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Welcome to Fourth Grade

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1. Welcome to Fourth Grade! Ms. Donoghue September 22, 2009

2. “We cannot always build the future of our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

3. Classroom Rules and Rewards Rules: Generated together, posted on board, also posted on our website Rewards: SCORR cards are given out for completed homework and good behavior 15 cards= a small prize on Friday or a choice from the SCORR menu

4. Classroom Consequences ? First Time – “Friendly Reminder” Name on board Second Time – “Verbal Warning” 1st check next to name Third Time – “Stop and Think” 2nd check next to name 10 min. off recess Complete blue behavior sheet Fourth Time – “Time to Reflect” 3rd check next to name No recess Complete pink behavior sheet

5. Curriculum Math Literacy Science Social Studies Health

6. Math Math Connects Program http://macmillanmh.com/math/mathconnects/grade4/sg4c1lesson1.html General Topics Taught in Fourth Grade: Addition and Subtraction (review) Geometry Organizing Data and Graphing Multiplication and Division (multiplication of 2 & 3 digit numbers/long division) Problem Solving (Word Problems) Fractions Elapsed Time Decimals Symmetry Place Value Perimeter and Area * Multiplication/Division Tables 0-12 should already be mastered

7. Literacy Read-Aloud – the teacher reads a story aloud to the whole class Guided Reading – reading in a small group, children reading text on their instructional level Shared Reading – the whole class is reading the same thing and every student has a copy of the text Independent Reading – reading a “just right” book independently and conferencing with the teacher Writing – Children will be participating in Writer’s Workshop. They will be learning about the writing process as well as how to write for different purposes. - Will be done everyday in class and given for homework

8. Science Science Lab – Wednesday Morning Hands on Lessons Lessons Supplemented in Class Tests, Quizzes, and Projects for Assessment General Topics Taught in Fourth Grade: Living Things – Plants and Animals Ecosystems Animal Classifications Simple Machines Stages of Matter Electricity Scientific Method

9. Social Studies “The New York State Story” Tests, Quizzes, and Projects for Assessment Some General Topics Taught in Fourth Grade: Map Skills (review from third grade) New York State Geography Native Americans Explorers Colonial Times

10. Health Program Utilized: Second Step Social Skills Program A variety of other topics are taught: Importance of knowing your personal information Living a healthy lifestyle Manners Saying No to Smoking Saying No to Drugs HIV/AIDS

11. New York State Tests ELA Test: April 26th, 27th, 28th Math Test: May 5th, 6th, 7th Science Test: Performance Test – May 24th – June 3rd Written Test – June 7th

12. Homework Policy ALL h.w. is something the students have ALREADY learned in class Given Monday-Friday Students are responsible for copying h.w. correctly as well as bringing home the necessary materials to complete the h.w. Homework not handed in on time will be completed during recess Please see the official homework policy in your booklet for more specific expectations and details.

13. Dismissal Children are dismissed from side doors near the back parking lot at 2:50 Please be sure your child knows who is picking them up each day Inform me of any pick-up dismissal changes A note to me is best, but a call can be made to the office in case of an emergency

14. Odds and Ends First bell is at 8:20, the “Do Now” starts at 8:30, lessons start at 8:40 Absence notes are required the day your child returns to school Healthy Snack Everyday (small, put child’s name on it) Picture Day – October 7th and 8th Report Cards – December, March, June

15. Our Website Our Website Is: www.msdonoghuesclass.com There are many wonderful resources for you and your child on our website: Weekly Schedule Lunch Menu Curriculum Information Important Dates to Remember Suggested Book Titles Online ordering for Scholastic Books Links to Educational Websites

16. Any Questions

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