Next project multiplicity collage
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Next Project: Multiplicity Collage. Process and Requirements. Digital collage with at least 6 “ you”’s in it Find an interesting setting/place Tell a story with your “ you”s

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Next project multiplicity collage

Next Project: Multiplicity Collage

Process and requirements
Process and Requirements

  • Digital collage with at least 6 “you”’s in it

  • Find an interesting setting/place

  • Tell a story with your “you”s

  • Use costumes and props. Every You should be you but you should assume a “role”- do an action, have props, costume, etc.

Ps editing
Ps Editing

  • Selection tools

  • Adjustments, color shadow

  • Layers

  • Masking

Shooting process
Shooting Process

  • Find an interesting setting/space big enough for you to move around and assume at least 6 different poses/actions

  • Plan out some scenario of what is going on. What will each “you” wear? What will you do? What’s the main story of the photo? Is it a dinner party? Boxing match? Car wash?

  • Gather props and costumes. Each you MUST wear something different.

Shooting process1
Shooting Process

  • Stabilize camera with tripod or other means.

  • Use self-timer. No flash.

  • You must be in the photos.

  • You must be manning the camera.

  • Shoot each you individually. Assume a variety of poses. Think about having people in the foreground, middle ground and background. Think about interaction.


  • You must take all photos with self timer, no one may operate the shutter for you

  • You must be in the photos

  • At least 6 different yous. Do more! It’s more interesting.

  • Take one of scene/setting with no you.

  • Every you must be wearing something different.

Due date

  • It’s only 7 photos minimum so really I’m not asking too much.

  • Who wants the SLRs?


In class digital editing after due photo due date
In Class Digital Editing. (after due photo due date)

  • Upload photos into Ps

  • Decide which you should be the background image. Maybe the you that is in the most back or one that would be hard to select to move.

  • Use selection tools to select each you, move it onto the base photo and transform and adjust as needed.

  • Use Eraser tool and Layer Masks to make photo look clean and hide the digital stitching.

  • Explore layer reordering.