weblog an effective web tool in efl classes
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Weblog: An Effective web-tool in EFL classes

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Weblog: An Effective web-tool in EFL classes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Weblog: An Effective web-tool in EFL classes. Samira M. Bakr , PhD Academic visitor Reading University, UK. This presentation will discuss :. Introduction about weblog, Social constructivism in language learning Using blogs in EFL classes Types of blogs in classroom,

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weblog an effective web tool in efl classes

Weblog: An Effective web-tool in EFL classes

Samira M. Bakr, PhD

Academic visitor

Reading University, UK

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

this presentation will discuss
This presentation will discuss:

Introduction about weblog,

Social constructivism in language learning

Using blogs in EFL classes

Types of blogs in classroom,

Using computers in Saudi context

Advantages and disadvantages of using blogs


E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


The Internet provides a powerful delivery system

for teaching and learning.

With improvements in web-based applications and information technology come new opportunities

and challenges for educators to design, develop, and deliver effective instruction

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


As teachers and educators, it is important to know how to apply new and emerge educational practices and technologies.

The English language classroom has always been associated with competencies, grammar, tasks, exercises, and

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


drill activities that position teaching and learning a language as an educational activity that is separated from society.

Allum found that, as a result, students were found to be unmotivated and uninterested in learning the language (2002).

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


New paradigms in language teaching and learning are needed to encourage students to acquire and improve their second language or foreign language proficiency in a social context (Vygotsky, 1978),.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


Using a technology known as “Blended Learning”.

The term “technology” refers to the Internet, CD-ROMs and interactive whiteboards and computer-based communication (including chat, email, blogs and wikis) to enrich teaching and learning.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

types of blogs
Types of Blogs

Blood (2002) differentiates between two types of blogs.

The first type is that of journals, which function as an electronic diary in which bloggers can express their ideas that students’ writing skills improve when they blog.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


provides opportunities to help students improve their knowledge of English.

lets students compose writing with specific purposes.

“Blogs”, “ weblogs” are a new way for people to express their thoughts in public.

“blogs help people become more thoughtful and critical in their thoughts, ideas, and opinions

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


The second type is the filter-style blog, where bloggers post links to other web content with associated commentary.

Blogs are best described as web sites that are updated frequently and

let bloggers and readers to communicate with each other by leaving comments and suggestions on the content of the blogs.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

social constructivism in language learning
Social Constructivism in Language Learning

Using Weblog supports a social constructivist approach from the social constructivist’s perspective,

knowledge is the process by which students construct meaning from past experiences in a social context.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


This encourages students to use language and new knowledge in different situations,

Students use language

to express themselves,

to explain,

to negotiate,

and to compromise with peers while discussing ideas.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


Using blogs, especially group blogging, as a writing activity in the English classroom can create a learning environment that encourages students to work collaboratively in a social context

Miers (2004 in Seitzinger, 2006) says:

Constructivist learning should engage students in meaningful learning where the learning should be:

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


Constructive and reflective, enabling students to integrate new ideas with prior knowledge to make meaning and enable learning through reflection

Intentional, providing opportunities for students to articulate their learning goals

and monitor their progress in achieving them

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


Authentic, challenging and real-world (or simulated), facilitating better understanding and transfer of learning to new situations

Cooperative, providing students with opportunities to interact with each other to clarify, share ideas,

negotiate problems and discuss solutions.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


Blogs in the Language Classroom

Blogs can be used as a tool and a platform for students to:

be creative

publish their writing online.

replace or become an alternative to traditional journal writing

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


Educators use blogs in three different ways and with different purposes.

tutor blogs,

learner blogs

and class blogs

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

the tutor blog
The Tutor Blog

This is run by the tutor for the learners.

It gives daily Reading practice to the learners which is linked to related online sources .

It promotes exploration of English websites.

It encourages online verbal exchange by use of comment buttons

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

the learner blog
The Learner Blog

It is run by individual learners or by collaborative groups of learners.

students can get writing practice,

develop a sense of ownership,

and get experience with the practical, legal, and ethical issues of creating a hypertext document.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

the class blog
The Class Blog

Collaborative effort of an entire class.

It could be used like a free-form bulletin board for learners to

post messages,

images, and links related to classroom discussion topics.

With intermediate and advanced learners, class blogs facilitate project-based language learning.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


It could also be used as a virtual space for an international classroom language exchange.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

advantages of using blogs
Advantages of using blogs

using blogs as a writing tool:

encourages feedback and represents both writing and reading activity;

stimulates debate, critical analysis, and encourages articulation of ideas and opinions Godwin-Jones(2006)

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

does blogging in the classroom enhance education
Does blogging in the classroom enhance education?

Blogs :

increase interactivity ,

reflective activities,

give opportunity to practice language skills.

are authentic, interesting, and communicative resources.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

computer assisted teaching in saudi context
Computer assisted teaching in Saudi Context

AbuSeileek study ( 2007) proved the effectiveness of two computer- mediated techniques

Al-Jarf (2005) used Nicenet, WebCT and Model to teach grammar to freshman students at the College of Languages and Translation, King Saud University.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


A cross-cultural online writing project, conducted by Al-Jafr (2004).

EFL college instructors and students in Ukraine, Russia and Saudi Arabia and participated to develop students\' writing skills.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

negative potential
Negative Potential

Weblog authors are not usually professional writers, weblog readers are not generally professional readers either( Wrede 2003)

Weblogs have the potential to be hacked, accidentally deleted or suddenly out of service when most needed.

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr

conclusion outlook of blogs
Conclusion: Outlook of Blogs

The weblog is a new arrival as an educational technology, which is a mixed blessing

has more advanced and convenient unique features and functions in comparison with other tools,

E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr


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E-Learning Conference Samira Bakr