resources for the trainee in difficulty
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Resources for the Trainee in difficulty

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Resources for the Trainee in difficulty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resources for the Trainee in difficulty. Dr Eluned Wright 2012. Problems. • The large number of consultants who work with each trainee with frequent changes as posts rotate between hospitals

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• The large number of consultants who work with each trainee with frequent changes as posts rotate between hospitals

• Lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities of clinical supervisors ,educational supervisors and college tutors

• Uncertainty about verbal or anecdotal comments as evidence

• Uncertainty about how to share complaints with the trainee or ensure that they have an opportunity to respond

• Lack of clarity about what written reports are expected and who should receive copies

• Confusion about confidentiality and passing on information

responsibilities of educational supervisor
Responsibilities of educational supervisor

When any concerns raised about a trainee are raised the educational supervisor should:

  • Collate reports/evidence eg WPBAs from colleagues.
  • Ensure this information is in writing and has been shared with the trainee at a feedback session
  • Explore concerns more fully by further enquiry
responsibilities of educational supervisor cont
Responsibilities of educational supervisor cont.

If genuine cause for concern the ES should:

  • Arrange early appraisal
  • Liaise with the college tutor
  • Listen to the trainee’s perspective and be open to the possibility of contributory factors, including training issues
  • Make sure the trainee is clear about any concerns and has copies of any written concerns or complaints
  • Review overall competence and progress and set the issues in a balanced context
follow up
Follow up

Work with the trainee and College Tutor to develop a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan) focused on addressing the issues of concern and including arrangements for monitoring

Work with the trainee and the College Tutor to resolve any relationship issues

Write and share a report with the trainee at a feedback session

Make arrangements for review

Discuss with College Tutor any need for further action or referral


Local Faculty Lead for Trainee Support

Professional Support Unit

Educational Supervisor

College Tutor

Performance lead

local faculty leads
Local Faculty Leads

The Wales Deanery has reconfigured the Postgraduate Organiser and Foundation Programme Director roles in Wales As a result, a Local Faculty Team has been created within each Health Board which includes individuals with responsibility for:

Quality/Educational Governance

Trainer Support

Trainee Support

Foundation Training

Confidential Advice

Referral for further support

Help with educational plan


Access to careers guidance

Access to LTFT or career break

Professional Support Unit


PSU Referral Protocol

  • PSU receives referral
  • Email contact trainee immediately
  • Offer appointment
  • Follow up 14 days post initial contact
      • Copied to referrer
      • Copied to Performance Lead

PSU Referrals

Total Cases 2008 - 2011 570

Total Closed Cases 426

PSU Active Cases 144 (>5%)

Current ISP Referrals 59

Positive Outcomes 90%

Training number removed 31

what information is needed for a referral
What information is needed for a referral

Suggested headings

  • Background - summarized CV
  • Any context - eg personal circumstances
  • Summary of the key issues description
  • evidence / written complaints
  • What has been tried to remedy problem
  • The trainee\'s response to feedback and previous attempts to get back on track
  • Copy of any multisource feedback
  • Copy of any written complaints