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外贸英语函电. Fulfillment of Contract. Task Four Insurance. Task of this section: Write a letter to talk about the insurance requirement. 背景资料. 你给客户报 CFR 价,信函如下: Dear Mary, For Vitamin B12, our price is USD21.74/kg CFR Asuncion and it is packed 1 kg to one

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Fulfillment of Contract

Task Four Insurance

Task of this section:

Write a letter to talk about the insurance requirement



Dear Mary,

For Vitamin B12, our price is USD21.74/kg

CFR Asuncion and it is packed 1 kg to one

carton. As this is our best price, we hope you

can accept it as soon as possible.

Best regards.



Dear Jill,

Thank you for your CFR offer. But I’d like to have the goods insured at your end. Could you arrange it? If it’s OK, please give me a price on CIF basis as soon as possible.

Best regards.





1. The purpose of insurance

——to provide compensation for those who suffer

from loss or damage. It is a contract of indemnity, a contract to restore to someone, either the full amount of the loss that may be incurred, or a specified percentage of the amount of the loss.

2. Parties involved in insurance

  • the insurer

    the party who agrees to accept the risk

  • the insured

    the party seeking protection from the risk

  • the beneficiary

    the party who will get the compensation

    when any losses occur

can be same

3. Main risks

The principal perils which the basic Marine

policy of PICC insures against under its Ocean Marine Cargo Clause are:

  • Free from Particular Average(F.P.A)

  • With Particular Average or With Average(W.P.A or W.A)

  • All Risks


表示险别的表达有以下几种:基本险和附加险(additional risks)

1)基本险包括:平安险(Free from particular Average, FPA),水渍险(With Particular Average, WPA)和一切险(All Risks, AR)三种。


Free from particular Average(F.P.A.)Insurance: 平安险

The insurance company will be responsible to pay claims for total or constructive total losses suffered by the whole lot of cargoes during the transportation due to such natural calamities as vile weather, thunder and lightning, tidal wave, earthquakes, and floods, or for total or partial losses due to the ship or carrier being fire, stranded, sinking, colliding or meeting other fortuitous accidents.

The insurance company will also be responsible, when losses are incurred in the course of loading or unloading, for instance, when one or several whole parcels of the goods are dropped into the sea and are considered lost, or when general average is incurred, i.e. when losses or expenses are incurred in the common interest.


With Particular Average(W.P.A.)Insurance:水渍险

The cover under this insurance is more extensive. The insurer is liable also for the partial losses of the insured goods due to the risks caused by natural calamities mentioned under F.P. A insurance.


All Risks,(A.R.) Insurance: 一切险

Among the three kinds of basic insurance, under an "all risks" policy the goods are insured against all risks, e.g. from natural calamities, fortuitous accidents at sea, or general extraneous risks, irrespective of percentage of loss, total or partial. A natural deterioration of perishable goods, delay, loss or damage caused by inherent vice or nature of the subject matter are not covered.


一般附加险(general additional risks)和特殊附加险(special additional risk)


偷窃提货不着险(Theft, Pilferage and Non-delivery缩写为 T.P.N.D)

淡水雨淋 (Fresh Water&/or Rain Damage)

短量(Risk of Shortage)

混杂玷污险(Risk of Intermixture and Contamination)

渗漏险(Risk of Leakage)

碰损破碎险(Risk of Clash and Breakage)

串味险(Risk of Odor)

钩损险(Hook Damage)

受潮受热险(Damage Caused by Sweating and & Heating)

包装破裂(Breakage of Packing)

锈损险(Risk of Rust)


战争险(War Risk)

罢工险(Strikes Risk)

交货不到险(Failure to Delivery)

进口关税险(Import Duty Risk)

舱面险(On Deck Risk)

拒收险(Rejection Risk)

黄曲霉素险 (Aflatoxin)

4. Averages

General average:

It is a loss resulting from a voluntary sacrifice or expenditure in time of peril, for the safety of hull, cargo and freight.

Particular average:

It means partial loss or damage accidentally caused to the ship or to a particular lot of goods. Particular average is not a total loss. It must be borne by the owner of the property suffering the loss, it is distinct from general average, which is shared by all who have a financial interest in the voyage and its risks in proportion to the value of their interests.

5. The caculation of insurance value

Cost of goods + amount of freight +insurance premium +a percentage of the total sum to represent a reasonable profit on sale of goods

II. Useful phrases

1. cover insurance on… against…

eg. We cover insurance on the goods for 110% of the invoice value against All Risks and War Risk.

Similar phrase:

arrange insurance, effect insurace, provide/take out insurance

eg.For this contract, we would like you to arrange insurance at your end.

2. at a premium of

eg. This kind of additional risk is coverable at a premium of 2%.

3. for buyer’s account

eg. Under different trade terms, the insurance charge can go for buyer’s account or the seller’s account.

Similar phrase:to be borne by the buyer, to be charged to the buyer’s account

insurance n.: 保险

insurance agent 保险代理人

insurance broker 保险经纪人

insurance certificate 保险凭证

insurance market 保险市场

insurance policy 保险单

insurance company 保险公司


to arrange /cover /effect/provide/ take out insurance

1)We shall provide such insurance at your cost.

2)Have you taken out insurance?

underwriters 保险商(指专保水险的保险商)保险承运人

insurance company 保险公司 insurer 保险人

insurance broker 保险经纪人 insurance underwriter 保险承保人

insurance applicant 投保人 insurant, the insured 被保险人,受保人

to cover (effect,,take out) insurance 投保 insurance coverage; risks covered 保险范围

insurance slip 投保单 insured amount 保险金额

insurance premium 保险费

insurance against risk 保险 insurance clause 保险条款

insurance instruction 投保通知 insurance business 保险企业

insurance conditions 保险条件

v. insure 表示保险

insure the goods


For the buyer's account

On behalf of the buyers

With an insurance company

For 10% above the invoice value

For 110% of the invoice value

With Particular Average

Against All Risks

It is the usual practice to cover for 110% of the invoice value,


to cover for 110% of the invoice value : to cover for 10% above/over insurance value 或者是:

to cover at invoice value plus 10% 这里指按发票价的110%投保。

You are required to cover the goods against All Risks at invoice value plus 10% .

We shall insure the goods for 10% above the invoice value.

insure sb. against…为某人投保……险

Most of our buyers do not want to insure against the Risk of Breakage for this article.


Please insure against All Risks for (at) 10% over (above) the total invoice value.


We have insured W.P.A. and against War Risk at 110% of the invoice cost (value, amount).


  • 我们将在本地办理预约保险。

    We’ll arrange an open cover at our end.

  • 我们通常按照1981年1月1日修订的中国人民保险公司公司的海洋运输货物保险条款(Ocean Marine Cargo Clauses )投保。

    We usually cover insurance as per OMCC of PICC dated Jan.1, 1981.

  • 按客户要求,对于这批货物,我方将投保水渍险与战争险。

    As requested by our clients, we’ll insure against WPA and War Risk on this shipment.

  • 对于像瓷器、精密仪器等的易碎品,破碎险是必须的。

    For fragile goods like porcelain, sophisticated instruments, Breakage Risk is a must.


  • 免赔率为5%。如果破碎没有达到整批货物的5%的话,保险公司就可以不赔。

    The franchise rate is 5%, which means the insurance company won’t compensate for any breakage if less than 5% of the entire shipment is found broken.

  • 我们只保水渍险,仓至仓,有效期15天。

    We can only cover WPA, from warehouse to warehouse valid for 15 days.

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