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Living Systems PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Living Systems. Chapter Two: Living Things. 2.1 Is it Alive? 2.2 What is a Living System?. Investigation 2A. Plant Growth. What conditions are ideal for the growth of clover plants?. 2.1 Is it alive?. An organism is an individual form of life.

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Living Systems

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Living Systems

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Chapter Two: Living Things

  • 2.1 Is it Alive?

  • 2.2 What is a Living System?

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Investigation 2A

Plant Growth

  • What conditions are ideal for the growth of clover plants?

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2.1 Is it alive?

  • An organismis an individual form of life.

  • Biologists often use five basic rules to classify something as living or nonliving.

Yeast is a living organism.

Each tiny sphere is an individual living thing.

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Characteristics of Living Things

  • All living things respond to a stimulus. The sunlight is a stimulus and the frog’s choice to sun himself is called a response.

  • All living things take materials from their surroundings such as food, water, and gases and use these materials to get energy.

  • Growth refers to an increase in mass and to an increase in number of cells.

  • The process of making more of the same kind of organism is called reproduction.

  • A cell is the smallest unit of a living thing.

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2.1 Is it alive?

  • This is a barnacle.

  • Read about the five characteristics of life on page 29.

  • Then decide whether it is alive.

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2.1 Is it alive?

  • Barnacles respondto their environment by closing their shells at low tide, and opening them at high tide.

  • Barnacles growand develop. They begin life as free-swimming creatures. Once they find a good spot, they “glue” themselves to a rock and form a shell.

  • Barnacles reproduce. After fertilization from a male barnacle, females hold the eggs in their shells until they hatch.

  • By waving their legs, barnacles capture food. They use energyfrom the food to move their legs, open and close their shells, and carry out all life processes.

  • If you examined the legs of a barnacle with a microscope you would see that they are made of individual cells.

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2.1 Types of energy

  • Energyis sometimes defined as the ability to cause change or do work.

  • There are many forms of energy.

  • Any form can be converted into any other form.

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