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Search Plus Your World (SPYW). Jan 10 th 2012 Google rolled out SPYW their most radical transformation ever. Personal, Private, Public & Social search are now Combined. Google’s Next Generation Search.

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Search plus your world spyw
Search Plus Your World (SPYW)

  • Jan 10th 2012 Google rolled out SPYW their most radical transformation ever.

  • Personal, Private, Public & Social search are now Combined

Google s next generation search
Google’s Next Generation Search

  • Larry Page on Google’s integration of Google+ into the next generation of searchInvestor Relations blog

  • “Today, most search results are generic, so two strangers sitting next to each other in a café will get very similar answers. Yet everyone’s life experiences are unique.”

  • “Google+ helps solve this problem for us because it enables Google to understand people and their connections.”

  • “This kind of next-generation search in which Google understands real-world entities—things, not strings—will help improve our results in exciting new ways. It’s about building genuine knowledge into our search engine.”

  • The message is clear, Google is betting the farm on Google+ and you better too (unless of course you’re just interested in ranking well in Google).

New spyw web results include
New SPYW Web Results Include:

  • Personal Results

    • Photos and posts (your ‘s and those shared with you).

    • Only you & those you share with can see your privatecontent

  • Profiles

    • Both in autocomplete and search results, you’ll find people you’re close to or might be interested in following

  • People and Pages on Google+

    • People profiles and Google+ pages related to a specific topic

Personal results
Personal Results

  • Personal Result for “Chikoo” (a fruit) provided by Google’s Amit Singhal, who oversees Google’s ranking algorithm

People pages on google
People & Pages On Google+

  • Even with Personalization turned off Google+ results returns People and Pages

  • No Facebook or Twitter Offered

Speculating on the future
Speculating on the Future

  • Unless prevented by antitrust violations SPYW and Google+ looks likes it’s here to stay

  • Potential to make Google+ the communications backbone between 100+ disparate Google applications including:

    • Google Places

    • Google Docs

    • Google Checkout

    • Android mobile platform

    • YouTube

    • Google Analytics

  • Again from Larry Page Investor Relations blog “Google+ makes sharing super easy by creating a social layer across all our products so users connect with the people who matter to them.”

What are businesses doing
What are Businesses Doing?

  • They’re nervous about the way Google has shoved Google+ into the SERP’s because search is how people find products online

  • The thought leaders and SEO pundits are recommending that businesses jump in now

  • Many are jumping on board Google+ with a great sense of urgency!

  • Next slide from and Fishkin at SEOmoz


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