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George Tkalych has always had a passion for the great outdoors, stemming back to his childhood in Saskatoon, Canada. He would regularly join his father in fishing trips and has fond memories of exploring the Rocky Mountains as a child.

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George Tkalych

Tips For Success In Medical School

After enjoying a medical career that spanned thirty-two years, George Tkalych is now able to reflect on what he accomplished and enjoys reminiscing about the path he took to achieve what he did in his career. His education was pivotal in his journey and this holds true for almost all medical professionals. Medical school offers a challenge the likes of which many students will not have faced up to that point, so keep these pointers in mind to make the most of it and succeed.

George Tkalych

Tips For Tonsillectomy Recovery

As a former ear, nose and throat surgeon, George Tkalych carried out many tonsillectomy procedures and even innovated the use of lasers for the issue in the 1980s. While it is important that the procedure itself it carried out properly, the post-surgery period is crucial to the success of a tonsillectomy. Patients should always listen to the advice their doctors provide them with, while also keeping these tips in mind.

George Tkalych

How To Help Children Overcome Fear Of The Doctors

When working as an ear, nose and throat surgeon George Tkalych performed thousands of procedures on both adults and children. For the latter he was often called upon to help children with their fears of surgery. This is something that parents can help medical professionals with by properly preparing their children for the prospect of visiting the hospital. The following are all techniques that you can use. Doctors recognize that having a parent present will help soothe the nerves of young children, so make it a point to be there at all times for your child.

George Tkalych

The Key Qualities A Surgeon Must Possess

Throughout the course of a thirty-two year career as an ear, nose and throat surgeon, George Tkalych demonstrated his abilities repeatedly and gained the respect of his peers. Even the most basic surgeries carry a certain amount of risk and it is crucial that all procedures are treated with the respect they deserve. To do this, surgeons must have a number of key qualities.


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