second generation education
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Second generation education

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Second generation education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Second generation education. Moscow, Easter 2013. Where are we at?. What did we expect/hope for when we joined? True love through the Blessing Meaningful life Good lineage What is our reality? Mixture of happy and unhappy marriages Many leave or disillusioned 2G too

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second generation education

Second generation education

Moscow, Easter 2013

where are we at
Where are we at?
  • What did we expect/hope for when we joined?
    • True love through the Blessing
    • Meaningful life
    • Good lineage
  • What is our reality?
    • Mixture of happy and unhappy marriages
    • Many leave or disillusioned
    • 2G too
  • Why is it like this?
    • Matchings, poor marriage guidance and support
    • Misunderstanding and misapplication of the Principle
    • Lack of support and education of 2G in family and church
what is to be done
What is to be done?
  • Better marriage preparation and support
    • Where from?
  • Proper understanding and application of the Principle
    • Where from?
  • Good 2G education
    • Spiritual and moral education
    • Community of faith
why do we call them the 2g
Why do we call them the 2G?
  • Change of lineage
  • What does this mean?
what is lineage
What is lineage?


Our identity is sociallyconstructed by relationships

Most significant relationshipsare familial

To reveal ourselves is to tell our story, where we come from

Our identity comes fromour lineage






what should be our lineage


What should be our lineage?

God is Love




God’s love should be fully expressed through Four Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships

God’s love would cascade

through generations



True Love


of God


“God is my father”

“I can possess the love of God”

“I can inherit God’s kingdom”



Way of life: living for sake of others

Hospitality to strangers



what is fallen human lineage


What is fallen human lineage?

Identity: Confused

Way of life: mixture of good and bad, selfish and unselfish



Corrupt Love


Fallen nature

Fallen traditions



“People are deluded into believing that

the lineage of the enemy is the lifeline

upon which the world depends.” Father



an acquired identity
An acquired identity

What is the reason humankind has yet to escape from the snare of sin? It is because people are born inheriting the false lineage of Satan from the outset. However, this is not an innate, principle-based blood connection bestowed by Heaven. Rather it is an acquired relationship that exists in violation of the principle. It was brought about by human error.

True Father, Peace Messages


In other words, though human beings have been reduced to the position of orphans who have lost their parents through the Fall, the fundamental relationship of parent and child endowed by Heaven remains intact. Human beings, through the Fall, have become ignorant beings who live in a vegetative state, unable to recognize their own Father even though He is right there within and beside them.

Therefore, all human beings belong to the fallen lineage regardless of who they may be, and they must without exception be born again through the conversion of lineage. This is the only way to be restored into the originally-intended blood relationship bequeathed to us by God.

True Father, Peace Messages


You should have the following experience and realization. First, you should substantially feel, "I\'m born again and have received new life, and I\'m God\'s son or daughter who leads a new life through the love of True Parents." Second, "I\'m a qualified citizen of God\'s land." Third, when you look at the nation and world, you should feel God\'s mercy and think, "God handed down this world to me, so l as God\'s child have a right to possess this world."

True Father

Change of lineage is change of identity from “child of Satan” to child of God

what is most important
What is most important?
  • “Listen, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart; and you shall teach them diligently to your children, and you shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Love God and teach your children

two goals of 2g education
Two goals of 2G education
  • Establish their true identity as children of God
    • Develop original mind and conscience
    • Live in the Principle and see the world through the eyes of the Principle
    • Find their place in God’s providence
  • Establish a strong 2G community
    • Inclusive
    • Exciting, interesting, enjoyable, active
    • Best friends
    • Want to marry another 2G
how to do that
How to do that?
  • Starts in the family
    • Husband-wife loving relationship in daily life
    • Act of conception and growth in womb
    • 8 days ceremony
    • Daily life
    • Prayer, reading, playing
    • Relatives
  • Family is not enough
  • “It takes a village to raise a child.” African proverb
how to do that1
How to do that?
  • Starts in the family
  • Supported by the community
    • Creche
    • Sunday school
    • Activities
    • Birthday parties
    • Summer camps
  • Community is not enough
how to do that2
How to do that?
  • Starts in the family
  • Supported by the community
  • Supported by the country
    • Workshops
    • Educational curriculum
    • Blessing education
    • Advanced programs
  • Nation is not enough
how to do that3
How to do that?
  • Starts in the family
  • Supported by the community
  • Supported by the country
  • Supported on international level
    • STF, DONE, YSI
    • Advanced workshops and programs
    • Cheongpeong
    • GOP programme
    • Blessing preparation
overview of 2g in europe
Overview of 2G in Europe
  • 4193 Second Generation in Europe (2012)
    • 780 Germany
    • 700 United Kingdom
    • 470 Austria
    • 400 France
    • 240 Italy
    • 120 Czech Republic
    • Rest less than 100
second generation activities
Second generation activities
  • Sunday school, summer camps – varies a lot
  • HARP
    • Local, national, international workshops
  • DONE
    • Post high school education 3 months
  • STF
    • Post high school education, 10 months fundraising, witnessing, humanitarian projects
  • University chaplains in UK
  • Student service in London
european 2g blessings
European 2G Blessings
  • 600 individuals blessed
  • Still together
    • True Parents matching – 68%
    • Parent’s matching – 95%
    • Total 82%
  • Proportion over 18 blessed – about 30%
  • Twice a year blessing preparation workshop and parents convocation
  • Where do the 30% come from?
attendance at cp university students workshop 2012
Attendance at CP University Students Workshop 2012
  • USA 20
  • Germany 17
  • UK 12 (5 from my Sunday School)
  • France 5
  • Sweden 3
  • Austria 3
  • Norway 2
  • Spain 1
  • Ireland 1
  • Monaco 1
  • Italy 1
  • Bulgaria 1
  • Total on workshop 80
sunday school in north london
Sunday school in North London
  • 25 years Sunday School
  • 5 age groups
    • Creche
    • Pebbles
    • Stones
    • Rocks
    • Junior HARP
    • Senior HARP
  • HARP service
    • Local and London-wide
  • Annual Summer Camp for children
  • Curriculum for younger children
  • 3 year curriculum - 6-15 years
    • 150 lessons
    • Old Testament, New Testament, Completed Testament
  • Repeat 3 year cycle
  • Bible stories and learning from them
  • Age appropriate materials
  • Testimonies from older 2G
why the bible
Why the Bible?
  • Identity is constructed as a narrative
  • We conceptualise ourselves and reveal an explain ourselves in terms of stories
  • We want to find ourselves in the story of God’s providence
  • That story is contained in the Bible
  • It is important for the stories to be told correctly
initiation into the providence
Initiation into the providence
  • “What we should stress from now on in the field of education is tradition, education and practice. You must know the tradition. You must respect our tradition. You must educate focusing on the tradition.” (TF 1991)
  • “Practice enables the tradition to extend itself. What is the extension of tradition? Not me as a person. But in the tradition, you can find God’s providence of restoration and providence of salvation. You should clearly understand this. You should educate people about it clearly.” (TF 1992)
the providence is biblical
The providence is Biblical
  • “The tradition is God and True Parents tradition. We must educate people with the tradition of True Parents. If people go through their education correctly, then they will reach the God of providential history.” (TF 1992)
  • “People can never find the path that leads to life without understanding the particulars of the providence of restoration. Herein lies the reason why we must study the Principle of Restoration in detail.” (D.P. 187)

If you know who you are you will know how to live

  • If you know your place in God’s providence you will know what to do with your life
  • 90% of North London 2G still involved with church
    • About 1/4 go to STF
  • About 1/4 attend Cheongpeong 40 days summer workshop
    • 8% of second generation at Cheongpeong in 2011 came from North London
  • Most get blessed
sunday school in sweden
Sunday school in Sweden
  • 67 second generation aged 4 to 29 years old. 
  • 64 are members
  • 24 have been on STF or similar programmes (36%)
  • 14 are blessed. (One is probably broken) All the rest seem happy
  • 26 went to GOP in Korea for one year
  • Many attend Cheongpeong 40 days workshop
  • 2G teach Sunday School
tim atkinson
Tim Atkinson
  • Primary school teacher for 30 years
  • Teaching Sunday School for 20 years
  • Trained second generation to teach
  • Produced best developed curriculum
    • Sunday school manual
    • 7 courses
    • 270 lessons
    • Lesson plans
    • Activities
    • Worksheets
    • Games

Ages 3 – 5 years old

    • My Book of God - 91 lessons
    • Old Testament stories - 27 lessons
  • Ages 6- 8 years old
  • New Testament – 34 lessons
  • My Journey in Life - 32 lessons
  • Ages 9-11 years old
    • True Parents’ Lives & the Early Church - 41 lessons
    • The Principle Main Points - 50 lessons
  • Age 12 years old
  • Twenty-one Virtues
sunday school schedule 2 hours
Sunday school schedule (2 hours)
  • Half bow to God and TP. Teachers and children bow to each other
  • Songs
  • Donation
  • Register
  • Greet each other
  • Short message
  • Games
  • 45 minute lesson
  • Snacks
child centred religion
Child-centred religion
  • “Listen, my people, to my teaching, and pay attention to what I say. I am going to use wise sayings and explain mysteries from the past, things we have heard and known, things that our ancestors told us. We will not keep them from our children; we will tell the next generation about the Lord’s power and his great deeds and the wonderful things he has done. He gave laws to the people of Israel and commandments to the descendants of Jacob. He instructed our ancestors to teach his laws to their children, so that the next generation might learn them and in turn tell their children. In this way they also would put their trust in God and not forget what he has done, but always follow his commandments.” Psalm 78:1-7
don t forget
Don’t forget
  • Families have children
  • No Sunday school
    • Families won’t come to church
    • Families won’t join church
    • Church will disappear
  • If you don’t invest in your future you won’t have one