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Summing Up. Advertisement:: 40sec. Introduce by myself 40sec. Branding & channel (Longer) Company Policies Different (regret) Key challenge Succeful business. Jean Chu Jungrim Lee JinYoung Yook Chen Y Zhu. Products & Service. Product & Service

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Summing up
Summing Up

Advertisement:: 40sec.

Introduce by myself


Branding & channel (Longer)

Company Policies

Different (regret)

Key challenge

Succeful business

Jean Chu



Chen Y Zhu

Products service
Products & Service

  • Product & Service

  • Special recycled bag for young ladies in 20years

  • Unique point (Competitor)

Customer segment research and value proposition
Customer segment, Research and Value proposition

  • Customer segment

  • Mainly women in their 20s

  • Research Process

  • Field research at the university campus and high streets

  • Questionnaire

  • Interview

  • Developing persona

  • Value proposition

  • Exploring design in recycled bags

  • Unique Design

  • Mixture of various materials

  • Affordability

  • Direcly being part of recycling move

Key activities partners and resources
Key activities, partners and resources

  • Key activities

  • Key partners

    - Designers, Online/offline shopping malls/stalls

  • Key resources?

Branding design strategy and channels
Branding, Design Strategy and Channels

  • Branding and Design Strategy

  • Channels

  • Direct: Web sales + In- house sales

  • Indirect: Fair + A car-boot sale (10 Pounds)

  • Strengths and weaknesses

Company policies ip and legal considerations
Company policies, IP and legal considerations

  • Company policies and IP

  • Our weekly group meetings always involve discussion of ways we can improve every aspect of business and service to reflect this vision

  • Mission statement: Our mission is that this business will facilitate to educate young people about why we need to look after plants and to increase usage of recycle material.

  • Legal considerations

  • Using materials which is produced by other companies

  • Payment system and delivery system through the online shopping mall

Cost structure
Cost Structure

  • Describe your cost structure, listing expenses and Income (includes number of sales or contracts, uses YE worksheet of Profit & Loss Statement and a photo of your product/service with details of how it was costed for each element)

Key challenges
Key Challenges

  • Finding the right model: Young ladies in 20years

  • Testing the model before a full-scale launch: Used prototyping and survey list

  • Inducing the market to adopt the new model: creative recycled market through high quality design

  • Continuously adapting the model in response to market feedback

  • Managing uncertainty: To seek special materials and to develop productive capacity

  • Aligning old and new models: The balance of price and design style

  • Focusing on the long term: To expend sort of products such as accessories

Remarkable differences regrets 2min 30sec each
Remarkable Differences (Regrets-2min/30sec each)

  • No spending time to know each other

  • We were more focused on preparation and prototyping, but not enough time to be activities

  • Our process was just as important as the completed project. Many companies can get the work done, but few can get it done in a way that doesn't make you hate the journey.

  • High quality products but reduced price

  • Explore ideas

  • The combination of high quality design and recycling

  • To attract young generations to sustainable business

The most successful part of business
The most Successful part of business

  • The development of educational environment

  • Expend Recycled Market (To involve young generation into the ECO market)

  • Development of Recycled Design

  • Less budget to start business

  • We have brought fashion to environmentally conscious crowd

  • We have worked to Include future customers for sustainable creativity

How did running a business prepare you for future entrepreneurship
How did running a business prepare you for future entrepreneurship?

  • Observation about solving the contemporary issues of our generation requires

  • Risk Analysis

  • External Environment

  • Storytelling

  • Prototyping

  • Finding the component of new business model

  • How to adopt the new model

  • The significance of business plan as an implementation guide

  • The importance of collaboration and communication

  • Human Resource

  • Internal Environment

  • The management team