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September 18 2012
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September 18, 2012. As good teachers weave the fabric that joins them with students and subjects, the heart is the loom on which the threads are tied….

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September 18, 2012

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September 18 2012

September 18, 2012

As good teachers weave the fabric that joins them with students and subjects, the heart is the loom on which the threads are tied….

Small wonder then, that teaching tugs at the heart, opens the heart and even breaks the heart – and the more one loves teaching, the more heartbreaking it can be.

- Palmer, 1997

Do you teach or do you educate

Do you teach or do you educate?

Do any images, words or audio effects stand out for you?

September 18 2012


Brick, metal, concrete, lock

Bamboo, flowers, trees

Fire extinguisher


Subdued, “heavy” vs. “Moving forward”


Explain, accept as fact, give into, cause to learn, punish

Inspire, empower, mentor, advisor, guide, build character

September 18 2012

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel

- Socrates

September 18 2012

Host/Guest Discussion: "The Heart of the Teacher"

(20 minutes of staff group time)

Whole group sharing: One major focus of discussion or one question arising from discussion

Heart of a teacher parker palmer

Heart of a Teacher- Parker Palmer

  • Even when we are a teacher “at heart” we will never “master” teaching and all the changes teaching throws at us

  • True teaching comes from the inside out: We teach from who we are.

  • Students may forget what we teach but they will not forget how we made them feel

September 18 2012

  • My gift – my way of teaching - does not need to be crammed into the Procrustean bed of educational standards.

  • We need to teach from integrity, from an undivided self. We may be vulnerable, but disconnecting in not the answer.

  • Teaching will never “take” unless it connects with the inward, living core of our students’ lives

  • How do I develop the “authority” to teach?

  • How do I not “lose heart”?

Inquiry into teaching and learning assignment part a

Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Assignment – Part A


Because inquiry a way of learning meant to engage students. It is a vital part of the Sask. curriculum. (discover, understand, apply knowledge about a subject of interest)


Because technology is a way of engaging students. Technological literacy IS literacy.

Why teach using technology

Why teach using technology?


Purpose of assignment

Purpose of Assignment:

  • Encourage you to learn more about ways that technology can impact your teaching, and share your discoveries with classmates.

September 18 2012


  • Choose a partner(s) to work with or ask to work individually. 4 is a maximum group size for this project.

  • Decide on an area of study or a type of lesson that your group wants to explore. (could revolve around a topic – for example “Bullying”; or could be a subject area – for example, “Examples of how we would use _____ technologies when teaching Biology)

September 18 2012

3. Inform instructor of the technologies and subject area you will be focusing on. (you can make adaptations as time goes on) and sign up for presentation date- Nov. 6, Nov. 13 or Nov. 20

(this sign up will take place NEXT WEEK)

September 18 2012

4. Decide whether your presentation (approx 30 min in length) will be a demonstration, a hands-on experience for the group, or both. (I will gladly book the laptop cart if you wish)

September 18 2012

5. Use class time given (approx 20 minutes per week until presentation dates) to research ideas, plan, and complete your project.

September 18 2012

  • Supports listed in syllabus – but there are many more out there!!




  • Questions about syllabus?

  • Teacher as rain dancer

    "Teacher as Rain Dancer"

    a) Should the classroom be a democracy or a monarchy. State reasons for your choice.

    b) Is inner tension (discomfort) necessary for growth as a teacher?

    c) Meeting the needs of the students and meeting my needs as a teacher can be in conflict. Do you agree with this statement?

    Democracy or monarchy

    Democracy or Monarchy

    • If the classroom is a democracy you have to be prepared to “lose control” and be O.K. with that

      • Giving control to students can be a way of enforcing their importance in your eyes

      • There is a difference between authority/control/power

    Inner tension and growth as a teacher

    Inner tension and growth as a teacher

    • There is always tension around meeting both the needs of the individual and the needs of the group

    • “Leaving the blinds open” can be a learning experience

    September 18 2012

    Connecting to Prior Knowledge

    1. Previous ECS experiences

    • What did you learn or connect to as an educator?

    • What did you learn about yourself?

    • What did you learn about the bigger picture of education?

    September 18 2012

    2. Your own experience of schooling

    - the only profession where everyone has about 15 years experience

    - can be positive or negative

    - we have presumptions (imitate teachers we know and like)

    - setting is familiar, role is not

    September 18 2012

    3. Autobiographical knowledge

    -family and personal experiences outside of school; previous careers

    4. Your experience working in schools and with youth

    5. Views of teaching encountered in the media

    - powerful but partial

    September 18 2012

    6. Your beliefs and misconceptions

    - about inclusion

    - can EVERY child learn?

    - subject integration

    - what a classroom should look like

    - about homework


    What instructional strategies were used today

    What instructional strategies were used today?

    • Set: view video and discuss

    • Small group discussion

    • Lecture

    • Whole group response to questions

    • Discussion analysis

    • Self determined groups/group work time

    For next week

    For next week:

    • Hosts from this week – hand in reflection paper

    • Be ready to work on ITL Project A (Group)

    • Reading: Learning from our students - Noddings

      • Host tasks as assigned

      • Guest task – see assignment on wiki

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