Useful ethics for owner and court reporting firms
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Useful Ethics For Owner And Court Reporting Firms PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Useful Ethics For Owner And Court Reporting Firms

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Useful Ethics For Owner And Court Reporting Firms

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Useful Ethics For Owner And Court Reporting Firms

Submitted By : Georgia Reporting

  • Today, everyone knows what is the right thing and how to do the right if there is a code of ethics that needs to be followed. Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.

  • Doing the right thing automatically bring success. There is a code of ethics for court reporters but not for the court reporting firms. However, it is very important for firm owners also to follow some ethical codes just like the court reporters. Here are some of the ethics that could be applied by the court reporting firm owners.

Charge fairly and do not sell the reporter’s transcript

  • One of the major ethical code that needs to be followed is charge each party in the litigation fairly and according to the laws of the state for transcripts and other court reporting fees. Also it is unethical to sell the reporter’s transcript, unbeknownst to the reporter, for the financial benefit of the firm owner. Remember the reporter is an officer of the court, a keeper of the record and should be fairly compensated.

Do not have a reporter to transcribe back-ordered transcripts of another court reporter

  • Court reporting firm owners should never have a reporter to transcribe back-ordered transcripts of another court reporter. One can proceed with the transcribing of the reporter’s notes if he/she is unavailable due to death, disability, or if the reporter cannot be reached after due diligence.

  • Also when there is no choice and the transcribing has to be done by another reporter it is compulsory to indicate the transcribing reporter on the certificate page itself. This will sustain the integrity of the record. Also remember to never indicate the original reporter transcribed the deposition if they have not done so.

Protect the record and refuse to assist in deposition for either party.

  • Court reporters are officers of the court.

  • It is the responsibility of court reporters and firms owners to ensure that the firm and its court reporters are independent, impartial keepers of the record.

  • Also it is ethical to reuse to assist either party in deposition or trial strategy, while providing the court reporting services for the case.

  • There should always be a complete separation of the trial technology business and the court reporting services business.

  • There should be no appearance of the court reporting firm appearing to be working for one side to the detriment of the other in a case.

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