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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning. Durham Public Library Strategic Planning Steering Committee: February 13, 2006 Dr. Paula M. Singer Ms. Gail Griffith, MS, MLS Ms. Lorraine Kituri, MS. Agenda. Introductions Strategic planning: what & why Our method for DPL: Search conference

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strategic planning

Strategic Planning

Durham Public Library

Strategic Planning Steering Committee: February 13, 2006

Dr. Paula M. Singer

Ms. Gail Griffith, MS, MLS

Ms. Lorraine Kituri, MS

  • Introductions
  • Strategic planning: what & why
    • Our method for DPL: Search conference
    • Other parts of the process
  • Role of steering committee members
    • Assignments
  • Next steps
    • Timeline

The Singer Group, Inc.

strategic planning1
Strategic Planning
  • What
  • Why
  • How

The Singer Group, Inc.

why search conference
Why Search Conference?
  • Very high community and staff involvement
  • Short time-frame and limited budget
  • Fits beautifully with other planning activities in Durham, including (RBA) Results Based Accountability and DDI  (Downtown Durham, Inc.)
  • Excellent process for DPL’s needs

The Singer Group, Inc.

what is a search conference
What is a Search Conference*?
  • A planning meeting that helps people move from ideas to action very quickly
  • Task-focused
  • Gets the ‘whole system’ in the room
  • Based on 50+ years of research and practice
  • Used in all sectors of society, and in cultures around the world

*Adapted from information provided by the Future Search Network

The Singer Group, Inc.

conditions for success
Conditions for Success
  • Get stakeholders from throughout the system in the room
    • Large group process
    • Group members should be able to commit to action without seeking further permission
  • Explore the ‘whole elephant’ before acting on any part
  • Keep common ground and future focus front and center.
    • Differences and conflicts are information, not action items
  • Encourage self-management and responsibility for action by participants before, during, and after the conference

The Singer Group, Inc.

conditions for success1
Conditions for Success
  • Participants attend the full conference
  • Meet in healthy, comfortable conditions
  • Allow enough ‘soak time’
  • Ask for voluntary public commitments to action before participants leave

The Singer Group, Inc.


Day One: A.M.

1. Focus on the Past

    • Timeline of key events

2. Focus on the Present—External Trends

  • Mind Map to identify trends and select key trends
  • Stakeholder groups describe what they are doing now in relation to key trends and what they hope to do in the future

The Singer Group, Inc.

methodology continued
Methodology, continued

3. Focus on the Present

  • Stakeholders report what they are proud of and sorry about in the way they are dealing with the library

Day One: P.M.

4. Ideal Future Scenarios

  • Diverse groups put themselves into the future and describe their preferred future as if it had already occurred

The Singer Group, Inc.

methodology continued1
Methodology, continued

Day Two: A.M.

5. Identify Common Ground

    • Diverse groups post themes they believe are common ground for everyone
  • Confirm Common Ground
    • Individuals organize into groups by self-selecting a goal they want to work on

The Singer Group, Inc.

methodology continued2
Methodology, continued

Day Two, P.M.

  • Action Planning
    • Goal groups write a goal and objectives
    • Each group presents its work and receives feedback
    • Groups have the opportunity to upgrade their work

The Singer Group, Inc.

in a typical process
In a typical process
  • Participants produce a plan that is about 85% complete
  • Participants have a commitment to the results and will support moving the work forward
  • A designated small group refines and completes the document, preserving the group’s original intent

The Singer Group, Inc.

for more information
For More Information
  • Future Search, by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff
  • Discovering Common Ground, edited by Marvin Weisbord
  • Future Search Network,

The Singer Group, Inc.

other steps sources of data
Other Steps /Sources of Data
  • Work of quality councils
    • Reference/RA, Circulation, Customer Service
  • Best practice research, including
    • Site visits to local library leaders Charlotte/Mecklenburg, Greensboro, and Henrico (metro Richmond, Va.). 
    • Library Director panel; all employees invited to attend
  • Experience of board, staff, Library Director, steering committee, search conference participants and consultants

The Singer Group, Inc.

  • Contemporary Library Customer Services
  • Services to Children and Families, Helping Children Enter School Ready to Learn*
  • Library Contributes to a Vibrant Community Embracing its Cultural Heritage*
  • Learning and Language
  • Online Library Services
  • Branches and Regional Libraries

*Durham County RBA Priority Outcomes

The Singer Group, Inc.

community communication
Community communication
  • HIGH level of communications within and external to the library throughout the process
  • Transparent process
  • Through multiple channels
  • E-mail hotline
  • WIKI

The Singer Group, Inc.

what s a wiki
What’s a wiki?
  • Web software designed for collaboration
    • ‘Wisdom of the Crowds’
  • Easy to use
    • No special software knowledge or training required
    • Can add text, photos, movies, more
  • Can set the desired levels of control and access
    • Can keep private or make public
    • Can distribute and share passwords for permission to create, edit, or moderate
    • Anyone can comment without having a password
  • From the Hawaiian, wiki-wiki means quick
  • Wikipedia is an example

The Singer Group, Inc.

why a wiki for dpl
Why a wiki for DPL?
  • Large number of people involved
    • Lots of research, data produced
    • Want to be able to share it widely
  • Can use a variety of visual and audio media to share information
  • Easy to update
  • Anyone can participate, share opinions
  • Can use it to publish a portfolio

The Singer Group, Inc.

tour now visit later
Tour Now/Visit Later
  • Much easier to experience than to describe!
  • Durham County Library Strategic Plan wiki

The Singer Group, Inc.

roles of key players
Roles of key players
  • Library Director
  • Core planning team
  • Steering Committee members
  • Consultants

The Singer Group, Inc.

dpl s search conference
DPL’S Search Conference
  • Location to be determined
  • Dates
    • May 18, 9:00—4:00
    • May 19, 8:30—2:00
  • Develop list of stakeholders to invite

The Singer Group, Inc.

timeline and milestones
Timeline and Milestones

See attached calendar


Other issues, questions?

The Singer Group, Inc.