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GRESHAM HIGH SCHOOL. Forecasting 2012. WELCOME !. It’s time to forecast and choose your classes for next year. Here are the steps you will follow…. Forecasting: Step by Step. Use Course Planning Guide Discuss with parents, teachers, others Fill in forecast sheet Get signatures

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Gresham high school






It’s time to forecast and choose your classes for next year.

Here are the steps you will follow…

Forecasting step by step

Forecasting: Step by Step

  • Use Course Planning Guide

  • Discuss with parents, teachers, others

  • Fill in forecast sheet

  • Get signatures

  • Meet with counselor as needed

  • Turn in form to teacher by due date

Graduation requirements

Graduation Requirements

  • Language Arts 4.00

  • Social Studies 3.00

  • Math 3.00

  • Science 3.00

  • World Language 1.00

  • Physical Ed 1.00

  • Health 1.00

  • Career/Fine Arts/Tech *2.00

  • Electives 7.00

Total Credits Required: 25

  • .50 credit must be earned in Technology

  • May include Arts, World Language, Career, or Computer Tech classes.

How many classes do i take

How many classes do I take?

  • Freshmen and Sophomores = 7 classes

  • Juniors take at least 6 classes.

  • Seniors take at least 5 classes.

Choose seven

Choose Seven

Due to budget cuts and fewer teachers, students will be taking seven classes next year.



  • Honor Roll requires 6 graded classes.(Any class taken for Pass/No Pass credit will not count. Examples: Aide, Credit by Proficiency, etc.)

  • Athletics requires

    passing 5 classes &

    being on track to graduate

Additional requirements for graduation

Additional Requirementsfor Graduation:

  • Academic Portfolio

  • Four Year Plan

  • Extended Application (Senior Year)

  • 2 CRLEs

    (Career Related Learning Experiences)

Don’t procrastinate!

Academic portfolio

Academic Portfolio

A collection of State test scores, CRLES and work samples in:

  • Math

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Science

Note: Must have passing scores on OAKS tests or equivalent in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.

My four year plan

My Four Year Plan

Each student is required to have a four year plan.

  • Created in Bridges classes (using the CIS portfolio).

  • Reviewed and updated in Health 10, Health 12 and with your counselor.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to keep the portfolio updated as a requirement of graduation.

General university requirements

General University Requirements

A minimum grade of “C” in core courses

  • 4 years of English

  • 3 years of Mathematics - (Algebra 2 or higher)

  • 3 years of Science

  • 3 years of Social Studies

  • 2 years of the same World Language

  • 16 academic credits in core subject areas

  • .5 credit in a Visual/Performing Fine Arts class is recommended

Additional college requirements

Additional College Requirements

Minimum grade point averages for admission:

  • 3.0 for U of O (automatic admission with a 3.40)

  • 3.00 for OSU, EOU, PSU and OIT

  • 2.75 for WOU and SOU

Universities also require ACT/SAT test scores.

The tests now include a 30 minute writing section.

College career center

College & Career Center

See Kendra Maddox for information about college, job opportunities, apprenticeships, careers, and scholarships.

503 674-5555

International baccalaureate ib

International Baccalaureate(IB)

IB is the most advanced course of study offered at GHS in six different subject areas during junior and senior year.

IB Program Options:

  • Earn a full IB diploma (Should take pre-IB

    classes in 9th and 10th Grades)

  • Earn individual subject area certificates

  • Take an individual class

    Questions? See Ms. Gray or your counselor.

Special note regarding ib

Special note regarding IB:

If you are planning to be a full diploma IB student, Honors and advanced courses should be taken.

Full IB students also need 4 years of World Language.

If questions, see your counselor.

Center for advanced learning cal

Center for Advanced Learning--CAL

CAL offers advanced courses in 5 technology-based fields for juniors and seniors:

  • Digital Media (Graphic Design & Video)

  • Programming & Networking

  • Medical/Dental

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

A c e academy

A.C. E. Academy

ACE stands for Architecture,

Construction and Engineering.

  • Students apply and are accepted based on grades & interests.

  • Students attend junior and senior years



Make up credits through counselors

pre-approved courses:

SUN Program/Night School/Online School/Summer School

See your counselor for more information


  • One period per semester

  • Requires teacher’s signature

  • Cannot aide during teacher’s prep time

Forecast process

Forecast Process

  • Receive forecast sheet from teacher

  • Fill in personal information, counselor, and due date

  • Select required classes

  • Select electives and alternate choices

  • Get signatures as needed

  • Return to teacher by due date.

  • Input classes online.

Forecasting sheet page two electives

Forecasting Sheet – Page TwoElectives

Mark choices with an “X”

Select a minimum of 3 alternates

Mark with an “A”

Note: You may get an alternate. Choose carefully.

Get signatures if course has asterisk (*)



  • A – B and ELL: Armando Gonzales

  • C – Go: Laura Blaser

  • Gr– Ma: Scott Lipner

  • Mc – Sa: Susan Fields

  • Sc – Z: Re’nice Siefer

Forecast sheet front side

Forecast Sheet – Front Side

After you have completed the personal data section,

  • Mark core course selections with an “X”

  • Mark alternates with A1, A2, and A3 in order of preference.

  • Choose classes for English, Math, Science and Social Studies (grade 10).

  • Freshmen-Add Health

  • Sophomores- Add PE

  • Get signatures of teachers as indicated.

  • Include parent/guardian signature



Step 1. Choose your class, with teacher’s help.

  • Freshmen choose Honors or English 3-4.

  • Sophomores choose IB Honors or Junior English.

    Step 2. If you choose Honors, you must have English teacher’s signature.

Gresham high school


  • Choice of class requires teacher’s signature.

  • If you fail either semester, you must discuss with math teacher. You need a plan to catch up.

  • Math Labs (with teacher approval) are offered in Algebra I and Geometry.

Math sequence

Check the Course Planning Guide to ensure the right choice of class.

Math Sequence

Social studies

For freshmen:

Most sophomores take U. S. History.

Pre-IB students must take both Honors

Government and Honors Economics.

For sophomores:

Most juniors take Government and Economics.

Students may take IB History of the Americas, if they took Govt & Econ as sophomores.

Social Studies



All sophomores are required to take one semester of Health.

(You will take another semester your senior year.)

Physical education

Physical Education

All juniors are required to take a semester of Junior P.E.

This does not include elective classes such as Weight Training, Lifetime Activities and Team Sports.



The choices for sophomore science:

Applied Biology, Biology, Chemistry.

The choices for junior science:

Chemistry, Zoology, Physics, Botany, Earth Science, and IB courses.

Your teacher must approve your choice.



How many electives to take?


3.0 credits


2.5 credits



  • Talk with parents, teachers and counselor before choosing your classes.

  • Choose very carefully. Schedule changes are almost impossible.

  • IB level courses will not be changed.

People to know

People to Know!

  • Your counselor

  • Kendra Maddox, College and Career Center and Scholarships

  • Barbara Cooke, Academic Portfolio/CRLE

  • Carol Sweere, Registrar (transcripts)

  • Pat Gray, IB Coordinator

If you need help

If you need help:

Your counselor is happy to see you!

  • Breaks

  • Before/after school

  • Lunch

  • Appointments

What s next

What’s next?

  • Complete forecast sheet with choices & signatures.

  • Turn in form to teacher by due date.

  • You will input your choices into the computer in about a next week.

  • Be sure your computer choices are all marked on the forecast sheet. These MUST match.

Your counselor looks forward to meeting with you

Your counselor looks forward to meeting with you!

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