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Vtext an e textbook framework
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VText An e- Textbook Framework. John Cristy Joseph G. Tront Virginia Tech. Goals. To implement an e-Textbook Reader with as much capability as possible for any content using existing software and hardware To help bridge textbook and lecture content through note taking.

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VText An e- Textbook Framework

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Vtext an e textbook framework

VTextAn e-Textbook Framework

John Cristy

Joseph G. Tront

Virginia Tech



To implement an e-Textbook Reader with as much capability as possible for any content using existing software and hardware

To help bridge textbook and lecture content through note taking

Previous work

Previous Work

  • Xlibris from FX Palo Alto Laboratory

    • 1998

    • Windows 95

    • 12.1” Screen

    • Freeform Note-taking

    • Actively searched based on annotations

Previous work1

Previous Work

  • Kno Tablet

    • 2 14.1” touch screens

    • SDK for applications

    • Cancelled in April 2011

  • Others (CourseSmart, Kno, etc.)

    • Some Multimedia

    • Similar to PDFs

    • DRM Issues

    • Require constant Internet Connection, Web-based

Kindle dx case study

Kindle DX Case Study



Missing PDF capabilities

Content Acquisition

Poor Multimedia

Slow Page Turning

Page Navigation

Difficulty of taking notes

  • Legibility of Screen

  • Form Factor

  • Durability

  • Distribution System

Apple s ipad textbook

Apple’s iPad Textbook

  • 3D Images

  • Multi-Touch Gestures

  • Searching for Content

  • Interactive Quizzes

  • Auto-Generated study cards

  • iTunes U

  • Authoring tools

Note taking

Note Taking

  • A higher quantity of notes correlates with higher achievement (Kiewra 1988)

  • Small Screens and poor interfaces reduce the number of notes taken by students (Kim 2009)

Active reading

Active Reading

  • Requires Critical Thinking

  • Taking notes and annotations

  • “Conversation with the author” (Adler)

  • Find related materials

Ideas from wipte 2010

Ideas from WIPTE 2010

  • Electronic notes; stylus enabled

  • Multimedia

  • Search on e-ink

  • Individualized Tutoring

  • Collaboration

  • Bookmarks

  • Voice Recognition

Development process

Development Process

Why onenote

Why OneNote?

  • Book like page organization

  • Flexible Note taking

  • Platform Ubiquity

  • Collaboration

  • Developer API

Onenote in practice

OneNote in Practice

  • Collaboration @ Pfizer

    • Research Teams share OneNote Notebooks

  • Norway K12 (Michaelsen)

    • Useful

    • Daily

    • Prefer finding images rather than drawing

“You use it to remember, really”

-Unknown Norwegian Student



  • Linked Split Screen

  • Window Focus Change on Hover

  • Gestures for navigation and bookmarking

  • Bookmarked pages for quick returning

  • Navigation Buttons to save screen real estate



  • Search to Web

  • Notes Page

  • Bluetooth Scanner

  • Simple Quiz System

  • Importer for Students, Instructors, and Publisher

Side by side pages

Side-by-Side Pages

  • Horizontally or Vertically Tiled

  • Synchronized or independent

Focus change

Focus Change

  • Multi-Window tap first then write problem

  • Mouse/Stylus Hover

  • Change focus before user tries to write



View bookmarks

Retain standard gestures like panning and pinch to zoom


Swipe to change pages

Navigational buttons

Navigational Buttons

Search the web

Search the Web

Notes page

Notes Page

Content from the book

Link to the page in the book as well as the date and time copied to the notes page

Bluetooth scanner

Bluetooth Scanner

Use Android Phone to scan documents into notes

Built in quizzing

Built-in Quizzing

While hyperlinks can lead to more complex systems, the add-in includes a simple system meant for review

File importer

File Importer

  • Import files from PDF and RTF

  • Each page in the source file becomes one page in OneNote

  • PDFs come in as images or in native form (text is text, etc.)

  • RTF content remains in native form

Other considerations

Other Considerations

  • Notebook sharing can allow students to collaborate

  • Microsoft’s Office Live allows for cloud storage allowing Books to be viewed with the OneNote Apps for Android and iOS

  • With Interactive Classroom lecture notes can be inserted into the textbook

  • File embedding for any multimedia needs



  • Introductory survey results available soon

  • Complete user testing in the near future

Vtext an e textbook framework






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