ingredients for success
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Ingredients for Success

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Ingredients for Success. Positive Attitude Personal Attire & Dress for Success. Exhibit good personal hygiene Taking care of your Health. Communication Skills. Tone of voice – Name some emotions?? Nonverbal – eye contact, body language, facial expressions

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Positive Attitude
  • Personal Attire & Dress for Success
Exhibit good personal hygiene
  • Taking care of your Health
communication skills
Communication Skills
  • Tone of voice – Name some emotions??
  • Nonverbal– eye contact, body language, facial expressions

Show me an example of + body language

Show me an example of – body language

  • Word choice – Slang words or proper words??

Communication Barriers

Emotional Barriers:

Do you have a connection to the topic of conversation?

Physical Barriers: office doors, working areas, personal space. How can cubicles be a barrier?

Language Barriers: Do they understand your language or are they learning it?

If you don’t share the same language, use signs.

Gender Barriers:

= 22,000 words

= 7, 000 words



The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Reliable Communicates

Participant Cooperates

Flexible Problem-solver

Respectful Supportive



Are you a Chiefor an Indian?

Do you sit around and wait for others to act?


Do you go and get what you want?

what qualities does a leader possess
What qualities does a Leader possess?
  • Speak clearly
  • Set goals
  • Considerate of opinions
  • Accountable
  • Cooperative
  • Thoughtful
  • Sincerity and Integrity

Businesses look for people who aren’t afraid to take action or try something new

  • Time Management: If you are right on time, you are already LATE.
  • Be Prepared: Bring materials for the conference, meeting, or interview.

Name a few materials you might bring.

  • Own up to mistakes. It takes a bigger person to admit when they are wrong.
  • before you speak to collect thoughts.
  • It’s better to speak and composed.
  • After an interview, send a note to the employer for their time.
  • Make sure your body language conveys the

same message your words are giving.

are u going to or
Are U going to or??

Steps to Problem Solving

  • Identify problem
  • Develop a plan
  • Take action with the plan
  • Evaluate & Reflect upon the action taken
Some people say that I am lucky…

I’m not lucky, I just make things happen by taking action.

If you want it bad enough, you can get it through perseverance.