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Bexley High School. Welcome to the Curriculum Exploration / College & Career Preparation Night. Part One. Nuts and Bolts of Scheduling and Course Updates 6:00 – 6:30 pm April 18, 2013. Materials and General Information. Parent/Student Handbook (course descriptions)

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Bexley High School

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Bexley High School


to the Curriculum Exploration /

College & Career Preparation Night

Part One

Nuts and Bolts of Scheduling and Course Updates

6:00 – 6:30 pm

April 18, 2013

Materials and General Information

  • Parent/Student Handbook(course descriptions)

  • Course Selection/Grade Level Worksheets

  • Graduation Requirements

  • Teacher Locator and Map

  • Summer School Information

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Current Teachers: Recommendations & course exploration

  • High School Counselors: Graduation requirements, two year plan, honors diploma

  • Parents: Collaborate, advocate, facilitate

  • Students: Be involved, follow through, research & ask questions!

Dual Enrollment (DE) Courses

  • Partnership with Columbus State

  • Tag courses vs non Tag courses

  • Requirements: College Readiness, 3.0 GPA, and register on-line with Columbus State

  • Cost is $25 per credit hour

  • Courses being offered: English 12, H Chem, Physics, US History, ASL, H French IV & PE

  • More information on BHS website under the ‘Counseling’ tab, click Dual Enrollment link

Physical Education Waiver

  • Effective this spring season!

  • Includes Marching Band, and all athletic teams including Lacrosse Club and Cheerleading.

  • Students must complete two seasons to receive waiver

    • Seniors and PE waiver

    • Injuries and PE waiver

  • Forms and additional information on BHS website under ‘Counseling’ tab – click Forms & Resources link.

Important Dates

  • April 1 - 17: High School teachers make recommendations in Power School

  • April 9 – 26: Current 8th grade students meet with HS Counselors

  • April 19: On-line Scheduler opens on Power School

    • Students & parents may view and schedule from home!

  • May 3: Course Selection Process closes

    All schedule request changes & overrides must be submitted by this date!

Accessing the on-line scheduler via Power School

New course offerings for next year

  • New Courses:

    • AP Psychology

    • Advanced Web Tech

    • STEM for Life

    • Architectural & Engineering Graphics

    • Personal Finance/Capstone Project – for seniors!

    • Introduction to Strength and Resistance Training

    • Personal Fitness Concepts

Notable info & changes from the Parent/Student Handbook

  • Graduation requirements – p 2

  • Schedule change policy – p 2

  • Earning class credit (20-20-10 policy) – p 4

  • Grade scale – p 6

  • Earning class credit (20-20-10 policy) – p 7

  • College Admissions – pp.7-9

  • Correction: Pre-AP Studio, 1 year of art pre-req, see Fine Arts, pp. 16-17

  • Math sequence, pp. 20-23

  • Athletic Info / Eligibility – pp.36-43

Selection of Courses – So Many Decisions!!

  • 7 class periods per semester

    • One study hall/semester & six classes

  • Honors Diploma criteria, p 6

  • To study hall or not?

    • Allows for extra study time, extra help

  • Summer school

  • Regular, Honors, DE or AP?

    • What is your threshold for stress?

    • Rigorous but balanced

Summer Reading

  • Summer Reading –p7 in Handbook

    Be sure to check summer reading requirements (in May) on HS website:

What to do tonight?

  • Open House – visit classrooms & special programs. See map and list of classrooms.

  • Test drive the curriculum.

  • Counselors will be in the College Counseling Center with info on:

    • PSEO, Credit Flex, and PE waivers

  • Review course descriptions, pp. 10 – 33.

  • Plan for home discussion and contact teachers with questions.

  • Part Two



    6:30 – 7:15 p.m.

    Bexley High School

    April 18, 2013


    • Tom Fanning, John Carroll University

    • Stephanie Sanders, The Ohio State University

    • Ben Shoemaker, Otterbein University

    Admissions Process

    • In what way has the landscape of college admissions changed over the last 3-5 years?

    • How critical is the essay? What makes an essay stand out?

    • What about teacher recs?

    • Tell us about social media-does it impact an admissions decision??

    • In the application process, what other factors influence the admissions decision?

    • Share your thoughts on ACT & SAT test prep?

    Comparing two students on course rigor

    Student B

    AP EnglishB

    AP PhysicsB



    H Spanish IVB

    GPA: 3.9

    English 12A




    Latin IA

    GPA: 4.0

    Student A

    Comparing two student on standardized testing


    AP EnglishB

    AP PhysicsB



    H Spanish IVB

    GPA: 3.9


    English 12A




    Latin IA

    GPA: 4.0



    Second semester course changes

    Student A: semester two

    AP Literature and Comp

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Physics

    AP European History

    AP Spanish

    AP Literature and Comp

    AP Calculus AB



    DROP (filled with study hall)

    Student A: semester one

    “Should I take AP, Post-Secondary or DE?”

    Student B:

    AP Literature

    AP Calculus


    AP European History

    PSEO: Beginning Composition

    PSEO: Astronomy

    PSEO: Psychology


    Dual Enrollment English 12

    AP Calculus

    Student A:

    Final transcript –(7th & 8th semesters)How do you view this profile?

    Student A: semester two

    AP Lit and Comp B

    AP CalculusB

    AP Euro History A


    H Spanish IVA

    AP Lit and Comp D

    AP CalculusD-

    AP Euro History C


    H Spanish IV D+

    Student A: Semester one


    • There are two students with the same academic profile (courses, GPA, test scores), as well as strong recs. One gets admitted the other doesn’t - what’s the difference?

    The Decision

    • What is the difference between being:

      • Wait Listed

      • Deferred

    • What percentage of students who apply to your university are admitted?

    • What is the profile of students most recently admitted to your campus (GPA, scores)?

    • How do you attract and maintain minority students?

    • Final words of advice?

    Thank you!

    Please contact us with any questions:

    • Kristen McMahon, Counselor A – L

    • Tara Louys, Counselor, M – Z

    • Stephanie Krosnosky, College Counselor

      High School Office: 231-4591

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