bienvenue la classe de fran ais
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Bienvenue à la classe de français!

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Bienvenue à la classe de français! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bienvenue à la classe de français!. FSF 1D/FSF 2D Mlle Beaugrand. Course Information. You will use oral speaking, listening, reading and writing You will read short stories, write letters, dialogues and predictions

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bienvenue la classe de fran ais

Bienvenue à la classe de français!


Mlle Beaugrand

course information
Course Information
  • You will use oral speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • You will read short stories, write letters, dialogues and predictions
  • You will build your vocabulary on topics such as friends, travel, movies and your interests
  • You will work individually and in groups
  • Your final mark will be made of:
    • 70% from work during the semester (tests, quizzes, assignments, presentations etc)
    • 30% from the final examination (in-class test & written project)
course materials
Course Materials
  • The textbooks will be kept in class
  • Your cahier (workbook) will cost $5 – some of you have already paid. If not, please bring in $5 tomorrow.
  • Bring your binder & cahier to class EVERYDAY
  • There are dictionaries in class but it is recommended to get your own French-English dictionary to use at home
course info
Course Info
  • 70% of your final mark is based on course work throughout the semester (quizzes/tests, presentations, dialogues and projects).
    • All summative assessments assigned must be completed to be successful in this class
  • 30% of your final mark will be based on the final evaluation
    • in-class test
    • written project
    • oral component
attendance and punctuality
Attendance and Punctuality
  • You are expected to be in class, on time, everyday. You must arrive, ready to work when the bell rings
  • You must ask permission (en français) if you need to leave the classroom to use the washroom or for any other reason
  • You are responsible for making up all material missed (including tests) if you are absent. Look at the class website or ask a classmate before class
  • If you know you will miss a class, let me know before that class so you can be given work to complete
electronic devices
Electronic Devices
  • Under no circumstances are cell phones permitted in this classroom unless you have prior permission
    • the only exception to this rule is to use the Word Reference App – you MUST ASK before taking your phone out or I will confiscate it.
  • iPods and MP3 players may be used only during individual work time and must be turned off during lessons, presentations and tests
  • If I see any cell phone in class, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day
  • Continued presence of cell phones in class will result in increasingly severe consequences
class website
Class website
  • Today’s information, along with daily lessons, announcements and useful links will be posted on the class website
  • If you miss class, you are responsible for finding out what you missed by checking the website
  • http://beaugrandd/
class rules
Class Rules
  • Respect for the teacher
  • Respect for your classmates
  • Respect for the classroom
    • What does this look like? Brainstorm!
when respect is lost
When RESPECT is lost…
  • Together, let’s decide what appropriate actions can be taken when there is a lack of respect in the classroom
  • Behaviour Contract
how to be successful in french
How to be successful in French
  • Come to every class prepared – what does this mean?
      • Cahier, binder, pencil/pen, paper
      • Homework/assignments completed
      • Positive attitude!
  • Hand in assignments on time
  • Study for tests
  • Take good, organized notes in class
  • Come in for extra help if you are having trouble – don’t wait until it’s too late!
late policy french dep t
Late Policy – French Dep’t
  • Note: Online translators are NOT permitted for ANY assignments and will result in you re-doing the assignment
  • If an assignment is not submitted on time, the Continuous Communication Policy will be put in place
  • Consequences of not submitting assignments by the due date will get increasingly severe with each occurrence
  • You will be required to come in for lunch detention everyday until the assignment is submitted
  • Same goes for assignments submitted that are less than a Level 1
how will a split class affect me
How will a Split Class Affect Me?
  • Many oral communication activities will be done together at the beginning of each class
  • Most grammar concepts will be taught separately
  • This means, at times, I will be teaching the other students --- What if you have a question?
    • ask another student
    • look in your textbook/class notes
    • look in the dictionary
    • look for anchor charts on the walls
    • write it down and ask me when I am finished
get to know your classmates
Get to know your classmates
  • Find one student in the class that each statement in true for
  • Using the form EST-CE QUE TU…
  • When a student answers OUI, write their name on the line
  • If they say NON, then ask someone else!
  • You can only write each students’ name once