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The necklace. By: Guy de Maupassant. Main Characters. Mathilde is a poor, charming women who is discontent with her life. M. Louisel is a clerk and is married to Mathilde . Mme. Forestier is a friend of Mathilde . Setting. The setting for the story is Paris, France.

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The necklace

The necklace

By: Guy de Maupassant

Main characters
Main Characters

  • Mathilde is a poor, charming women who is discontent with her life.

  • M. Louisel is a clerk and is married to Mathilde.

  • Mme. Forestier is a friend of Mathilde.


  • The setting for the story is Paris, France.

  • The time is the second half of the 19th century.

  • Seine River, at the ball, in their house

The plot
The Plot

  • Mathilde gets a necklace from Mme.Forestier for a ball she was going to attend.

  • Mathilde loses the necklace.

  • Mathilde works for ten years to buy a


  • Mme.Forestier tells her that it was a

    fake necklace, and it only cost 500 francs,

    not 40,000.


  • Man vs. Man:

  • The Loisels work 10 years to make money to pay their debts.

  • Man vs. Self:

  • Mathilde wishes she had more money.

  • Man vs. Nature: Nature makes

    Mathilde look older than she is.


  • The theme is “One shouldn’t keep their problems to themselves.”

  • Examples are:

  • “Two large tears slowly rolled from the corners of her eyes…” –page 29

  • “We’ll have to write your friend…” –page 32

  • “Mme. Forestier stopped short…” –page 34

Point of view
Point of View

  • The story is written in third person point of view of the author.

Guy de Maupassant


  • Mithilde is nervous when she loses the necklace.

  • Mithilde is happy when she gets the necklace.

  • Mathilde is sad when she did not have a dress to wear.

Figurative language plot devices
Figurative Language/Plot Devices

  • Simile- “Clad like a peasant woman.” pg. 33

  • Irony- “Oh my poor Mathilde. But mine was only paste.” pg.34

  • Exposition- First eight paragraphs of the story.


The Necklace




Loan Sharks

Our opinion
Our Opinion

  • The author is cruel to his characters

  • A somewhat depressing story

  • The story had good principles

  • The plot was dull

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