From assagioli to almaas
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From Assagioli to Almaas. A Rough Guide to Transpersonal Psychology Keith Hackwood The Transpersonal is the future of Psychology. Why? How? Culminating Crises in Positivist Materialsm Present from the outset Wide Vision. Contextual Crises. Outer. Inner.

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From Assagioli to Almaas

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From assagioli to almaas

From Assagioli to Almaas

A Rough Guide to Transpersonal Psychology

Keith Hackwood

The transpersonal is the future of psychology

The Transpersonal is the future of Psychology

  • Why?

  • How?

  • Culminating Crises in Positivist Materialsm

  • Present from the outset

  • Wide Vision

Contextual crises

Contextual Crises





Loss of Meaning

Loss of identity


  • Climate Change

  • Resource Depletion

  • Limits to Growth

  • ‘End of Progress’

  • ‘Problem of Civilization’

From assagioli to almaas

Civilizations don’t just happen… the spiritual impulse that originally gave rise to our Western culture is still presentPeter Kinglsey

A return to essence

A Return to Essence

  • How?

    Art or Science



    ‘Therapy’ is too small a word

The world behind the world

The World Behind The World



Psychosynthesis is the future of psychoanalysis

Psychosynthesis is the future of Psychoanalysis

  • Roberto Assagioli 1888 – 1974

Psychosynthesis in print

Psychosynthesis in Print

Doctoral Thesis 1909-1910

Psychosynthesis ‘Manual’ – 1965

The Act of Will – 1974

Transpersonal Development - 1993

Principal ideas

Principal Ideas

  • Model of human being

  • I-Self Axis

  • The Will

  • Disidentification

  • Stages of Psychosynthesis (personal/transpersonal)

The only w ay out is the way up

“The only way out is the way up”

The Egg Diagram

Assagioli’s Draft

From assagioli to almaas

Casa Assagioli

From assagioli to almaas


The considerator

The Considerator

From assagioli to almaas

“The Will to Publish”

From assagioli to almaas

He was very early. Who was there to hear such a large and balanced statement? Not many.

From the Eulogy for Assagioli, by James Vargiu

The transpersonal field

The Transpersonal Field

Transpersonal disciplines

Transpersonal Disciplines

Relates to:

  • Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy

  • Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology

  • Sociology

  • Anthropology

  • Cultural Theory

Notable peaks

Notable Peaks

  • C G Jung (Especially the Red Book)

  • Archetypal Psychology (Hillman)

  • Spiritual Psychology (Sardello)

  • Ecospychology & Ecophilosophy

  • Stanislav Grof

  • Integral Studies (Wilber)

Notable peaks1

Notable Peaks

  • Washburn

  • Naranjo (Gestalt & Enneagram)

  • Influence of Buddhism (Watts, Suzuki, Trungpa, Elias Capriles)

  • Sufism

  • Kabbalah

  • Sri Aurobindo

Back to basics

Back to Basics

Back to basics1

Back to Basics

  • Freud the ‘godless Jew’

  • From ‘hysterical misery’ to ‘common unhappiness’

  • Fear of the ‘black tide of mud of occultism’

    Therapy as Shamanic Operation

A h almaas the diamond approach

A H Almaas & The Diamond Approach

The structure of reality

The Structure of Reality

  • Being / Soul / World

  • Personal Essence

  • Essential Aspects

  • The Theory of Holes

    “Disidentification means the cessation of identification, the cessation of taking something to be you, or to belong to you, or to define you.”



  • Inquiry

    Socratic & Psychodynamic

  • Presence

    Embodied ‘felt-sense’ / limbs and hara

Love of truth

Love of Truth

  • The soul is fundamentally faithful to the truth, but she is ignorant

  • The truth is now and your life is now

  • Giving ourselves to truth means giving up defences – the self cannot give itself up

The paradox

The Paradox

The Way of Silence & the Talking Cure

From Knowing to Being

Coming soon

Coming Soon…

Divine Rebel:

The Life & Work of Roberto Assagioli

By Mark Jones & Keith Hackwood

Publishing Date: September 2014

From assagioli to almaas


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