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IPACG 31 Tokyo, Japan 05-09 October, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Federal Aviation Administration ADS-B In-Trail Procedure (ITP) WP/08. IPACG 31 Tokyo, Japan 05-09 October, 2009. ADS-B In-Trail Procedures (ITP).

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Aviation Administration

ADS-B In-Trail Procedure (ITP)



Tokyo, Japan

05-09 October, 2009

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ADS-B In-Trail Procedures (ITP)

  • US SBS Program Office developing airborne ADS-B applications expected to provide benefits to operators who equip their aircraft with appropriate avionics

  • One such airborne ADS-B application being developed is ADS-B ITP

  • ADS-B ITP will enable flight level changes for aircraft equipped with ADS-B receivers and on-board automation

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  • Maneuvering aircraft obtains flight ID, altitude, position and ground speed transmitted by proximate ADS-B equipped non-maneuvering aircraft

  • Based on ADS-B data from the non-maneuvering aircraft, a pilot can make an ITP altitude change request to ATC

  • Controller verifies the ITP and reference aircraft are same track and maximum closing Mach differential not exceeded

  • Clearance for the climb or descent issued

  • Maneuvering aircraft may then vertically transition through the altitude of non-maneuvering aircraft

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ADS-B ITP Operational Trial

  • FAA has recently entered into an agreement with United Airlines for an operational trial of ADS-B ITP in the South Pacific on revenue flights

  • Equipped United Airlines 747-400’s operating between the US West Coast and Australia and on return flights

  • Planned that between one third and one half of the 747’s operating on the route will be equipped and authorized to request an ITP maneuver

  • Initial expectations are between one and two ITP procedures performed per week of operations

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ADS-B ITP Operational Trial

  • Designated data collection activity for both United Airlines and Oakland ARTCC

    • Determine how often procedure is requested, how often it is cleared, and for the times it is denied, what are reasons for denial

    • Validate air traffic controllers applying ADS-B ITP find it a useful tool, with minimal impact on workload

    • Determine significance and value of increased situational awareness for flight crew

    • Validate impact on contingency fuel loading by dispatch and flight crews when they are aware that aircraft will be ITP capable

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ADS-B ITP Operational Trial

  • Adopted as an initiative within the ASPIRE program

  • Establishes a cooperative agreement between the FAA and Airservices Australia which will allow the two organizations to share data and provide a mechanism for providing mutual support of the operational trial

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ADS-B ITP Operational Trial

  • FAA desires to lead operational trial of ADS-B ITP along SOPAC routes within next 18 months

  • Other required work includes

    • Performing all required safety management system (SMS) processes and analyses

    • Obtaining FAA aircraft certification and flight standards approvals

    • Working with international community on development and approval of applicable separation standards and obtaining regional authorization for application