The mystery of doritos locos tacos
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The mystery of Doritos Locos Tacos PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The mystery of Doritos Locos Tacos. Mystery #1 – why were Doritos Tacos Locos the most financially successful food product ever launched?. Let’s see what The New York Times had to say about its success:. Dynamic contrast Mouth feel – half the calories are from…

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The mystery of Doritos Locos Tacos

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The mystery of Doritos Locos Tacos

Mystery #1 – why were Doritos Tacos Locos the most financially successful food product ever launched?

Let’s see what The New York Times had to say about its success:

  • Dynamic contrast

  • Mouth feel – half the calories are from…

  • Lactic and citric acids stimulate production of…

  • Memories of pleasurable flavors are stimulated, but there’s no single flavor overload, so there’s no sensory specific satiety



Let’s get even more basic…when your brain is hungry, what does it want you to eat?

GLUCOSE!! (from sugary and starchy plants)…..why?

Glucose is the fuel that runs your brain and your body.

FAT!! (from oily plants and fatty animals)…..why?

Fat is a great secondary source of energy as well and is an essential component of your organs, too.

SODIUM (from plants and animals)….why?

SODIUM (in salt) is an essential mineral that controls nerve signals and muscle movement.

COLORFUL PHYTOCHEMICALS (from colorful plants!)….why?

Phytochemicals keep your cells running smoothly and your body healthy.

And our brains are wired to crave glucose, fat, salt, and color!!

And we won’t stop the hunt for food until we get…

Until fairly recently, food was pretty hard to come by.

And it still is for many today.

For your brain to be satisfied, sometimes the work can be hard…

…or it can be relatively easy

And our brains are still wired to assume that glucose, fat, color and salt are hard to come by.

It’s as if we are still living in paleolithic times!!

And how many Calories do you have to burn to get the 200 Calories from one of these?

Remember our brains are programmed to crave glucose and color, among other things…

So it can be a tough choice between


And we’re programmed to also crave fat and salt

So is it any wonder that food manufacturers give us

So Do Doritos Locos Tacos satisfy your brain?

So Do Doritos Locos Tacos satisfy your brain?

So they’ve figured out how to appeal to your reward pathway…but is this a nutritious meal or not?

Mystery #2 – if Dorito’s Tacos Locos are what our brain craves, then why does ‘fast food” like that have a reputation as being “unhealthy”? Shouldn’t our brain crave what we need to stay alive and healthy?

We’ve often been told that this…

is “better for us” than this

But WHY is that? Is it really?

Let’s check out and see what they say.

  • Go to and figure out how to get the nutrition information for foods from Taco Bell (or any of your favorite fast foods)

  • Figure out how the website determines if something is nutritious or not.

  • Find some items that the website deems more nutritious than fast food.

And why is this

Usually so much more expensive than this?

Mystery # 3

Why do so many citizens of a wealthy country like the US still struggle with getting adequate nutrition?

Which is cheaper…?

…and why is that???

Processed food is cheap

Nutritious food is more expensive

So what does that mean if you don’t have much money?

Supermarket chains tend to not locate in low-income areas

Corner Store

Row houses, some abandoned

Corner store, abandoned

Abandoned corner store and abandoned row houses

There’s a term for places with little access to nutritious food:

So what is a “food swamp”?

“food deserts”

A Food Swamp

Food Desert Locator

And why does this matter?Here’s one example:

Interpret the information found on this webpage.

What is it telling us?

What seems to be the relationship between diet, obesityand diabetes?

Figure out how to show Maryland’s relationship to other states.

The food industry knows how your brain is wired and they know how to get their products to appeal to you.THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH OR WELL-BEING!!!They care about making


You have a choice of three projects at the end of this unit to help solve the problems we’ve just seen.

Create a nutritious dish that people will really want to eat.


Develop a meaningful solution to the Food Desert/Food Swamp crisis in Baltimore City.


Redesign the Nutrition Facts label to truly educate consumers.

So Good nutrition is about…

What we eat …

And when and how…

And how much...

And how food is prepared…

And awareness of how our brains are being manipulated…

The next few weeks are about a truth…that will change your lives.

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