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NDTAC WEBINAR. ILLINOIS YOUTH CENTER HARRISBURG, ILLINOIS. ILLINOIS YOUTH CENTER-HARRISBURG. The Illinois Youth Center—Harrisburg (IYC) is one of eight juvenile facilities operated by the Illinois Department of Corrections. Population Males: Ages 13-21 years

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  • The Illinois Youth Center—Harrisburg (IYC) is one of eight juvenile facilities operated by the Illinois Department of Corrections.

  • Population

    • Males: Ages 13-21 years

    • Adjudicated from all over the state

    • Crimes range from retail theft to murder

    • Average population is approximately 370

    • Average length of stay is 11 months



    • The Illinois Department of Corrections has its own school district: School District 428

    • We are a Illinois State Board of Education certified high school

      • General Education (elementary through twelfth grade)

      • Special Education (40%-50% of the population)

      • Schoolwide Title I

      • GED prep and testing (96.5% success rate)

      • Vocational

      • College Technical/Southeastern Illinois College

PBIS Implementation Timeline for IYCFirst Year (2001) Pre Implementation

  • Secure permission from School District and facility administration

  • Data collection system established, begin baseline data collection

  • Present PBIS concepts and practices to all staff (Big Picture)

  • Establish PBIS Team at IYC-Harrisburg

  • PBIS Team develops school wide PBIS program

  • PBIS Team presents ideas for systems and practices to school staff

  • Get commitment from at least 80 per cent of school staff

  • School staff endorses PBIS as one of their top three school improvement goals

  • Train staff in principles of PBIS and school wide practices

PBIS Implementation Timeline for IYC First Year with Students

  • Introduce concepts and behavioral expectations to students

  • Implement PBIS school wide

  • Gather data and analyze

  • Implement Targeted and Specialized interventions

  • Establish a routine for integrating new students into the program and to refresh the memory of all students.

PBIS Implementation Timeline for IYCSecond and Following Years

  • Continuously analyze data, improve data collection, assess accuracy of implementation

  • Assess effectiveness of program, make improvements, changes

  • Continue staff development and staff involvement

What Does It Take to Do PBIS?

  • Team / Resources

    • People: Staff must be committed

    • Equipment: Very little…computers for data collection…printers…AV system

    • Locations: Throughout the school areas at Harrisburg

    • Support: From the facility administrators, the school district, and the PBIS network


  • Respect Self:

    • Make decisions that will keep you safe

    • Treat your self in a respectable manner

  • Respect Others:

    • Treat others how you would like to be treated

    • Agree to disagree

  • Respect Property:

    • Use property in an appropriate manner

    • When finished, return items to the proper place

PBIS Model vs IYC After One Year





80 %


Universal Interventions

all settings, all students preventive, proactive

School-Wide Systems and Practices

  • Teams: Teachers, Staff, and Students

  • Orientation of Youth

  • Reinforcement System

  • Social Skill Lessons

  • Discipline Policy

  • Professional Development

Reward System – Positive Reinforcement

  • We try to pair extrinsic and intrinsic rewards (praise and “ice cubes”)

  • Our rewards are determined by what is acceptable in a secure environment

    • Folders, stationary, candy, food items, pictures and greeting cards for sending home, time with Game Boys, etc.

    • Activities such as movies, sports tournaments, time with adults

How Do We Target Youth?

  • Review of Data

  • Informal meetings with teachers

  • Grade Card Behavior Reports

  • Behavior Reports


  • Pre-Correction

  • Check-Ins

  • Mentoring

  • Student-Teacher Mediations

  • Journaling

  • Additional Social Skills Lessons

Targeted Group Interventions

Some students (at-risk)

High efficiency

Rapid response


  • Check-In with a Teacher

  • One-on-One

  • Wrap-Around: Utilize the ‘Community’

  • Involve School Psychologists

  • Confinement/Segregation

  • Behavior Intervention Program

Targeted Group Interventions

Some students (at-risk)

High efficiency

Rapid response


  • Work on our team building skills

  • Really fine-tune the social skills lessons

  • Bring positive behavior supports practices to other departments

  • Include new concepts such as Balanced and Restorative Justice and Transforming the Difficult Child in our overall program.

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