Enrollment management 101 a primer for hs counselors
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Enrollment Management 101 - A Primer for HS Counselors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Enrollment Management 101 - A Primer for HS Counselors. WACAC 2014. EM: Some Definitions.

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Em some definitions
EM: Some Definitions

  • “Enrollment Management is a process that brings together often disparate functions having to do with recruiting, funding, tracking, retaining, and replacing students as they move toward, within and away from the University.”

    - Boston College’s Bridge Magazine

    - Jack Maguire, 1976

Em some definitions1
EM: Some Definitions

  • EM is a complex set of concepts and processes that enables fulfillment of institutional mission and students’ educational goals by:

    • Establishing clear goals for the number and types of students

    • Promoting academic success by improving student access, transition, persistence, and graduation

    • Determining, achieving, and maintaining optimum enrollment

    • Generating added net revenue

    • Enabling effective financial planning

    • Creating a data-rich environment to inform decisions and evaluate strategies

      • Bob Bontrager, College & University Journal, Winter 2004

Evolution of sem 1980 s
Evolution of SEM: 1980’s

  • Emerged in response to declining demographics

  • Research & theories about why students leave or stay (retention)

  • Greater sensitivity to marketing higher education

Evolution of sem 1990 s
Evolution of SEM: 1990’s

  • Emphasis on integrating financial aid, pricing and net revenue planning

  • Explosion of information technology

  • Increased competition, rankings, and a more “consumer-oriented” marketplace

Evolution of sem today
Evolution of SEM: Today

  • Increased accountability – public scrutiny and legal challenges

  • Constrained resources

  • Economic Uncertainty

Enrollment management planning
Enrollment Management Planning

Institutional Priorities

Enrollment Objectives

Recruitment Strategies

Financial Aid Strategies

Selection Strategies

Institutional priorities
Institutional Priorities

  • Strategic Plans

    • Who Universities think they are

    • What they want to become

    • Long range vision, often driven by Trustees, Presidents, Legislatures

    • Often characterized by market research, extensive data collection, budget realities, leadership changes

Enrollment objectives
Enrollment Objectives

  • Help “interpret” the lofty goals and objectives of the strategic plan

  • Provide an institution with measurable outcomes

  • Usually look 3 – 5 years ahead – aspirational in nature

  • Include benchmarks, environmental scanning, data and should be grounded in the institution’s mission

Enrollment management planning1
Enrollment Management Planning

Institutional Priorities

Enrollment Objectives

Recruitment Strategies

Financial Aid Strategies

Selection Strategies

University of la verne
University of La Verne

  • Private, Foothills of Southern California

  • 2,800 UG’s

  • 45 majors

  • 18 sports

  • Regional &


  • 9,000 + applications

  • 590 Freshman

University of la verne new leadership
University of La VerneNew Leadership

Devorah Lieberman, Ph.D.


Luis Faura

Chairman of the Board

University of san diego
University of San Diego

  • Private, Catholic University in San Diego

  • 5600 UG’s

  • 42 majors

  • All 50 states & 66 countries

  • 15,000+ applications

  • 1238 freshman class

Strategic goals meets enrollment planning
Strategic Goals Meets Enrollment Planning

  • The University will attract, retain, and support highly qualified, diverse students

    • We set goals for the academic profile of our entering students (gpa/SAT scores/rankings)

    • We set goals for the ethnic diversity of our class

  • The University will strengthen its global connections….

    • We set goals for the # of international students

  • The University will promote its Catholic character….

    • We set goals for the percentage of Catholic students

Recruitment strategies
Recruitment Strategies

  • Who do we search?

  • Where do we go?

  • Campus visitors and guests

    • Fly-in’s

Selection strategies
Selection Strategies

  • Academic

  • Diversity

  • Need blind

  • Geographic

  • Legacy

Financial strategies
Financial Strategies

  • Packaging for attendance

  • Offering too little or over award