Ford Lio Ho Motor Company operates its business ethically, profitably and legally. Commit to building relationships with, and enriching the lives of our employees, their families and the communities.Provide quality products that are environmentally friendly and respectful of the communities in which we operate.

Our Philosophy

All employees, their families and communities are entitled to living a “zestful” quality life in a quality environmentEach of us has a social responsibility to contribute towards making the world (work environment) a better place.

Our Vision

Be the leading corporation that strives towards making the world (work environment) a better place, by enhancing the well being of the communities and the environment.

Our Mission

To support, contribute and initiate programs & activities that enrich the lives of our employees, their families and the communities.

Our Roles & Responsibilities

To identify, support and build partnerships with organizations that have a well-defined sense of purpose & a demonstrated commitment to maximizing available resources (as well as a reputation for meeting objectives and delivering quality programs and services). To initiate and support appropriate Corporate Citizenship programs and activities.To maintain and build community relations to best understand their support needs.

Our Objectives

  • Build Relationships (internally & externally)

  • Enhance “Zestful Life” Corporate Brand Image & Employee Morale

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction & Quality

  • Profitability > Maximize & Leverage Company Expenditures

Our Programs


  • Create a work environment where employees can maximize both their professional & personal growth through living and experiencing the Ford Lio Brand image – Zestful Life

Our Programs


  • We are strongly committed to and value Diversity

  • Everyone should be respected and appreciated as a unique individual regardless of their gender,age,culture, ethnicity, religion and beliefs

Our Programs


  • We initiate quarterly activities to reach out and build relations with the community

  • These activities include the entire Ford Family (employees, dealers, suppliers and their families)

Our Programs


  • We make corporate contributions to support organizations and social programs including donations of used vehicles and computers to local schools

Our Programs


  • We offer each salaried employee up to 16 hours of paid time per year to work in teams on community outreach projects

  • Opportunity to build leadership and teamwork skills while giving back to the communities

What We Support

  • Nonprofit organizations in five priority areas

What We Support


  • We support a range of programs and educational institutions that promote learning and diversity for all people

What We Support


  • We are dedicated to environmental sustainability & support organizations that develop innovative solutions to environmental challenges

  • We strive to lead our industry in environmental stewardship to create a cleaner and better world

What We Support


  • We support and partner with a variety of non-profit organizations to initiate community outreach and development programs that build relationships

What We Support


  • We provide support to programs and organizations, which target specific needs to improve the quality of life throughout the community (e.g. social programs, medical research and disaster relief)

What We Support


  • The arts educate, inspire & bridge the differences between cultures. They present for us all a common language and enhance our knowledge of each other and the world


  • Builds relationships with & enriches the lives of our employees, their families and the communities

  • Enhances brand image and reputation

  • Consumers want to do business with a company that they can trust ~ one that cares about them and their communities

  • Improves ability to hire & retain talented employees

Zestful life slogan

Zestful Life Slogan

Work Happily, Live Passionately

快樂工作 , 熱情生活

Zestful life ditty
Zestful Life Ditty

Zestful Life --- being colorfully alive

At home, work and community, our goals to strive,

Fun, energetic and youthful is what we are

Live quality life with a Ford, choice of car,

We stand by, --- Ford Lio Ho

And believe a Zestful Life is the Way to Go!


活得精采, 精采生活

家庭, 工作與環境 向前走

歡樂, 活力與年輕 就是我

就在福特, 精采生活等著你

Ford 活得精采