Documenting the Systematic Planning Process in a
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Documenting the Systematic Planning Process in a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Documenting the Systematic Planning Process in a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP). Introduction. Presenters Attendees Logistics Please turn cell phones off Electronic communication devices off. Introduction. Workshop Attendee Materials: Abstract Contact Information Web Sites

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Documenting the Systematic Planning Process in a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)


  • Presenters

  • Attendees

  • Logistics

    • Please turn cell phones off

    • Electronic communication devices off

SPP QAPP 05/11/06


  • Workshop Attendee Materials:

    • Abstract

    • Contact Information

    • Web Sites

    • Hardcopy of Slides

    • UFP-QAPP Manual Glossary

    • Example QAPP

    • OSWER Directive, OSWER Guidance, Under Secretary of Defense Memo

    • CD

      • UFP-QAPP Manual, Workbook, QA/QC Compendium

      • QAPP Review Checklists

      • Electronic UFP-QAPP Worksheets

      • Workshop Materials

SPP QAPP 05/11/06


  • DESCRIBE how the Uniform Federal Policy (UFP) for Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) …

    • Documents the Systematic Planning Process (SPP)

    • Supports the collection of defensible environmental data

    • Defines content and Quality Assurance requirements for QAPPs

    • Provides worksheets for QAPP development

    • Facilitates QAPP review

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Topics presented
Topics Presented

  • Topic 1 –

    • Introduction

  • Topic 2 –

    • Systematic Planning Process

  • Topic 3 –

    • Quality Assurance Project Plans

  • Summary

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Show that the ufp qapp
Show that the UFP QAPP…

  • Improves data quality

  • Helps closeout sites faster and cheaper

  • Uses the team-based concept

  • Accommodates the graded approach

  • Assures defensible decisions

  • Encourages consistency and common understanding

  • Streamlines QAPP development and approval

  • Is a better way of doing business

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Historical overview
Historical Overview

  • Who

  • Why

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Uniform federal policy
Uniform Federal Policy

  • Intergovernmental Data Quality Task Force (IDQTF) (2000)

    • DOD, DOE, EPA

  • Environmental Quality Systems

    • ANSI/ASQ E4 (2004)

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Uniform federal policies
Uniform Federal Policies

  • Components:

    • Organizational Specification

      • Quality Systems (UFP-QS 2003)

      • Quality Management Plan (EPA QA/R-2 2001)

    • Project Specification

      • Systematic Planning Process (EPA QA/G-4 2006)

      • Dynamic work plan (ITRC Triad 2003)

      • QAPP (UFP-QAPP 2005)

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Ufp documents
UFP Documents

  • UFP-Quality System (UFP-QS)

    • A high level management document

    • If adopted by a Federal Agency, a Quality System is Required

Look documents based on ANSI/ASQ E-4!!

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Ufp documents1
UFP Documents


    • A project level work document

    • A standardized content and preparation for reporting QAPPs

      • site specific or generic

    • EPA issued OSWER Directive 9272.0-17

      • 7 Jun 05

    • Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Memo of 11 Apr 06

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

New concepts
New Concepts


  • Emphasis on sampling design/sample collection

  • Screening data not just from field

  • Field data used in decision making

  • Definitive methods used in conjunction with screening methods

  • Data validation based on quality objectives not “functional guidelines”

  • Project quality objectives

  • Assessments to ensure work is done as planned

Many more ….. Stay tuned…..

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Systematic planning process spp
Systematic Planning Process (SPP)

  • Scientific method – logical, objective

  • Ensures

    • Management of all aspects of the project

    • Appropriate amount and type of data for decision

    • Data collected addresses special physical, environmental and chemical characteristics of the site

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Spp elements
SPP Elements

  • Team-based approach

  • Project goal, objectives, questions and issues

  • Project schedule, resources, milestones and applicable requirements

  • Data collection and analysis process matched to project objectives

  • Collection and analysis requirements

  • Process for generation, evaluation and assessment of collected data

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

New epa 7 step data quality objective dqo process
New EPA 7-Step Data Quality Objective (DQO) Process

  • State the problem

  • Identify the goals of the study

  • Identify information input

  • Define the boundaries of the study

  • Develop the analytic approach

  • Specify performance or acceptance criteria

  • Develop the plan for obtaining data

EPA QA/G-4 February 2006

SPP QAPP 05/11/06


  • What is Systematic Planning?

SPP QAPP 05/11/06


  • What is Systematic Planning?

    • Group effort to balance cost vs. amount of data needed to make decision

    • Understand how the data will be used

    • Ensure you get what you pay for by defining project needs in detail

    • Knowing what was not delivered and why

Better planning may add cost at the beginning of my project

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Epa triad
EPA Triad

  • Improve decision confidence and decrease time and cost through real time, adaptive project management

  • Conceptual site model (CSM) emphasis

  • Key tasks

    • Problem set-up

    • Uncertainty identification

      • e.g., matrix heterogeneity, project goals

    • Uncertainty management

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Quality assurance project plan qapp
Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)

  • Integrates technical and quality control aspects of a project including …

    • planning, implementation, assessment, and corrective actions

  • Documents steps taken to ensure environmental data are …

    • of the correct type and quality required for a specific decision or use

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Qapp continued
QAPP (Continued)

  • Organized and systematic description of …

    • quality assurance (QA)

    • quality control (QC)

    • application to the collection and use of environmental data

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Qapp development process
QAPP Development Process

  • Assemble project team

  • Use SPP

  • Apply UFP-QAPP Manual

    • Complete appropriate QAPP Worksheets

  • EPA approval/concurrence with QAPP

    • Before data collection events begin

  • Implement QAPP

    • Assess QAPP implementation

    • Assess data usability

    • Review annually and update as needed and keep current

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Ufp qapp manual

  • Consistent implementation of:

    • ANSI/ASQ E-4, Section 6

    • EPA QA/R-5

    • EPA QA/G-5

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Ufp qapp documents
UFP-QAPP Documents

  • PART 1: UFP-QAPP Manual

    • Provide instructions and guidance on QAPP content and preparation

  • PART 2A: QAPPWorkbook

    • Use not mandatory

    • Facilitate ease of compiling information and review

  • PART 2B: QA/QC Compendium

    • Lists required QC activities for the CERCLA process

      • Minimum set of requirements

    • Other Programs (e.g. RCRA) can use the Compendium if agreed by all parties

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Ufp qapp documents1
UFP-QAPP Documents

  • To download documents:




Example QAPP

SPP QAPP 05/11/06


Overview of ufp qapp manual
Overview of UFP-QAPP Manual

  • Applicable to:

    • Investigation

    • Remediation activities

    • Final Clean-up and long term monitoring/stewardship activities

    • All environmental programs

SPP QAPP 05/11/06


  • What is a QAPP?

SPP QAPP 05/11/06


  • What is a QAPP?

    • A document required in National Contingency Plan (NCP)

    • A document defining the technical and quality aspects for any environmental data activity

    • A document that communicates project requirements for implementation

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Types of qapps
Types of QAPPs

  • Generic

    • One site, multiple activities

    • Multiple sites, one activity

    • Umbrella document

  • Project-specific

    • Limited time

    • Limited scope

    • Single activity

Cost effective

Adds efficiency

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Graded approach
Graded Approach

  • Intended use defines:

    • Degree of documentation

    • Level of effort

    • Detail required

  • UFP-QAPP examples

    • Text boxes

Cost effective

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Qapp requirements
QAPP Requirements

UFP-QAPP – Table 2

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Qapp crosswalk
QAPP Crosswalk

UFP-QAPP – Table 3

Required QAPP elements = EPA QA/R-5

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Qapp review
QAPP Review

  • Know your role

    • Internal reviewer

      • Organization developing QAPP

      • Before regulatory review

      • Outcome: Complete and accurate plan

    • External reviewer

      • Regulatory agency(s)

      • Outcome: Approval of plan

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Life cycle qapp
Life Cycle - QAPP

  • UFP-QAPP document

    • Environmental Problem

    • QAPP Development

    • QAPP Approval

    • QAPP Implementation

    • QAPP Archive

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Summary introduction
Summary - Introduction

  • Present basis for UFP-QAPP documents

  • Present overview of Uniform Federal Policy and supporting guidance for the SPP documentation in QAPP

SPP QAPP 05/11/06

Does anyone have a question
Does anyone have a question?

Question !

Why does this help?

SPP QAPP 05/11/06