Investments in ecological economic projects
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INVESTMENTS IN ECOLOGICAL- ECONOMIC PROJECTS. Authors : Prof. M.N.Dmitriyev, Dr.Sc.(Econ) Assoc.Prof. A.V.Ivanov. Reviewers : Prof. V.V.Buzyrev, Dr.Sc.(Econ) Prof. M.Kiy ( Germany ). Computerized course for network studies. Purpose of the course.

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Assoc.Prof. A.V.Ivanov


Prof. M.Kiy (Germany)

Computerized course for network studies

Purpose of the course

Raising educational standards in Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering and providing education comparable to that offered by acknowledged international universities in the area of Economics and Ecology (development of skills in the analysis of ecological and economic effectiveness of projects).


Course objectives

The course is oriented to integration of ecological sustainability criteria and those of economic effectiveness of investments. The subjects under consideration in in this respect are:

  • Organizational and legal principles of project preparation and implementation;

  • Management of ecological-economic projects;

  • Investment project analysis methods taking into account prevention of damage to the environment and human health;

  • Investment analysis at different stages of environmental protection activity.


Methodological novelty of the course

The program of this course is based on the methods and techniques of analysis of environmental protection investment projects which so far have not been incorporated in the conventional course materials in Russia. Among other things, the course gives a description of prevented damage assessment methods in application to human health, developed by RPOP, and several individual authors, which are similar those used in the USA. The methodological novelty of the course also includes a large scale use of actual materials related to the analysis of the regional experience in the development and implementation of projects and programs aiming to sustainable regional development, where the authors of the course took part


The place of the course in the system of other social science disciplines and houmanities

  • The course is intended for the fourth year students in the direction 521600 «Economicsа»with ecological and economic specialization

  • The course allows integration of students’ knowledge in economics, nature protection, finance and project management to develop skills in working out and assessment of environmental protection projects and programs aiming to sustainable development


The tasks set before the students by the course contents

The course is based on the following disciplines:

  • Economics of nature managementand economic tools of environmental protection;

  • Economic assessment of investments (assessment of investment project effectivenessand selection of projects for receive financing);

  • Information technologies in economics (modern computer technologies);

  • Finance and credit (sources of projects financing);

  • management (types of projects, project management);

  • marketing (optimum allocation of investments by the time of their realization).

    The knowledge and skills obtained by the students will allow them to apply ecological and economic criteria to the assessment and development of environmental protection projects and programs.

    The knowledge of the course contents enables them to pursue further on such disciplines as “Ecological insurance and risk assessment” and “Ecological and economic monitoring of the environment”


Sections of the course

  • SectionI. Management of investment ecological and economic projects

  • Section II. Methods of analysis of ecological and economic projects. Analysis of investments at different stages of environmental protection activities


Course trial

  • The trial was conducted in an academic group, pursuing the undergraduate program in the specialty 013400 – «Nature management» with specialization in «Economics of nature management», from October 2002 till May 2003

  • The course has been recommended for incorporation in the curriculum of the project developing university.


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