Air Traffic Services
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Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace (ATSOCAS) PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace (ATSOCAS). ATSOCAS Review. Initiated due to concerns raised by AAIB, UKAB, CAA and attendees at CAA Safety Evenings 5 Phases of work 1 – Establish situation and devise work plan 2 – Consult with airspace users and providers - 2005

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Air Traffic Services Outside Controlled Airspace (ATSOCAS)

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Air Traffic Services

Outside Controlled Airspace



  • Initiated due to concerns raised by AAIB, UKAB, CAA and attendees at CAA Safety Evenings

  • 5 Phases of work

    • 1 – Establish situation and devise work plan

    • 2 – Consult with airspace users and providers - 2005

    • 3 – Devise and test new procedures; draft new regulations - 2007

    • 4 – Consultation and policy document production – 2007/08

    • 5 – Review – post implementation - 2009

  • Single ATSOCAS policy document for all pilots/ATCO/FISO (civilian and military) – CAP774

    • All providers and users agreed on services to be provided, responsibilities and duty of care principles


  • Industry involvement throughout in addition to formal public consultation (Sep – Dec 07)

  • 12 March 2009 – revised services to be introduced

  • This is not just a renaming of the services, but a complete revision will come into effect

  • Has resulted in a single set of agreed services for both pilots and controllers

    It is vital that all pilots have a detailed understanding of the revised procedures and how to use them

Airspace & Safety Initiative

  • ATSOCAS under leadership of Airspace and Safety Initiative (ASI) post Phase 2

  • ASI launched in 2005

    • Joint CAA/NATS/MoD/AoA with input from multiple GA/CAT organisations

    • Aim to identify key areas for action to address most pressing safety issues: ATSOCAS / Infringements / Rates of Climb & Descent etc

    • Programme benchmarked risks and identified actions necessary to address issues

    • Pulled together number of existing work streams in an effective manner. Working Group structure to do the detailed work

  • Industry fully involved through Working Group membership

Steering Group

Air Traffic



ASI Structure

Oversight Group

ASI Communication


Education Programme




Air Transport



Steering Group

Co-ordination Group

Actions Post Consultation

  • Since Jan 2008 - ATSOCAS Procedures Working Group refined procedures

    • Simplified, Clearer, Less duplication

    • Addressed concerns and comments made in consultation responses as far as possible whilst meeting Statement of User Requirement

  • Radiotelephony phraseology fully reviewed and agreed

  • Interactive CD

    • Further developed

    • Mailed to all Commercial pilots during June/July

Why Should I Be Concerned?

  • Some of the airports outside CAS:

    • Blackpool, Newquay, Plymouth, Exeter, Farnborough, Gloucestershire, Humberside, Inverness, Southend, Manston, Norwich, Oxford, Plymouth

  • Some of the airports partially linked to CAS:

    • Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Bristol Filton, Coventry, Doncaster, Durham, Newcastle

  • Routings outside CAS:

    • Class F Advisory Routes

    • Direct routings

    • Dropping from an upper air route where no CAS exists below FL195

  • Which routes do you fly that are outside CAS?

Next Steps

  • CAP774 was published June 2008

  • FODCOM 25/2008 notified of the CAP publication and CD

    • Follow up FODCOM being produced

  • Air Traffic Service Providers are currently training their personnel

  • Now is the time to ensure your pilots are adequately trained and can safely use the revised services on 12 March 2009

The New Services and Procedures – An Overview

  • The suite of services consist of:

    • Basic Service

    • Traffic Service

    • Deconfliction Service

    • Procedural Service

  • Collectively form the ‘UK Flight Information Services (UK FIS)’

  • 12 March 2009 - the only ATS provided in Class F/G airspace within the UK FIRs

  • Change from ‘separation’ to ‘deconfliction advice’

  • Duty of care

  • Service provision issues

  • Aim is for standardised provision by all UK ATS providers

Educational CD

  • Created by cross industry ASI group

  • Mailed to all pilots home address

  • Available on ASI website

  • Additional copies available free of charge on request from CAA

Educational CD


  • A standardised set of ATSOCAS procedures for all pilots and controllers

  • Defined responsibilities

  • Agreed duty of care principles

  • A basis for enhanced standardisation of ATS provision by all providers

    Success relies on all ATS providers and airspace users being appropriately trained and aware of the new services

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