rtf small rural subcommittee schools lighting ues discussion
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RTF Small / Rural Subcommittee Schools Lighting UES Discussion

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RTF Small / Rural Subcommittee Schools Lighting UES Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RTF Small / Rural Subcommittee Schools Lighting UES Discussion. Wednesday, April 30 1pm – 2:30pm. Introductions [1:00 – 1:10pm] Today’s Objectives [1:10 – 1:15pm] Background [1:15 – 1:25pm] Should we continue measure development? [1:25 – 1:35pm ]

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Presentation Transcript
rtf small rural subcommittee schools lighting ues discussion

RTF Small / Rural SubcommitteeSchools Lighting UES Discussion

Wednesday, April 30

1pm – 2:30pm


Introductions [1:00 – 1:10pm]

Today’s Objectives [1:10 – 1:15pm]

Background [1:15 – 1:25pm]

Should we continue measure development? [1:25 – 1:35pm]

Hours of Use [1:35 – 1:55pm]

Number of Measures [1:55 – 2:20pm]

Additional Discussion [2:20 – 2:30pm]

today s objectives

Gauge Subcommittee interest in continuing with the development of Schools UES measures

  • Discuss staff proposal to collect and analyze data from the 2005 RLW Schools Lighting study of CT and MA.
  • Discuss the number of measures
    • Currently large (465 measures)
    • Ideas for collapsing measure identifiers
    • Ideas for narrowing the scope
Today’s Objectives

2012: S/R Subcommittee identified schools as a common building type with distinct structural and operational characteristics in their territories

  • 2012: S/R Subcommittee contracted PECI to scope savings potential in schools
    • Interior lighting identified as the largest regional potential (~2 to 3 aMW)
    • Other measures with large potential
      • Weatherization (S/R sponsored, RTF approved Schools Wx in March 2014)
      • Exterior lighting (S/R sponsored an Area Lights measure approved by RTF in February 2014)
      • Programmable thermostats, demand controlled ventilation
    • Link to final presentation

2013: S/R Subcommittee contracted SBW to develop Schools Lighting UES measures

  • 2014: SBW conducts analysis
    • BPA C&I Lighting Program data for measure prevalence in schools
    • BPA Lighting Calculator v3.1 for equipment performance data
    • Original cost research
    • Hours of use
      • Logged data provided by PacifiCorp – inconclusive
      • Review of RLW 2005 metered study of schools in CT and MA
  • Presentation to S/R Subcommittee on March 5, 2014
    • Presentation and Analysis
    • Outstanding issues:
      • Large number of measures (465)
      • Hours-of-use require further analysis
should we continue developing this measure

BPA has expressed concerns

    • BPA has a Lighting Calculator and field services for S/R utilities that covers a broader scope of measures
    • HOU data may not be an appropriate match for NW schools
    • 465 measures is too many
      • to maintain administratively
      • to handle for programs – they would need a calculator

Would the S/R Subcommittee like to continue developing the Schools Lighting UES measures?

Should we continue developing this measure?
hours of use hou

RLW study is the best data available

    • ~60 schools, metered by room type
    • both on/off and occupancy meters
    • Details regarding school characteristics and calendar also collected
  • SBW and RTF Staff have questions about the derivation of values in the report
    • Spoke with author and received permission from funders to release data to RTF
    • Would cost ~$5K to scrub data and compile in a useful format for RTF analysis
  • The RTF has a precedence of using UES hours of use estimates from other regions when regional data is not available
    • e.g., Res Lighting Lamps uses CA usage data, with no adjustments
  • Staff would like to get green-light from RTF on reliability of data before spending money and time to continue with this project
Hours of Use (HOU)
staff proposal for hou

Get the RTF’s approval of data reliability (May 13 meeting) to proceed before spending more resources

  • Contract DNV/GL (formerly RLW) to provide the data from their study ($5K)
  • Extend SBW Contract to
    • develop estimates of NW schools characteristics
      • Prevalence of 4-day school weeks
      • # of school days per year
      • Use of buildings in summer
    • adjust CT/MA HOU to NW schools characteristics

Would the S/R Subcommittee like to spend

  • $5,000 from our 2014 budget to contract DNV/GL to provide the data from their 2005 study; and
  • $5,000 to $10,000 to extend SBW’s contract to complete the HOU adjustment?
Staff proposal for HOU
number of measures

465 measures proposed by SBW

    • 216: 8’ T12 and T8 baseline
    • 72: 4’ T12 and T8 baseline
    • 24: High-bay conversion to T8
    • 5: High-bay conversion to T5
    • 66: CFL and LED screw-in
    • 31: Occupancy sensor
    • 48: De-lamping
  • RTF Staff estimate that the measure set could be collapsed to ~100 measures by using coarser grouping
  • The scope of the measures could be reduced to further reduce the number of measures

[review analysis workbook to see categorization options]

How would the S/R Subcommittee like to address the large number of measures?

Number of Measures