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UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists

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UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists. Joint Working Party on Forest Economic and Statistics (21-22 March 2007) & Joint TC / EFC Bureaux (23 March 2007). Working Party guidance.

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Presentation Transcript

UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists

Joint Working Party

on Forest Economic and Statistics (21-22 March 2007)


Joint TC / EFC Bureaux

(23 March 2007)


Working Party guidance

The Joint FAO/ UNECE Working Party (intergovernamental body) provided quidance to the regional FRA- and C&I- for SFM work, thus providing the guidance for future activities of the Team of Specialists…

(TIM/EFC/WP.2/2007/8, pp. 4-5)


Focus of JWP session

  • contribution to the global Forest Resource Assessment Programme;
  • results of the 2nd meeting of the Team of Specialists;
  • preparations/ agenda of the 3rd ToS meeting;
  • UNECE/FAO contribution to the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE) 2007/2008,including
  • - contribution to reporting on C&I for Sustainable Forest Management…

Global FRA and MCPFE-2007 (a)

  • Working Party:
  • welcomed the well-established coordination between regional and global Forest Resources Assessments, and between UNECE/FAO and Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe (MCPFE);

Global FRA and MCPFE-2007(b)

  • endorsed the arrangements for the elaboration of the Report on “State of Forests and Sustainable Forest Management in Europe 2007”;
  • endorsed the UNECE and FAO work on the collecting and processing data on quantitative indicators, provided by countries in reply to the core Enquiry …

Global FRA and MCPFE-2007(c)

  • The WP highly appreciated the methodological and practical support provided by the FAO FRA programme to the MCPFE-2007 Report elaboration;
  • The WP expressed concerns about the availability of requested data on a number of MCPFE quantitative indicators at the regional and national levels…

Global FRA and MCPFE-2007(d)

  • Noted an “overlap” with some established forms of economic accounts for forestry (EAF) or integrated environmental accounting on forest (IEAF), both collected by EUROSTAT;
  • The WP asked to take steps to harmonise the concepts, terms and definitions of these and other closely related systems with the FRA terms and definitions.

Global FRA and MCPFE-2007(e)

  • WP thanked Norway and the Czech Republic for the in-kind contribution of human resources (Dr. Stein M. Tomter & Mr. Richard Slaby) …, and
  • EU DG-Environment and UK for the financial support to the MCPFE-2007 Report elaboration.

Private Forest Ownership Enquiry

  • Working Party:
  • endorsed the work on the pilot enquiry and expected study on private forest ownership. This study contributes to the reporting to the Ministerial Conference, as well as to other forest policy analyses;
  • noted the necessity to validate and finalize the preliminary PFO data with countries as soon as possible…

Enquiry on qualitative indicators

  • Working Party:
  • urged countries to respond to the enquiry on qualitative indicators as soon as possible (initial deadline - 28 February 2007)

Information from other IDP

  • Working Party:
  • expressed concern with regard to the current situation with the collection of data from other International Data Providers (IDP), as some data problems emerged, and very little time was available for the full process of validation. It urged the secretariat to take the initiative in developing a solution acceptable to all.

Regional Team of Specialists(a)

  • Working Party:
  • reviewed and endorsed recommendations of the second Team of Specialists (ToS) meeting on “Monitoring forest resources for SFM in the UNECE Region” (Hamburg, May 2006), and the provisional agenda for the third ToS meeting to be held in Edinburgh in May 2007.

Regional Team of Specialists(b)

  • Working Party:
  • welcomed the secretariat’s commitment to cooperate with future EU structures dealing with the forest resources data. Reservations were expressed on the COST E43 workshop on cooperation between the Montreal process and the MCPFE.

Future FRA- and C&I- related work

  • WP emphasized the need to maintain stability in the Forest Resources Assessment work to ease the reporting burden of countries and national correspondents;
  • This was especially stressed in the light of the on-going preparation for the global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA-2010).

Working Party support

  • The Working Party re-confirmed the necessity to maintain strong regional FRA- and C&I- related work in the future;
  • (focus: to satisfy specific regional needs and mobilizing regional expertise for the forthcoming global FRA round)…
  • WP endorsed this work area planning for 2007 – 2008.

Joint TC / EFC Bureaux

  • Positive discussion and evaluation of work, including the JWP outcome, Forestry Week 2008…
  • Mobilizing wood resources, wood and energy …
  • MCPFE-2007 SFM Reporting: overview of the situation… Mr. P. Borkowski (MCPFE Liaison Unit Warsaw) welcomed the fruitful cooperation between the UNECE/FAO secretariat and the Liaison Unit. He noted that the bureaux together with the General Coordinating Committee is to be briefed on the draft report …(22 May 2007).

Working Party documents on web:


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