Grade 8 History Cumulating Task   Confederation

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Grade 8 History Cumulating Task Confederation

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1. Grade 8 History Cumulating Task – Confederation What if?

2. “What if” To some people, history seems like something old, set in stone, a series of dates, faces and events to memorize. Things were not destined to be merely as we know it. The end task for our confederation unit is a differentiated alternate history assignment. Simply stated, an alternate history is the description and/or discussion of an historical "what if" with some speculation about the consequences of a different result.

3. TASK Examine the factors that drew the BNA colonies together and the events of Confederation. Choose what you consider to be a significant, important event or situation. What if that event hadn’t happened? What might have happened? Speculate. Guess, but base your guesses on what you know about British North America.

4. How you will present it . You can choose whatever way you want to share your alternate history. Select just one way to present your theory. Some of the possible options include: Non-fiction report Short story PowerPoint Presentation Video

5. RESOURCES You must use and site at least two different resources for collecting information on the factors influencing confederation and British North America in the mid 1800s. Two of these resources will have been used during class instruction time already. Bain, Colin M. Pearson Canadian History 8. Toronto: Pearson Education Canada, 2008. (textbook) Confederation. 1993 (video shown in class) (online free database) All videos watched in computer lab are still posted under the date viewed

6. EVALUATION Total = /50 1)The point-form notes on the historical factors, people, events: /15 Do the notes include references to trade / transportation / defense issues / politics? Do the notes mention important individuals / groups of people / events such as the conferences? Are the student’s thoughts, comments and questions evident in the notes made?

7. Evaluation Cont. 2)The divergent incident or element: /10 Is the element changed based on historical information and is a possibility? (e.g. “What if the Maritime colonies decided to join together at the Charlottetown Conference?” is a good question. “What if an alien spaceship replaced Sir. John A Macdonald with a robot replica?” is not.) Is the way that the element is changed explained or made clear in the presentation?

8. Evaluation Cont. 3)The alternate history and rationale /15 Are the different areas of society addressed in the alternate history, such as people, social roles, politics, economics, physical features or boundaries? Are the events of the alternate history possible and “justified” based on the changes to the real timeline? Does the alternate history show a mix of research-based hypotheses and imagination?

9. Evaluation Cont. 4) The use of tools and resources: /10 Did the student use and cite at least two resources for finding information? Did the student choose and effectively use a suitable tool for communicating their thoughts and ideas? Did the students present their project to the class effectively using presentation strategies discussed?

10. What you need to hand in 1) your presentation in what ever format you have chosen 2) point form notes of all your research on this project This project is due Friday October 28th You will be given 3 computer lab periods today and tomorrow to work on this so use your time effectively

11. Good Luck Please ask any questions you have about this project I will be checking in with groups in the computer lab periods

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