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Welcome to curriculum night
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Welcome to Curriculum Night!. Kyla Sardo 6 th Grade Language Arts Room 627. Paper, pens & pencils are located on the back table if you’d like to take notes…. What exactly is language arts?.

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Welcome to Curriculum Night!

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Welcome to curriculum night

Welcome to Curriculum Night!

Kyla Sardo

6th Grade Language Arts

Room 627

Paper pens pencils are located on the back table if you d like to take notes

Paper, pens & pencils are located on the back table if you’d like to take notes…

What exactly is language arts

What exactly is language arts?

Language Arts is a class consisted of thinking, reading and writing opportunities focusing on personal experiences and expression. 

Students will read poetry, novels, short stories, news articles, and other non-fiction selections as well as write poems, stories, and essays.

Students will have presentations as well as work in groups to develop and enhance their communication and public speaking skills.



Daily supplies needed: notebook or binder, writing

utensil, planner (agenda), highlighter, independent novel,

EXPO (dry erase) markers, and colored pencils or markers.

Grading policy

Grading Policy

Percentage Breakdown

1. Class work and Informal Assessments- 45% of quarter grade

2. Homework-10% of quarter grade

3. Formal Assessments(tests and projects)-45% of quarter grade



  • I will be available for tutoring will on Wednesday mornings from 7:15 - 7:45 a.m.

  • Students should come with a specific assignment or skill they need to work on.

  • I have a sign up sheet. Gives me an advanced notice so I know how many kids are coming in.

Classroom set up

Classroom set up

  • I like to deliver my lessons in a way that allows for student comments and questions.

  • Teaching around the room-reaching every child.

  • Checking for understanding by randomly asking lesson related questions to students (this keeps them attentive)

My expectations rules

My expectations & rules

  • I love when students add their own knowledge to my lessons; however, I want students to respect me and I will equally respect them back. (Raising hands)

  • 1 mic. rule

  • No cheating or bullying (my BIGGEST issues)

  • Golden rule posted in back of class



  • Behavior chart

  • Green, Yellow, Red

  • 20 days of good behavior = class prize

  • Donations accepted! =)



  • Students will be required to have a novel to read if they finish early with an assignment.

  • T/Th. SEM-R break (15 minutes) – conferencing

  • M/W/F- structured activity time (15 minutes)

  • basketball, 4 square, track, field, school back yard

  • I like to stop every 30-45 minutes or so and let the students get a one minute break to get out of their seats and stretch-blood flowing for better thinking and participation

Brain breaks

Brain breaks

  • 1st quarter will be done in Language Arts.

  • 10 minutes of structured activity in the classroom. (I will be working with Ms. Bernier across hall to create L.A. associated games)



  • Homework will be assigned weekly. Generally, I like to keep assignments short. If they know it, they know it.

  • Students are expected to complete assignments to the best of their abilities.

  • HW assignments will usually be based off of topics we are currently working on in class to give them extra practice at home.

  • Imperative that students write their homework in their agendas!!! I write the assignments on the board and talk about them-no excuses!



  • 4 novel studies this year

    1. Crispin Cross of Lead

    2. Hunger Games

    3. Touching Spirit Bear

    4. The Call of the Wild

    Will be on sale tonight in main entry area

    Scholastic Book order will be sent home soon to purchase The Hunger Games ($7)

Welcome to curriculum night


  • Only have 1 class set, 93 students, heavy book

  • Students will be given a log-in username and password so they can reference the online textbook for story references or extra practice with skills

  • Log-in will be given to them in the next week or so as well as how to access the website

  • Students will each be given their own workbook with stories in them as well

Library media center

Library/media center

  • Schedules will be made

  • We went last week-students learned procedures of checking out books and using computers

  • Once every few weeks

  • Can check out up to three books per visit

  • Students will pay late fees on overdue books after 10 days- 10 cents a day



  • Some topics and skills students will be working on this year are…

  • Literary elements- character, plot, theme, mood, conflict, etcetera (all parts that make up stories)

  • Foreshadowing, making inferences, writing argumentative pieces (skills)

  • Essays, poems, reading a variety of texts

  • Group discussions, Socratic seminar

Welcome to curriculum night


  • The first test will be on the material the students have learned thus far this year.

  • The test will be on Tuesday, September 20th.

  • This Wednesday morning is the final tutoring day before the test I will be available.

  • This information is all posted on my wiki…

Welcome to curriculum night


  • I have created a class wiki (web page)in order for you to access your child’s notes, upcoming events and assignments/projects as well as my tutoring and contact information

  • Address:


E mail me

E-mail me…

  • If you need to speak with me about anything at all, feel free to e-mail me at-


Wish list

Wish List

  • Located on back table

  • Thanks for coming. I hope you found this information to be helpful.

  • I wish your child great success this year as we complete this journey together!

Where to go next

Where to go next…

  • Forshee is across hall (Social Studies)

  • Swanson is room adjacent to mine (Science)

  • King/Travis down hall (Math)

  • Elective teachers are around the school. Map is located on back of your child’s schedule

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