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“TUNE INTO WINDSOR”. Welcome! Student Session Unregistered 2007. Agenda for this Virtual Orientation. To Discuss: Specific information you need to throughout the summer leading up to university. General information that will help you during your first year.

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Tune into windsor


Student Session



Agenda for this virtual orientation
Agenda for this Virtual Orientation

To Discuss:

  • Specific information you need to throughout the summer leading up to university.

  • General information that will help you during your first year.

(Windsor Welcome Week will provide you with more detailed information about first year)

What s the university of windsor known for

  • Highest number of International students in Canada

  • Track and Field team in Canada

  • Leading researcher in Social Justice, Environment & Automotive sector

  • Detroit Skyline (Odette Sculpture Park)

  • Ambassador Bridge



(1st year  4th year)

-Arts and Social Sciences



-Odette School of Business


-Human Kinetics

-Inter-faculty: Environmental Studies, Forensic Science, Forensics & Criminology


-Master/Doctoral Programs




Academic year

-Fall Semester/Winter Semester: 13 weeks

-Intersession/Summer Session: 6 or 10 weeks

-Larger class sizes

-Greater variety of classes

-Plagiarism rules (see policy guide in student agenda)

-Cannot use the same essay for two classes

-Amount of free time changes

-Have to buy your books


Semester setup

-Marking Scale (13=A+, 12=A, 11=A- etc.)

-10 day exam period after each semester

-Max load/semester is 5 classes

*depends on program

-Full time Status: 4-5 classes

-Part time Status: 1-3 classes


The “Requisites”

Prerequisite – A course that MUST be completed with a passing grade BEFORE you can register for the next

Co-requisite – A course which MUST be taken WITH another course

Anti-requisite – A course, if ALREADY completed will not allow you to receive a credit in the desired class

The “Averages”

Sessional Average – Average of the marks of one semester

Cumulative Average – Average of the marks from all completed courses

Major Average – Average of the marks in your required courses

Program requirements

General Degree

-30 courses, 3 years

-Minimum GPA needed to graduate

C- Major Average & Cumulative

Honours Degree

-40 courses, 4 years

-Minimum GPA needed to graduate

B- Major Average

C- Cumulative Average

*may be exceptions, check online undergrad calendar (http://uwindsor.ca/calendars) for details*

Understanding course codes


Course Numbering System

Each course is identified by a four part number ( _ _ - _ _ - _ _ _ -_ _)

- The first part refers to the faculty

- The second part refers to the subject area

- The third part refers to the level of the course

- The fourth part refers to section of the course


- In addition to the course number, each course has specific section codes that specify whether it is a lecture or lab/ tutorial:

-Lecture Section codes: - 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. are day courses

- 30, 31, etc. is a night course

- 91 is a distance education course

- Lab Section codes: - 51, 52, 53, etc. are labs

How should i know

To find out what courses to take:

- Look in your admissions package (program specific)

- Use the online course calendar:


  • Calendars (left hand column): Requirements for degree

  • Timetables (left hand column): Current timetable information

Read me

  • When reading the timetable remember the day codes are: M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday

  • Make sure to create a conflict free schedule. You can’t have classes at the same time, and exams can’t overlap. Try to spread your classes out over the week; don’t clump them all onto two days.

  • 10 minutes in between classes is plenty of time to get from one to the other

    ***Don’t forget to add labs and tutorials. You are NOT automatically registered for these just by registering for the course itself***

Getting started
Getting Started

Step 1: Go to “uwindsor.ca/sis“

Step 2: Click on the SIS link

Step 3: Enter your student ID and your 4-digit personal access code

Keep on going
Keep On Going…

Step 4: Click on “Register/Add or Drop Courses”

Step 5: - Select “2006 Fall”,

- click on “Begin to Register”,

- then click “Confirm your Program”

Pick those classes
Pick Those Classes.

  • Under “Add/Drop”, click Add

  • Under “Course” and Section” fill in the appropriate course info

  • Under “Option” choose Normal

  • - When finished entering all courses scroll up & click on “Process Your Requests”

Step 6: Once you see this screen, do the following:

Give yourself a hand

Step 7: Once you have clicked on

“Process Your Requests”, scroll down

to see if you were successful (thumbs-up)

or unsuccessful (thumbs-down)

Step 8: Once you have added all your classes you should check the system to confirm you are registered in all your


Be sure to register BEFORE July 1st!!

The big 3

Cashier’s Office

- (uwindsor.ca/cashiers) click Payment Options

Student Awards & Financial Aid Office



Registrar’s Office

-Add/Drop courses (Pick up Course Change Form)

-Transcripts/Grade Appeals

-Change of major

-Check your grades (posted approx. 2 weeks after exams)

Grading System (A+= 13, A= 12, A-= 11, B+= 10, etc..)

-Viewing your finances

-Registering/Dropping classes

*Remember you MUST register for your lab sections separately

-Search for Awards

-View your textbook listings


  • Register at


    -click on “activate student account”

    -usually takes 24 hrs

  • You MUST have an activated user account

  • Primary way for University to contact you and the ONLY way that you may contact your professors or any Univerisity employee (ie. TA/GA).

  • Check out the step-by-step instructions later on in this online orientation

Who s there to help you get riented


-UCREW Leaders are upper-year students who volunteer to help you:

-transition into the university lifestyle

-make the most of the services available to you

-answers to questions you may have about ANYTHING!

  • Sign up for a UCREW leader at www.uwindsor.ca/ucrew


Student Disability Services

-Provides accommodations and accessibility for students with disabilities

-Classroom, exam, specialized equipment, support for learning disabilities, advocacy and more

Students with Disabilities

-Must prove current and detailed documentation

-Sign up early (information booth this afternoon)

-All information provided is kept confidential


  • One-week program

  • Students with disabilities are involved in peer mentoring, academic skills training, and one-on-one advising.

  • Lots of fun social events too!

  • Must possess documentation confirming a diagnosis of a learning disability.

  • Register online: www.uwindsor.ca/disability

Student development support
Student Development & Support

  • Aboriginal Education Centre

    (Turtle Island)

  • Academic Writing Centre

    • Help with essay writing

  • Centre for Career Education

    • Resume clinics

  • Educational Development Centre


  • International Student Centre

    • Can apply to go on exchange 2nd year

      and later

  • Student Counselling

Leddy library

  • 4 floors

  • Quiet study areas

  • Help desk available

  • Printing and photocopying capabilities

  • Computers available

  • Williams Coffee Pub

  • Must validate your student card at the front desk before you can access all these great features!

  • Can access on line journals from home

Safety services on campus

  • Campus Police

  • Emergency Response Team

  • Emergency phones

  • -yellow box, blue light


Indoor Facilities:

  • Swimming pool (25 yards X 25 metres)

  • Locker rooms (male & female)

  • Sauna (male & female)

  • Fieldhouse (200 meter mondo track, hardwood courts & mondo courts)

  • “The Forge” 7500 square foot (2 floor) fitness centre

    Outdoor Facilities:

  • 5 grass fields (2 lighted)

  • 2500 seat multi use 8 lane track & field / football / soccer stadium

Varsity intramural sports

Intramural Teams

  • Basketball (M&Co-ed)

  • Volleyball

  • Innertube Waterpolo

  • Floor/Ice Hockey

  • Indoor Soccer (M&Co-ed)

  • Indoor Football

  • Curling

  • Dodgeball

  • Ultimate Frisbee

Varsity Teams

  • Basketball (M & W)

  • Cross Country (M & W)

  • Curling (M & W)

  • Football (M only)

  • Golf (M & W)

  • Ice Hockey (M & W)

  • Soccer (M & W)

  • Volleyball (M & W)

  • Rugby (M only)

That s not all

  • Dance

    • - Hip Hop, Ballroom, Latin Ballroom

  • Varsity Club Teams

    - Fastpitch (W only)

  • Affiliated Student Clubs

    - Lancers Cheer Squad

    - Lancers Dance Pack

  • Recreational / Sport Club

    • Aikido

    • Badminton

    • Cricket

    • Masters Swim

  • Intramural Programs

  • Fitness Programs

  • Aquatics (Aqua Fit)

  • Mind & Body

    • Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates

Sign up at the St.Denis Centre in September

Student health

  • Health Services (Located 2nd floor of CAW)

    • On-campus clinic

  • Health & Sex Education

  • Pharmacy (lower level of CAW)

  • Opt-Out (if already covered by parents plan)

    • Complete application online during the first three weeks of September (watch out for email in your Uwin account)

    • Pick-up cheque in mid November at UWSA office (2nd floor CAW centre)

How to get around
How To Get Around

  • Parking Services (located 2nd floor of CAW)

  • Parking Passes/Cost -sell out VERY quickly!

    -8 month ($200)

    -12 month ($240)

    *Different lots to park in depending on where your class is on campus

  • Parking Lots

    • Visitor Lot $4/day

    • Pay and Display $1/hour

  • Bus/Fair/Passes

    • $2.35/per ride

    • $75/month or $208/ 4months

  • Cabbing It!

    • Veteran, LA Taxi, Checkers (approx. $20 to the mall, $6 to downtown)

Clubs and societies
Clubs and Societies

  • There are 16 Societies on Campus.

  • Societies represent some programs and faculties in the UWSA.

  • Clubs are a fun way to take an active role in the University of Windsor.

  • There are over 100 Clubs.

  • Can’t find one you like??? START YOUR OWN!

  • All it takes is filling out a few forms and find 10 members.


  • COST?

  • Approx. $500 - $600/semester

  • PLACES to Buy?

    -University of Windsor Bookstore (beside Odette School of Business)

    -Used Bookstore (opens 2nd week of school) (bottom of CAW Centre)


Preparing for university
Preparing for University

  • Get your own alarm clock

  • Learn how to cook and do laundry

  • Establish open communication with your parents

  • Don’t depend on your parents to complete your tasks

    (ex. sign up for Head Start)

  • If you need help or have a question, ask!

  • Manage your time (get a planner)

  • Save money for school or emergencies

  • Take responsibility and be accountable

    Remember you are now considered an adult

Join us


Groups to Join:

New at the U of W ’07- meet your fellow classmates before you even arrive here in September!

UCREW- get to know other new students with the same questions

as you!

Online networks beware my space youtube facebook etc
ONLINE NETWORKS: BEWARE(My Space, YouTube, Facebook etc.)

  • Don’t post personal information

    ex. birth date

  • Remember this could be read by anyone, even future employers!

  • Time consuming

-DATES: September 2 - 9

-Attendance is critical to your success!!

-Academic and Social Programming

-Welcome Convocation

-Free tuition draw

-Single & Sexy play

-All off campus and residence student welcome

Check out all the fun and exciting events on www.windsorwelcomeweek.ca

You will also find out about:

  • Grade Point Averages (what they mean)

  • Academic Probation

  • Other on-campus services that can help you to succeed

  • Ways to get involved and get experience

  • Last day for reversal of incidental fees for course withdrawal and last day to withdraw voluntarily from courses


Contact the Educational Development Centre

519-253-3000 Ext 3288