Women’s Choices
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Women’s Choices PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women’s Choices. Mona Lisa. Smile. Producers:. Lin Sainan, Nan Ying, Liu Guanna Kong Shifeng, Chen Junfeng. Sun Yat-Sen University Produced in 2008. Team introduction. Lin Sainan. Nan Ying. Liu Guanna. Chen Junfeng. Kong Shifeng. Women,. a lovely name, a lovely group of people.

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Women’s Choices

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Women’s Choices

Mona Lisa



Lin Sainan, Nan Ying, Liu Guanna

Kong Shifeng, Chen Junfeng

Sun Yat-Sen University

Produced in 2008

Team introduction

Lin Sainan

Nan Ying

Liu Guanna

Chen Junfeng

Kong Shifeng


a lovely name,

a lovely group of people.



Role Play



My little stories

with my dear mommy

When I was a child, my mother always dressed me with a laced skirt, and wore a big red flower on my long hair.

My mother told me

I couldn’t climb the tree, only boys could.

Mom shaved my head, but my classmates laughed at me.

Mom told me I should get into a secondary school nearby,

just because I’ m a girl, and it’s too dangerous to go far away.

Mom always told me that girls should be reserved, should keep distance with boys.

Mom told me

girls should eat less than boys.

When I became a college student, mom told me,

a girl should find a boyfriend sooner in case of no good boys left.

Mom told me

a big girl should be tender to be more like a woman.

Mom told me

a girl should find a stable job near home when I graduated from college.

Thank you,

my dear mom!

I know,

you are protecting me!


Maybe I could try a different way, a way chosen by myself.

Maybe like Wuyi(吴仪),

Maybe like Yamaguchi Momoe(山口百惠).

  • One of four Vice Premiers of China

  • Known as the “iron lady”

  • Firm and direct

  • Never married

  • Her job = Her life

Yamaguchi Momoe(山口百惠)

Wuyi (吴仪)

  • A well-known film star

  • get married, at the peak of her career

  • a full-time housewife

  • A happy family = A loved husband and two sons

After knowing about Wuyi’s and Yamaguchi’s choices, let’s go back to the 50s of last century and focus on USA, the so-called most open, advanced and free country.

A famous women’s college

—Wellesley college

“Seven Sister Schools”

“Little Ivy League”

Wellseley girls — to get a “Mrs.” degree

Katherine Watson — a free-thinking teacher

Katherine changed girls’ thoughts through her hardworking.

Role Play


A free-spirited、novice(新手) art history professor


2.Betty, Joan and other students

Typical examples of traditional、conservative girls in the Wellesley College

Joan and other student



Part 1

Scene :

the second art history class

The purpose of teaching : Seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition and beyond image.

PPT Show

Part 2


in Katherine’s painting room

The purpose of teaching:

try to be yourself


In this class, Katherine takes Van Gogh for example to inspire her students to try to be themselves, then Betty who was just married comes in the class, the conflict happened.

Part 3


Last art class

The purpose of teaching :

Housewife is not the role you are born to fill.


Katherine’s free spirit was referred to as declaring war on the holy sacrament of marriage. Her actions were regarded as subversive and political teachings encourage Wellesley girls to reject the roles they where born to fill ,so in this class, she was so angry and disappointed, and she was trying to awake the girls.

At the end of the movie:

Divorced and left to find her new goal of life.


Left college to keep struggling for women’s realization.


Gave up her dream to go to Yale University because of marriage.



It’s just a choice!

Some women want to be somebody and make achievements in the career, that’s all right;

Some women decide to be housewives to take

care of their families, and that is also a good idea.

Girls in Wellesley College in 1953

Free-thinking art professor,

Miss Katherine

It is not whether the women should be housewives or devoted to their careers that matters,


the way they make up their minds

——if they conform to other’s’expectation or decide on their own.


Look beyond the image the society set for women.

See the world through new eyes.

  • Question their traditional social role

  • For tomorrow’s leaders, not just for their wives

  • Be professional housewives and bear the children

  • Get to college to get a “Mrs” degree

It’s just a choice!

Two opposite views


The forever theme


The End


Lin Sainan

Nan Ying

Liu Guanna


Kong Shifeng

PPT Design:

Chen Junfeng

Sun Yat-Sen University

Produced in 2008

Thank you!

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