student activity sponsors training 2013 2014
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Student Activity Sponsors’ Training 2013-2014

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Student Activity Sponsors’ Training 2013-2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Activity Sponsors’ Training 2013-2014. presented by Accounting Department Student Activity Accounting Staff. STUDENT ACTIVITY FUNDS. Things To Know!

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student activity sponsors training 2013 2014

Student Activity Sponsors’ Training2013-2014

presented by Accounting DepartmentStudent Activity Accounting Staff

student activity funds

Things To Know!

  • The Principals, Teachers and Clerical staff are placed in a position of trust by parents and students when funds are placed in your care.
  • The basic purpose for the collecting or raising and expending of activity funds must be for the direct benefit of the students or for the general benefit of the school.
sponsor forms
Sponsor Forms

All club sponsors and anyone handling student activity funds must fill out the following forms:

conflict of interest disclosure
Conflict of Interest Disclosure


application for fund raising activity
Application for Fund Raising Activity

A fundraiser application must be filled out and turned in prior to any fundraising activity.

Sponsors must list all deposits and expenses.

Fundraisers must be closed within two weeks of the ending date.

All fundraisers must include an Inventory Sheet


All merchandise purchased and remaining must be accounted for on this form.

Donated items must be included.

Items used together may be grouped, ex. cheese, chili, jalapeños and bowls for nachos.

NOTE: Fundraisers will not be considered finalized unless an inventory sheet is filed with the Application For Fundraising.


Incentives must be approved by the Principal.

  • If the merchandise is part of the inventory of a fund raising activity, you must submit this form with the Fundraising Application form.
  • If merchandise is not part of a fundraiser; form is attached to check request.
  • Limit incentives to 15% or less of total inventory to increase profit.

All expenses must be paid with a school check.

Be sure that there is money in your account to cover the expense.

Receipts are due within five business days after the check has been picked up.

Check printing days are Tuesday and Thursday.

Reimbursements are NOT allowed!!!!!

outstanding invoices
Outstanding Invoices
  • All invoices must be paid in timely manner; any invoices that will be paid off in a series of payments must be reviewed by the bookkeeper and approved by the principal.
        • Yearbook
        • Prom
        • Receptions
        • Uniforms
        • Field Trips
  • All invoices should be received by campus bookkeeper and not the teacher/sponsor.

Funds must be counted by the sponsor prior to bringing the funds to the bookkeeper.

You must wait for a receipt! ! !

Review your receipt and sign if you are in agreement.

Post dated checks are not accepted.

Deposits need to be done on a daily basis.

Never use cash collected to make purchases.

Do not comingle your deposits.

money collected

Use when collecting funds for field trips, pictures, uniforms, shirts, yearbooks, etc.

Signatures should always be collected with the exception of Pre-K through 2nd graders.

Total amount collected must equal to the Deposit Breakdown Form.

All funds collected must be documented and deposited on a daily basis.

money disbursed

Used when issuing cash funds to individuals, such as:




Signatures should always be collected with the exception of Pre-K through 2nd graders.

transfers between accounts
Transfers Between Accounts

Transfers serve as payment between club accounts.

Be sure that there is money in your account to cover the transfer.

Donations or loans are not allowed between clubs.

professional services packet
Professional Services Packet
  • When hiring motivational speakers, choreographers, seamstress, DJ services, moonwalks, clown performances, consultants and judges
  • The following forms must be completed:
  • Submit at least four weeks in advance before services are rendered.
  • Checks will not be issued until packet has been approved
request for consultant services
Request for Consultant Services

Student Activity Clubs only require signature of Principal, Sponsor, and Fine Arts if Fine Arts related club.

contract for professional services

Two versions are available depending on the contract amount

less than $5000

over $5000

Consultant must sign the contract after the Request for Services has been approved.

certification of criminal history

The vendor certifies that he/she has obtained a criminal history check including any of their employees who will have direct contact with students.

  • Criminal History report may be requested by Fine Arts Department.
Certification of Criminal History
w 9 form

All vendors are required to submit a W-9 Form when payment is being issued by the District, even when a Contract Services Packet is not required.

W-9 Form
sales tax issues
Sales Tax Issues
  • rummage sale
  • school publications
  • school supplies sold to students
  • uniforms
  • In order to be eligible for the two, one-day
  • tax free sales you must be a Bona fide club.
  • Non taxable sales – perishables/consumables

(Refer to manual for a complete listing)

Taxable sales

  • Books
  • clothing
  • cups
  • school supplies
  • flowers
texas sales tax exemption

Purchase of items for school related purposes

it is a criminal offense to give a resale certificate, or sales tax exemption for personal use


ptc booster clubs
PTC/ Booster Clubs

Board Policy requires for Booster Clubs to submit their bank statement and reconciliations to the Principal on a monthly basis.

Booster Clubs should obtain their own Tax ID Number and Officers

They should never use the District’s Tax Identification Number (not even to get a discount!)

If this is an issue, have them donate the funds to the campus and the campus can make the necessary purchase from our accounts

All donated fixed assets should be tagged in accordance with District procedures

ptc booster clubs cont
PTC/ Booster Clubs (cont)

Note: As per District local policy

No district employee shall be an authorized check signer of a parent or booster organization without written approval of the superintendent and campus principal.

Individuals authorized to sign checks should not be related to each other by marriage or any other relationship.

Other additional information including new adopted policy procedures may be found in the Internal Audit web link

food of minimal nutritional value
Food of Minimal Nutritional Value
  • For information on what is allowable to be purchased for your grade levels you can log on to the Texas Classroom Teachers Association (TCTA) at
  • For information on allowable portion sizes and nutritional value information refer to
  • Contact Food Service Department for more information
record retention
Record Retention

All of the accounting records related to the Student Activity and Campus/Principal’s Accounts, including, but not limited to, all bank statements and related cancelled or voided checks, all validated deposit slips, all receipts, all reports and journals will be retained for a period of seven (7) years following the end of each fiscal year on August 31st.

At least the prior year records must be kept at the campus.

All other files may be sent to Records Management with a detailed description of the file contents.

report fraud

Remain Anonymous

  • Open 24 hours a day
sponsor s manual
Sponsor’s Manual:

The manual, forms, and presentation are updated annually and can be found

online at the Accounting Department weblink.

contact information
Contact Information

Jerry Esqueda

Sr. Bookkeeper

J.B. Alexander High School

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-5971

Cynthia Hernandez

Sr. Bookkeeper

L.B. Johnson High School

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-5209

Coral Perez

Sr. Bookkeeper

United South High School

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-2326

Samuel D. Flores

Director of Accounting

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-6368

Mario Gonzalez

Activity Funds Accountant

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-6432

Rosa Cabello

Accounting Manager

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-6369

Luis Blancas

Sr. Bookkeeper

United High School

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-5636

Tina Gonzalez

Sr. Bookkeeper

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (956)473-6357